Grade 5 Buddy Class

This week we had our first meeting with our Grade 5 Buddies. Grade 5 classes will come down to our class bi-weekly. We will create experiences for all of the students to learn and grow from one another. The purpose of the UNIS Hanoi Buddy Program is:

  • To build and strengthen community by providing opportunities for cross-grade collaboration and learning for both students and staff members.
  • To provide opportunities for older students to develop leadership and mentorship experiences.
  • To provide role modes for younger students.
  • To give students the opportunity to build strong relationships throughout the year with their buddy classes.

When the Grade 5 students entered our classroom, we introduced each other, asked each other some questions about ourselves and we were paired up with a buddy. We made self portraits of each other and included things that we liked (our favorite color, number, where we are from etc). We can’t wait to meet with our buddies next time.

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