May 10th – K1C

Dear parents,

Last week I sent you an email that said I would include details and pictures of Book Week on this weeks blog so I could capture the entire three days. As you know, every day had a different theme and we had Mystery Readers throughout the week. Wear a Word Day, Character Parade Day, and Pajama Day were all a big hit! We were also joined by many mystery readers which included both parents and staff.

Book Week

Now that the children have bugs on the brain, they have been collecting and observing, or just observing, everything from the smallest spiders, the most colorful beetles and the biggest toads. It has made them much more aware of our outdoor environment and how we share it responsibly with all of these animals.

The children have also created some awesome big bugs for our classroom. They made a gigantic paper mache dragonfly and practiced their weaving skills while making a big buzzing bee.

We were also lucky enough to have Nikhil’s Dad share some photos of bugs he found in the jungle of India. The kids were so excited to count and compare all of the different characteristics..

The children have been working hard to copy, create and extend patterns. They do this every day in our environment, but this week have been working on some very special bracelets, headbands and backpack decorations to practice this skill.

Pics of the week


International Outdoor Classroom Day

On Friday May 18th Discovery, K1, K2 and Grade 1 will participate in international Outdoor Classroom Day.  Weather permitting, the students will be outside from 8:25-10:05.  To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:

-wears sunscreen to school
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle
-has a change of clothes in a labelled bag

Market Day

The K2 children have been learning about goods and services as part of their How We Organize Ourselves unit of inquiry.  As a culminating project, they will be hosting an ECC Market on Tuesday, 15 May.  Children will be selling goods they have made themselves, including crafts, books and beverages.

Please send 20,000 VND to school with your child on Tuesday so s/he can enjoy shopping at the K2 market.

All of the money earned will be donated to LifeStraw, an organization that helps provide access to clean water.  Along with donations from other ES classes, we are hoping to be able to purchase a community water filter for a local school.  This would reduce the number of plastic bottles that community consumes while also providing clean drinking water.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu





March 22nd – K1C

Dear parents,

Thank you all once again for joining us for Open Classrooms. It was so wonderful watching the children share their learning and their classroom with you. Thank you also to our mystery reader, Julian’s Dad, who joined us on that day. Please enjoy this link to the pictures from these very special two days. A post will be made soon on their personal blogs.

Last Friday we attended the MRISA soccer tournament opening ceremony. K1 definitely wins the most school spirit contest. The children put on their Phoenix crowns they made and a piece of blue flair. This included a blue capes, skirts, vests and sparkly mermaid costumes. They looked amazing!

For the last two weeks, we have been focusing on the line of inquiry, storytelling in different ways. The children have created sock puppets and hand puppets and have been telling stories with them in our puppet theater. Stay tuned for a post about this on their personal blogs. They are also telling stories through singing and dancing. A couple of children even made an puppet theater out of blocks which has been set up in the classroom all week.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to attend the grade 3 & 4 music concert dress rehearsal. The children were so excited to watch their grade 3 buddies perform and even some brothers and sisters.

Lastly, next Friday March 30th is the ES Sports morning from 9-10:30 on the covered courts in front of the sports center. You are all invited to join us. Please look for additional information on the ES PE blog post sent out today.

Follow this link for more pictures.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu


Dear parents,

Thank you for attending Parent Teacher Conferences today. It was lovely to see you all and talk about your child’s learning and growth. Due to the conferences today, I will send you an email with some updates soon.

Take care!