This Week in 1B…

Music Concert and Art Exhibition

We are really looking forward to the concert and exhibition that is happening on May 24th. We are so excited for you to see all of the things that the students have been working so hard on in music and art class. We hope to see you there! 

UOI-Sharing the Planet

This week we continued learning about our new Unit of Inquiry. We took a tour of the campus with Mr Duc (UNIS Operations Manager) and he showed us all of the plants and animals that are in UNIS. We learned about what happens to the most vulnerable animals during the rainy season and where they go to survive. We saw frogs, cicadas, birds, butterflies, lizards, dragonflies and many different types and plants, trees and flowers. Thank you to Mr Duc for taking the time to teach us all about our UNIS habitat.

After our tour of the campus, we did a See, Think, Wonder thinking routine. We also talked about what UNIS used to look like before our school was built. We talked about what kinds of animals might have lived there and why they didn’t live there anymore.

Mystery Reader

This week we had Elliot’s mom, Ms Susanne, come in and read us a book in Swedish. We learned that Ms Susanne knows Swedish, French, English and a little bit of Vietnamese. Thank you for reading us a book with a very important message about crying and the acceptance of boys, girls, moms and especially dads crying.

Grade 5 friends teach us how to Take Action!

We owe a big thank you to the three Grade 5 students who came to speak to us about their Exhibition project on reducing and reusing waste in our school community. Their message connected very strongly with our current unit and we were grateful to hear about ways in which we can take action to reduce waste and reuse it in meaningful ways. They even wrote a Food Waste Rap and played it for us. Look out for their posters in the cafeteria which outline food items that can be reused and added to our school composting system.


May 24th 9am Music Concert and Art Exhibition

May 25th UNIS closes early at 11:30am for Grade 12 Graduation



This Week in Grade 1B…

UOI Poetry Cafe

Thank you to all of the parents that attended our Poetry Cafe last Friday. It was a huge success. All of the students did an outstanding job! We are very proud of each of them. Your child’s poems have been uploaded to your child’s blog. Please take a look and pass it on to others that were not able to attend. Here are some photos of our special day.


This week we have started our new Unit of Inquiry: Sharing the Planet concentrating on how human interactions with the environment have an impact on the survival of plants and animals. Here is our unit overview.

UOI New Unit Provocation

To begin to think about how humans interact with the environment we did a small rubbish clean up. We looked around UNIS to see how much trash we could find and then we went just outside UNIS. Ask your child what they noticed. We then sorted the trash and noticed that we only collected a small bag from UNIS and much bigger amount outside of UNIS. We will be asking more questions and finding out why this is later in our unit.


Here are some more photos of our experience. Please enjoy!


  • Swimming starts next week and runs to the end of the year. At every PE lesson your child will need their swimming costumes, towels, goggles (if used) and a swimming cap for long hair.
  • The Snack Sale is Wednesday May 16th. Please bring 20,000 to spend.
  • Friday, May 18th we will take part in a Lower Elementary play morning. Please make sure your child has a hat, water bottle and wears sunblock if they burn easily.
  • Spring Concert and Art Exhibition is May 24th. Please send in your child’s clothes for the concert by the end of next week. See email that was sent out today.
  • 25th May- early dismissal due to graduation. Children need to be picked up at 11:30am

This Week in Grade 1B…


Congratulations to each of our Grade 1B students. They did an amazing job at our assembly. Each of them spoke with confidence in front of the entire audience (over 150 people). They worked so hard on our mixed up fairy tale. Thank you so much for coming and we hope that you enjoyed it. Here are some photos and the video of the big show. Enjoy!

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month. We helped celebrate this month by wearing blue and talking about what people with autism are like. We found out that people with autism:

  • look just like you and me
  • sometimes don’t like loud noises
  • sometimes don’t like a lot of people
  • sometimes can find it hard to communicate/talk
  • have so many talents in the world

Play Based Learning Update

The Grade 6 & 7 UNIS design class is making some very important items to add to our Play Based Learning space. This year long project has been amazing for our students to watch. We visited the design class this week and the older students asked us for some feedback. We asked for different colors, characters and sizes of some of the items. This collaboration has been amazing and we look forward to our items sometime soon.


  • Used Book Drive is still happening this week. Please send in books for the book sale.
  • Please send in used clothes for the Blue Dragon donations.
  • Poetry Cafe, May 4th


This Week in Grade 1B…


Thank you to all of the parents and special guests for coming to our Wax Museum. The students LOVED sharing their significant people with each of you. Your support is so valuable to their success. We think you’ll agree that the children did a fantastic job sharing their learning and showcasing their presentation skills.Before you came to the Wax Museum, we invited both Grade 2 and Grade 3 to come to hear the scripts that each student wrote. It was a wonderful way for our students to practice and hear some feedback about their presentation skills. Here are a few photos of our amazing day. Thank you to Ethan’s mom, Emily, for taking so many of these fantastic photos. If you would like any of them (and I have loads more), please let me know.

UOI Green Screen Experience

Once the students finished the research of their significant person, they practiced and then they were ready to record it on the green screen. Each student picked a background photo and then recorded their script. Please have ;your child show on their EasyBlog account. Enjoy!

Mystery Reader

This week we had Ethan’s mom, Ms Emily, come and read us two very funny books Baa Baa Smart Sheep and I Love Lemonade by Mark and Rowan Sommerset, We were tricked by the sheep, but we quickly learned the tricks before the second book. We learned that Ms Emily learned English as her first language and knows a little bit of many different languages. Thank you for coming and entertaining us!

Welcome Flora to Grade 1B

I would like to introduce you to Ms Flora Fang who will be joining our Grade 1B class as a student teacher. She will be in our classroom for the next five weeks. She will mostly be observing and asking lots of questions about how to become a better teacher. Flora will also be leading some of the lessons, under my guidance, toward the end of her five weeks. She will also be attending some of the specialist classes to see the whole program that the students are exposed to here at UNIS.
She is currently enrolled at Algonqui College and once she has completed her student teaching at UNIS she will graduate. Please join me in welcoming Ms Flora to our Grade 1B community. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

UOI-New Unit Overview

This week we started our new Unit of Inquiry: How We Express Ourselves concentrating on Poetry. We are looking forward to this new unit.


  • Come along and enjoy the Spring Fair on Sunday, March 25th.


This Week in Grade 1B…

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

The students were vey happy to be back at school and have told us so many stories of their holiday adventures. We hope that you had a wonderful time on your holiday with family and friends.


This week in math, we continued to work on addition and subtraction but we learned to measure with standard and non standard units. In small groups, we measured many things in the classroom with cubes. As a whole class we estimated how many cubes it would be for the length of our classroom. We worked together to make the cubes and then had so much fun counting the cubes. It took 424 cubes.


We have begun to learn about a new writing genre- narrative / story telling. We made puppets of lots of different characters and have been practicing using our speaking skills to tell stories. The children are really enjoying using their imaginations and working together to create stories with characters, settings, problems and resolutions.


The children really enjoyed sharing their significant event photographs with each other. Please come in to the classroom and see the posters they have created. They look fantastic and all the children now understand the word, ‘significant’.

Mystery Reader

This week we had a very special guest be our Mystery Reader. Dr Barder came in and read us the story Odd Velvet by Mary Whitcomb. We loved the story and learned that Dr Barder’s first language is English and he speaks a little bit of many other languages including Spanish, French, Bahasa Malay and Vietnamese. Before Dr Barder left, he showed us a magic book that only Heads of Schools can have. What a fun treat to have him join us.

Wax Museum

We are currently writing our ‘scripts’ for the wax museum, about our chosen significant people. Please help your child to organize their costume over the weekend. It needs to be brought into school on Monday.  Remember to book Thursday the 15th, from 2:30-3:20 off work for our wax museum! You will not be disappointed!


  • Please send costumes to school on Monday for your child’s Significant person. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  • Aquathlon

  • Rice Drive for Sin Chai



This Week in 1B…

UOI-Light and Sound Gallery Walk

Thank you for coming to our Gallery Walk on Friday for our end of Unit of Inquiry showcase. The students loved showing you all of their learning about Light and Sound. The box creations were an amazing example of the hard work and some of the things that the students learned.


UOI-Musical Performances

Last week, the students were able to bring in a musical instrument and play for all of the Grade 1 classes. The students were so excited to share their talent with their peers. It was so fun to see the amazing abilities of our students. Our students played the piano, guitar, ukulele, cello and drums.

UOI-Where We are in Place and Time is our new Unit of Inquiry. Please take a look at the special dates.

UOI-The Contributions of Significant People Affect the Way We Live

We had our provocation for our new unit on Tuesday. You might have heard about it! The teachers all dressed up as significant people and created a ‘wax museum’. The children moved around the different classrooms and found out about each person, who they were and what they had done in their lives that was significant/important. Ask your child who was their favorite and what they remember. Is it Amelia Earhart, Dr Seuss, Frida Kahlo, Edmund Hillary or Edward Lear?

Reminders-Next week is a very busy week in Grade 1. Please take a look at the special things that are happening. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

  • Monday: Please bring in 4 photographs of significant events in your child’s life. You may email them and I can print them at school or send in photos if you have them.  Some significant events might be, day of birth, first time eating food, first steps, first tooth, brother or sister being born, moving to a new country etc.
  • Tuesday: Is the 100th Day of School. Your child might like to create something that has 100 things/pieces to bring to school. It might be a necklace with 100 beads or a t-shirt with 100 tally marks on it, 100 lego pieces, 100 fishy crackers, 100 cotton balls…the ideas are endless. If you need further ideas there are a load in Pinterest. Just search 100 days of school ideas. Please note this is optional- not compulsory! 
  • Wednesday: On Wednesday we will celebrate Global Play Day. The children are allowed to bring one toy to school. It must not require batteries or electricity. No devices. Some possible ideas might be board games, dolls, Legos, blocks, trucks, cars, racetracks, playing cards, empty cardboard boxes, markers, jigsaw puzzles, blankets (for forts), social games (charades, Pictionary, etc.) The games will be returned on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Wednesday is also the Snack Sale. G1 are required to bring in healthy snacks to be sold. Please see email that has already been sent out for guidelines.
  • Thursday: We will go on our field trip to see Ho Chi Minh, as part of our unit on significant people. Please remember good walking shoes, warm clothes and a snack and drink.

Thank you for supporting and helping your child be organized and ready for the amazing week ahead. Again, if you have any questions, please let me know.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you for coming to Parent Teacher Conferences today. It is always so nice seeing each of you and hearing about what your child talks about at home. I hope that you have a good understanding of where your child is at and what goals they are working on.






26 October


This week in Math, we did a Number Talk about the number 12. We learned that we know  nineteen things about the number 12. Then the students took the number of his/her birthdate and found out what they knew about their own number. It was amazing to see how the students know so much about numbers.


UOI Who We Are

We investigated our lunch from last week and made several graphs to find out what food was the most popular amongst our students. We learned that almost everyone took cookies, but only one or two friends chose fruit. We then talked about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we concentrated on Number 3 Good Health and Well-Being. What do we need to eat to have a healthy diet? What foods can we eat more of and what foods should we eat less of? The students enjoyed being investigators of his/her own lunch plate.


October 31 Dress Up Day-please see dress up guidelines in your parent email

November 3 UN Day 10:20am in Sports Center-Please join us for a wonderful all school assembly celebrating all of our nations. After the assembly, we will have a shared lunch with the other Grade 1 classes. Please have your child dress in his/her country costume.


19 October

Welcome Back

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday. We have heard so many stories of quality family time and many adventures that you and your family have had. We have had a very busy week in Grade 1. Please enjoy some of our learning.


This week in math, we introduced story problems. The students had to read the story and then show their thinking. Below are Ethan and Harutaka’s drawings of how many cages they would need.

We also have been working on organizing and collecting within the number system. I read the story, The Masloppy Family by Catherine Twomey Fosnot. This story is about organizing materials and ways to keep track of them. The students started to take inventory of supplies in our classroom. This context provided ample opportunities for our students to count large number of items, keeping track of the count, and organizing both the counting and the recording. Our next step will be continuing to share a few of the strategies the students found helpful and then take inventory of the other materials in the classroom.

Recount Writing

We have introduced recount writing to the students this week. The purpose of recount writing is to retell a series of events. We have started with the events that took place on our holiday. Recount writing uses Who, When, Where and What. Here are some samples of our initial writings.


UOI Introduction

This week we started our introduction to our new Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are. This unit we will be focusing on making healthy choices and having a balanced life. We began our unit with a family style Grade 1 lunch. The students were able to chose what they wanted to eat and how much they wanted. As teachers, we did not give them any advice on how much or how little to take. The students asked if they could take more of certain food items and we said YES to everything. We can’t wait to show the students the photos and begin our investigation into healthy lifestyles.






5 October

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you to all of the parents that attended the Parent Teacher Conferences this week. It was so nice meeting you and talking all about the learning that your child is experiencing in Grade 1B. Creating a home and school connection is an integral part of our community. Your participation is vital to your child’s eduction. Thank you again.

What Do You See?

This week in our math lesson, we talked about spatial patterns with numbers. I showed the students this pattern and asked them What Do You See? The mathematical minds in our class are being challenged and each student is growing in his/her thinking. Well done Grade 1B.

Unit of Inquiry: How We Organize Ourselves

This week we became experts in our chosen system! Some of us visited Chef Adam in the Canteen to find out all about the Canteen System. 

And some of us visited Nurse Susan in the Health Center to learn about the Health Center System.


Now we are experts too! We had to take our new knowledge and describe our chosen system using pictures and words. We also made a blog post and had to describe how our system worked, how it helps our community and what would happen if we didn’t have this system at UNIS. Watch out for some awesome blog posts!


We hope that you all have a wonderful break and enjoy some family time. We look forward to hearing all about the adventures that you will have when we return to school on Monday, October 16th.

14 September

New Math Games

This week during our math lessons, we introduced some new games. Two of the games that the students LOVED learning were 3-2-1 Salute and Flip 10. The students are becoming fluid with their number knowledge from 1-5 and 1-10. We also had other math sessions having the students describe their thinking by drawing and writing their thoughts. Grade 1B are amazing mathematicians.

Unit of Inquiry

During our UOI time, the students were given a puzzle that they had to put together in teams. One of the puzzles was of a typical Hanoi traffic intersection and one was of a highway in Australia. While working collaboratively, the students realized that the Hanoi puzzle was very hard because the cars and motorbikes were driving in every direction. The Australian highway puzzle was a bit easier because there were lines and it appeared that everyone stayed in a line to drive. During reflection time, we learned that having a system and a set of routines is easier for us to function. This was another example of learning about our central idea: Communities have a set of Routines and Systems to help them Function.

Introducing our ECC Counselor

Ms Anissa, our ECC School Counselor, came in and introduced us to what she does at our school. She read the book Mrs Joyce Gives the Best High-Fives: Introducing the School Counselor by Erainna Winnett. The students loved hearing about all of the things that Ms Anissa will do to help our students this school year like talk about feelings and emotions. We look forward to learning more from Ms Anissa.


  • Tomorrow is Dot Day. Please have your child wear dots to school tomorrow. Please remember to have your child read his/her take home reader to you each night and sign the communication book. Please return each day in the green take home folder. Thank you for your help.
  • Please join us for a UNIS’ 30th Birthday Assembly Tuesday, September 19th at 2pm in the Sports Center. Please have your child wear BLUE!!!
  • Swimming during PE class starts next Wednesday. Please have your child bring his/her swimming costume, towel, google and swim cap (for long hair students). Your child will need all of these items for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for 3 weeks.
  • Snack Sale, Wednesday, September 20th. Please send 20,000 VND for your child to pick 2 snacks for that day. 
  • Please send in Headphones for your child.
  • EAL Coffee Morning Friday, September 15th, 8:30 – 9:30am in the Community Room Explaining the EAL programme for EAL parents.