16 November

Professional Development at UNIS

This weekend, the Grade 1 team along with the other ECC teachers at UNIS and 40 colleagues from all around Asia, had the pleasure of attending the EARCOS workshop Listening to Learning in the Early Years, presented by Fiona Zinn. Fiona is an Educational Consultant based in Hobart, Australia. Drawing on 25 years experience in the early childhood, primary and tertiary sectors, Fiona consults widely with International Schools around the world to boldly re-imagine early years and primary pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments in response to research. During our two-day weekend workshop, we explored some of the ideas that underpin the pedagogical experience of Reggio Emilia, investigated our ‘image of the child’ and shared some deep reflection on the importance of relationships within our schools. We also examined the role of provocation and documentation for our work with transnational children in international school contexts.

Ms Anna, Ms Sue, Fiona Zinn, Ms Kristin and Ms Penny

Digital Citizenship Fair

On Thursday, we went to the Grade 2 Digital Citizenship Fair to learn about different technology programs. Sharing our learning with each other is an important skill that we are learning about in Grade 1. We really learned many new things and provided some feedback about what we liked about the fair. Ask your child about Google Earth. We loved learning about this app and so many others.


We are very excited about our upcoming field trip to Fivimart on Monday. During our UOI we have been talking about making healthy choices. The students chose from a variety of options of what snack they wanted to buy at the store and make once we get back to class. Each group wrote out their recipe and has a plan of how to make their healthy snack. Here are two examples of the recipes and the snacks. Yummy!

Blue Dragon forms-if you have not turned in your Blue Dragon donation form and money, please send to school on Monday. Thank you to all of the families that donated. We are excited to see our final class number.



Monday 20th Nov– Our trip to Fivimart. Please wear suitable clothes and shoes for walking.

Wednesday 22nd- Healthy Snack sale. Your child may bring 10,000 or 20,000 to spend on a healthy snack.

December 1 & 2- Grade 1-3 musical, ‘How To Eat Like A Child’. Tickets are now on sale in the Centre For The Arts. Get yours quick as they will sell out fast. The performance dates are Friday 1st Dec, 5pm and Saturday 2nd of December at 5pm.

November 24- ES coffee morning from 8:30am – 9:30am in the Community Room. It will be about blogging.

Yearbook Cover Contest

This year is UNIS Hanoi’s 30th Birthday – what better theme for the 2017-2018 Yearbook! And it is now time for all students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 to get your creative juices going for our Yearbook Cover Design Competition! We want the best possible book cover for this special edition of the Yearbook and we want YOU to create it!

Your design should be all about UNIS Hanoi’s Birthday! Make it festive and make it unique! We are happy to accept designs created in a variety of formats: drawing, painting, digital (using Photoshop template), scrapbooked collage… let your imagination run wild! And you are not limited to one! Students can submit multiple designs – no limit to the number of entries. You can also work with your friends, just be sure to list full names of all those involved if it is a team effort.


  • For Digital designs please:
    • Use the Photoshop template. Download the template here 
    • Use high resolution photos/graphics of 300dpi (dots per inch)
    • DO NOT compress/flatten your Photoshop design into a single image. Keep all layers.
  • For Drawing/Painting etc designsplease submit two pieces of artwork:
    • A4 front cover
    • A4 back cover

Contact yearbook@unishanoi.org for any questions or guidance with any of the above.

 DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE the following two titles/information on your front cover:

  • Yearbook 2017-2018
  • UNIS Hanoi


16:00 on Friday, January 26

  • Bring your cover(s) to Advancement Office (Room 102, Admin Building) or share your digital file with yearbook@unishanoi.org.
  • If your creation is a drawing or painting, please clearly mark the envelope with your artwork with your FULL NAME & HOMEROOM
  • Please use the following naming convention for digital files:
    • YB1718_Cover Contest_Your First Name Last Name_Homeroom
    • (example: YB1718_Cover Contest_John Smith_5JH)

9 November

UN Day

UN Day was a wonderful day honoring and celebrating our home countries and cultures. Each student’s flag as well as all of the United Nation country flags were flown. Ashley and Alya were our two flag bearers and we were so proud of them. We created a book about each of our countries, attending the fabulous assembly, took our class photo and then ended the day with a shared meal with food from all of our nations. Thank you to all of the parents who helped organize our lunch and thank you to all of the parents who brought the delicious food. Here are some videos and photos of our special day!

Walk-a-thon Success

The students in Grade 1B did an outstanding job of raising money for Blue Dragon. All of the students ran and walked around the track and were very excited to receive a check mark on his/her arm indicating another lap was made. A big thank you to Kai’s mom, Yeonjae’s mom and Harutaka’s mom for helping with the marking. The donation forms were sent home yesterday and please return them tomorrow. Thank you again for making such a big difference in the lives of the Blue Dragon children.


This week during our Unit of Inquiry, Who We are, we began to look at nutrition. You may have heard your child talking about Body Builders, Body Protectors, Energy Givers and Treats. We looked at what these different food groups are and how we need a balance of all of these things to be healthy. We are keeping a snack and hygiene diary to keep a track of how balanced we are. Does your child brush his/her teeth every night and every morning? Does your child wash his/her hands before eating? Does your child take a bath/shower every night or morning? These are some of things that we are recording to find out how healthy we are in Grade 1B.

On Monday the 20th of November, we are going to walk to Fivimart, just down the road from school, to go shopping for ingredients to make a healthy snack. There is a letter of permission in your child’s reading folder today. Please see Kai’s mom if you are interested in being a parent volunteer for the day. The children will choose the snack to make, write a shopping list, shop and pay for the food and then make the snack to share with everyone when we get back to school.


  • Please return your Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon forms. Thank you!
  • We are going on a field trip on November 20th. Forms are being sent home today. Please sign and return as soon as possible. 
  • No School Monday and Tuesday. Grade 1 will be in Professional Development Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. See you all on Wednesday, November 15th. 

2 November


Our students had many opportunities to make connections between the number of tens in a quantity and the numerals that represent the number. As they worked to construct a class chart of their results, they examined place value and investigated whether the pattern found would be present with all numbers.

We also worked on ten frames. We are using ten frames to build number sense, help students gain “mental math” fluency and to better understand how to use the math strategies of “composing and decomposing” numbers. We played a few team games this week to increase our knowledge and had some fun working together.

Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful day on Tuesday dressing up for Halloween. The students were very excited to see all of the costumes on our special day.


This week, we continued our investigation into our Unit of Inquiry. Our bread has started to turn moldy and we made predictions about what will happen next. The students were introduced to the Scientific Method (question, hypothesis, experiment, observations and conclusion) and are very excited about the steps in this process. Which bread is going to be moldy and yucky first?



26 October


This week in Math, we did a Number Talk about the number 12. We learned that we know  nineteen things about the number 12. Then the students took the number of his/her birthdate and found out what they knew about their own number. It was amazing to see how the students know so much about numbers.


UOI Who We Are

We investigated our lunch from last week and made several graphs to find out what food was the most popular amongst our students. We learned that almost everyone took cookies, but only one or two friends chose fruit. We then talked about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we concentrated on Number 3 Good Health and Well-Being. What do we need to eat to have a healthy diet? What foods can we eat more of and what foods should we eat less of? The students enjoyed being investigators of his/her own lunch plate.


October 31 Dress Up Day-please see dress up guidelines in your parent email

November 3 UN Day 10:20am in Sports Center-Please join us for a wonderful all school assembly celebrating all of our nations. After the assembly, we will have a shared lunch with the other Grade 1 classes. Please have your child dress in his/her country costume.


19 October Continued

Special All School Assembly for APEC Volleyball

Today we had the wonderful opportunity to support the APEC Volleyball players. Ten teams from around Southeast Asia are here at UNIS for the tournament. The Grade 1 students looked amazing in their yellow and black. They were ready to cheer for our designated team WAB (Western Academy of Beijing). The players were so happy to see us and greeted us with high-fives! We watched a game today and will go to one more tomorrow. The high school students loved our enthusiasm and support!

19 October

Welcome Back

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday. We have heard so many stories of quality family time and many adventures that you and your family have had. We have had a very busy week in Grade 1. Please enjoy some of our learning.


This week in math, we introduced story problems. The students had to read the story and then show their thinking. Below are Ethan and Harutaka’s drawings of how many cages they would need.

We also have been working on organizing and collecting within the number system. I read the story, The Masloppy Family by Catherine Twomey Fosnot. This story is about organizing materials and ways to keep track of them. The students started to take inventory of supplies in our classroom. This context provided ample opportunities for our students to count large number of items, keeping track of the count, and organizing both the counting and the recording. Our next step will be continuing to share a few of the strategies the students found helpful and then take inventory of the other materials in the classroom.

Recount Writing

We have introduced recount writing to the students this week. The purpose of recount writing is to retell a series of events. We have started with the events that took place on our holiday. Recount writing uses Who, When, Where and What. Here are some samples of our initial writings.


UOI Introduction

This week we started our introduction to our new Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are. This unit we will be focusing on making healthy choices and having a balanced life. We began our unit with a family style Grade 1 lunch. The students were able to chose what they wanted to eat and how much they wanted. As teachers, we did not give them any advice on how much or how little to take. The students asked if they could take more of certain food items and we said YES to everything. We can’t wait to show the students the photos and begin our investigation into healthy lifestyles.






5 October

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you to all of the parents that attended the Parent Teacher Conferences this week. It was so nice meeting you and talking all about the learning that your child is experiencing in Grade 1B. Creating a home and school connection is an integral part of our community. Your participation is vital to your child’s eduction. Thank you again.

What Do You See?

This week in our math lesson, we talked about spatial patterns with numbers. I showed the students this pattern and asked them What Do You See? The mathematical minds in our class are being challenged and each student is growing in his/her thinking. Well done Grade 1B.

Unit of Inquiry: How We Organize Ourselves

This week we became experts in our chosen system! Some of us visited Chef Adam in the Canteen to find out all about the Canteen System. 

And some of us visited Nurse Susan in the Health Center to learn about the Health Center System.


Now we are experts too! We had to take our new knowledge and describe our chosen system using pictures and words. We also made a blog post and had to describe how our system worked, how it helps our community and what would happen if we didn’t have this system at UNIS. Watch out for some awesome blog posts!


We hope that you all have a wonderful break and enjoy some family time. We look forward to hearing all about the adventures that you will have when we return to school on Monday, October 16th.

28 September

Moon Festival

We had a wonderful day today celebrating Moon Festival. The Elementary School assembly was full of traditional Vietnamese music and performances by the upper elementary students. After the assembly, we learned more about the holiday from Ms Lam. We then painted animal masks. The students looked awesome in their áo dài today. Here are a few photos from our festive day.

Response Writing

We continue to work on our response writing and are slowly learning that a response text gives an opinion. The students have written different responses about their stuffed animal and moon cakes. They also worked in a group to write a response about a classroom item. Our writing includes many descriptions like color, texture, action, numbers and size. We have some examples hung in our room. Please come take a look at them.


Next Tuesday, October 3rd is Parent Teacher Conferences. There will not be school for the students. Please sign up for an appointment time.

21 September

Happy 30th Birthday UNIS

This school year, UNIS will be celebrating turning 30 years old many different times. Yesterday, we had a big birthday party for the entire school. We gathered in the sports center and sang Happy Birthday to UNIS and to some special people that were celebrating their birthday on the same day. We were so lucky that Matthew and Ms Anna, one of the other Grade 1 teachers, celebrated their birthdays yesterday and the entire school got to sing to them. We then went out to the field to take a whole school photo. We then went back to our classroom to enjoy a special cupcake.

Mr Jeff as Mortimer

Mr Jeff, Grade 4 teacher, came and read us the story Mortimer by Robert Munsch. He was in full character and was very animated telling us this wonderful book. We loved having him read to all of the classes in Grade 1. Thank you Mr Jeff for making the story come alive!

Unit of Inquiry (UOI): How the World Works

During our UOI time, we have been learning more and more about communities and the systems and routines within our communities. We went on a systems hunt to see if we could find different systems at UNIS. We went to the following areas to find the systems: nurse’s station, playground equipment, cleaning supplies and cleaners, recycling bin and the canteen. The students then had to decide which system they wanted to learn more about. The made a human graph of their favorite system. Our top two choices were the canteen and the nurse. We will be interviewing the people that are involved with those systems to learn more about how they work and why they are important to our school.

Descriptive Writing

We have been practicing our descriptive writing this week during our Language time. The students are learning about nouns, pronouns and adjectives in writing a text based on each child’s opinion of an object. We started with doing it orally and now have moved into having each child write his/her own responsive text.


  • Moon Festival, Thursday, September 28-please have your child wear his/her Ao Dai to school that day for a fun day of celebrations. 
  • Swimming continues for 3 more weeks. Please send your child to school with the following item in a swim bag:
    • swimming costume
    • towel
    • googles
    • hair cap (for medium-long hair)
  • Please send take home books back to school each day. 
  • Mondays are library days. Please send library books back each Monday. 
  • Please send in headphones for your child as soon as possible. 

Dot Day

We had such a wonderful day celebrating International Dot Day, a day about being creative and making your mark in this world. We placed dots all over the wall with our Grade 5 buddies and made lots of estimates on how many dots there are on the entire wall. We also read the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Please come and look and make an estimate with your child. Happy Counting!!!