Week 3: 28 August – 1 September

Dear 5A Families,

We are finally all here! All 22 students. Can you find them all in the picture?

So much has happened this week that my head is spinning. I will try to share a few highlights through the lens of our current transdisciplinary theme, Identity.

To get an overview of the Learner Profile students researched synonyms to create posters. They worked in teams on their iPads to create comics that reflected the attitudes of an inquirer. Developing their writing skills, students learned to describe their character traits with rich detail and incorporated these attributes into “who am I” poems. Students practiced comparing and contrasting the identity traits of the characters in our exciting read-aloud, Among the Hidden. In math, we figured out how many handshakes it would take for five people to all shake hands once. More importantly, we learned how to explain our thinking using models, equations and words.

Finally we had two special events. First, we met our 1st grade buddies! We interviewed them to find out about their identities. Second, Beth, the math specialist, explained that math was all around us and taught us a math dance.

I’m sure there is more, but my head is spinning!

Have a great long weekend,

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