Open Classroom Info and More!

Dear parents,

We have been very busy in our classroom these past two weeks as there have been many changes. We have improved our outdoor play area and enhanced our storytelling/theatre/puppet show space indoors. The children are very excited to share this with you next week and so I’m not going to post any pictures that would give it away. Sorry!


Thursday March 15th:

Music~ 9:10-9:50

Homeroom~ 10:10-10:50 

Friday March 16th: 

Homeroom~ 10:10-10:50

Art~ 12:30-1:10

Library~ 1:15-1:55

Please join us during one of these homeroom times and specialists if you wish to do so. We look forward to seeing you!

NO SCHOOL on Monday March 12th. This is a professional development day for UNIS teachers.

UNIS is hosting the MRISA Soccer Tournament on Friday March 16th. We will be attending the all school opening ceremony on this day to support the teams, so please have your child wear blue.


  • Please send in a favorite book that your child is familiar with to school if you haven’t already done so. Next week, the children will begin to describe literary characters and we will be using their stories from home during the process.
  • Hats needed! Your child needs a hat every day in order to utilize the entire playground during outdoor play.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu


Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Dear parents,

Welcome back from a very well deserved Tet holiday break! There were many fun activities that the children participated in leading up to this holiday, so please don’t forget to check out your child’s individual blog for details.

This week the children drew a story map of their Tet travels and experiences and orally shared their stories in great detail. Their memory and descriptions were amazing and brought immediate smiles from those listening. Their pictures and descriptions will also be posted on their individual blogs so please stay tuned. If you have any questions about these individual blogs, please let me know.

Pictures of the week including buddies, Tet pics and Sarah’s birthday

As you know, we are in the midst of our storytelling unit. The children are beginning to see themselves as writers and storytellers and it has been amazing watching the transformation.

So…you might be asking yourself, “What can we do from home?”

  • Read to your child every night before bed. (I cannot express enough the importance of this step in your bedtime routine.)
  • Very Limited screen time during the week. This includes all electronic devices including ipads, televisions and phones. And definitely not before bedtime.

Lastly, please remember to send in a hat for your child to wear during outside play. This is especially important now that the sun is peeking through. If your child does not come to school with a hat, they will only be able to play directly outside the classroom where it is completely shaded.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu

August 8th – K1C

Dear parents,

This week we read a great story called ‘A Squiggle Story’. Please ask your child about it. It’s essentially about a boy writing a story for the very first time with help from his sister and classmates. Some children have been making books for quite some time now, but this story inspired them to truly see themselves as storytellers, which is one of our lines of inquiry, and to create books that have more meaning.

We celebrated Global Play Day this week with Discovery A. The children loved playing with the toys they brought to share. Unfortunately, we had a very short time together because of our schedules clashing. Therefore, we will be joining Discovery next Tuesday afternoon for some more collaborative fun.

The children have been working collaboratively on a dragon art piece for Tet. Together in small groups, they made the head and tail and are carefully tracing their hands and cutting out the shapes for the body. This is a fantastic fine motor activity and is promoting great conversation and problem solving.

Today, the children were visited by their grade 3 buddies. The energy in the room was fantastic. The children transitioned between activities easily and had so much fun together.

Thank you for sending in a favorite book for your child. If your have not done so already, please send one in. We will be working with these books for a couple of weeks.

Next Wednesday is our special Tet assembly celebration. Please send your child to school in an Ao Dai for this special day.

Please enjoy these pictures of the week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu


Dear parents,

Thank you for attending Parent Teacher Conferences today. It was lovely to see you all and talk about your child’s learning and growth. Due to the conferences today, I will send you an email with some updates soon.

Take care!



Water Puppet Mania in K1C!

Dear parents,

In order to further inquire into our central idea, storytelling allows us to share ideas, feelings and experiences, we took a field trip to the Water Puppet Theater. It was an amazing success, that may have already been described to you at home last night. 🙂

All of K1 and Discovery piled onto buses and headed downtown. The bus ride itself was quite the excitement! The children had great conversations, sang many songs (including ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ of course) and described what they were seeing out the windows.

We had the entire theater to ourselves. The children were perched on the edge of their seats for the entirety of the performance often moving to the music and commenting on how the puppets worked. As a special treat, each class went one by one backstage where the staff showed us how the puppets actually worked and described how many people it takes to operate each puppet and what they wear in the water during the show.

As we we reflect on the performance over the next week, we will be focusing on the line of inquiry appreciating storytelling. The children will respond to questions such as such as: What did you think about the show? and What was your favorite part and why? They are also retelling the stories through role play using actual puppets purchased at the theater.

This week, we also celebrated another birthday. Elena turned five! Congratulations!

Please enjoy these photos of your child.

Important Reminders:

  • Please sign up for parent teacher conversations next Thursday. Sign up takes place on Veracross. I look forward to seeing you!
  • Our sunny weather has finally returned. Please remember that your child needs to wear a hat every day during outside play in order to participate in all activities.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu


January 18th – K1C

Dear parents,

This has been a very busy week! Katie celebrated her birthday on Monday and Ella celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. Congratulations on being five!

We love singing songs in K1 and are learning a new math song about subitizing (instant recognition). While singing, the children are subitizing dot and irregular dot patterns, connecting the sets to numerals and representing them on their fingers.

We finally had buddies today. The children were so excited to host their special friends in our room. They read stories, played games, made crafts, drew pictures and engaged in rich conversation.

We began our storytelling unit this week with our Central Idea: Storytelling allows us to share ideas, feelings and experiences. The pre-assessment task is to interview the children and ask three questions. What is a story? Why do we tell stories? How do we share stories?

In support of our new unit. We will be taking a field trip next Wednesday to the Water Puppet Theater next to Hoan Kiem Lake. A permission slip will be going home in your child’s backpack today. Please sign and return the permission slip tomorrow or by the latest on Monday.

Please enjoy some pictures from our week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu

January 11th – K1C

Dear parents,

Happy New Year! We hope your holiday included lots of fun with family and friends and you have come back rested and ready for the new year. It was so nice to welcome back your children this week. They all slipped right back into our wonderful classroom routine and have reconnected well with friends and teachers.

We were very lucky to finally welcome our new friend Liam into our K1C community on Monday. He joins us from the United States and has settled in well.

This morning the children performed “The Nutcracker” along with Ms. Alexis and the rest of the ECC. Please enjoy this video below and some pictures of the week.

Stay tuned for information regarding our new storytelling unit. I will be looking for parent readers as well as field trip volunteers.

Lastly, please make sure to dress you child in warm enough clothes for this colder weather. Also, even though the sun is not shining, children still need to wear hats for outside play, so please make sure to include one in your child’s backpack.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu

December 14th – K1C

Dear parents,

It’s the end of semester one already! It has been such a joy to watch your children grow and learn this year. We will be celebrating the end of 2017 with a pajama party tomorrow. Please remember to send your child to school in pajamas and with a stuffed animal. We will be singing, dancing, playing and baking yummy cookies. We are going to have so much fun!

Tomorrow UNIS will also be having a practice fire drill. Please send your child in a warm jacket to wear as we will be standing outside for a bit.

Please enjoy our pictures of the week. They include Flynn and Andy celebrating turning five as well as Maker Day.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday with family and friends and we will see you in the new year!

Deborah & Thu

December 7th – K1C

Dear parents,

Welcome to December! The time seems to have flown by and it’s almost the holiday!

Thank you so much to all of you who attended ‘Open Classrooms’ last week. The children continue to talk about how special it was to share their learning with you. Pictures from Friday are included in the photo link.

We have had fun continuing to explore water in the sunlight. We have been looking closely at water reflections and designs the water makes on the ground when the sun shines through. The children are also using spray bottles outside when the sun shines realizing they can create rainbows.

We spent some time this week developing theories about where the water at our school comes from. The children took clipboards outside as they explored and drew their ideas. Some of their theories include:

  • the sky
  • a box
  • the pond
  • a bucket
  • rain
  • the ocean
  • pipes
  • clouds

The children were introduced to a new math game called ‘Treasure Hunt’. This game includes counting, recognizing dot patterns and colors. It’s also a game that facilitates rich math language.

This week the children participated in an interesting listening activity. I flew to Singapore with my family to participate in a special event. During the event, I caught something on video that sounded like rain, but was something VERY different. We listened to the video two times in class and then the children contributed their ideas about what they thought they heard. Then we watched the video for the big reveal. I was running in the Singapore marathon and caught the sound of running shoes hitting the pavement. It sounded like rain which connects to our unit! It was interesting talking about what it’s like when you are only relying on one sense for information. Here are the ideas they came up with. Please also take a look at the video in the google photo link.

‘Maker Day’: Tomorrow is Maker Day! Every day in K1 is Maker Day, but tomorrow the whole Elementary School is celebrating. We will be making boats that float, experimenting with magic floating ink and creating a collaborative piece of artwork with water and food dye.

Pictures and video of the week

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu



November 30th – K1C

Dear parents,

We are so happy that some of you joined us today for ‘Open Classrooms’ and we are looking forward to more of you joining us tomorrow at 8:20! The children are absolutely thrilled to share our K1C classroom with you. There are never enough opportunities for this, so please know you are always welcome.

The children have gained the understanding that when water freezes, it turns to ice. And then when water warms up, it it melts back into water. Because of this, we surprised them with an enormous ice block and large cubes of ice to investigate. They were fascinated to watch the ice melt and at what speed. As the larger block lasted longer, they realized they could break it into smaller pieces and then even dared to use their sense of taste. This is the only sense we have not yet used in this unit, so it was exciting!

The children are also learning about how snowflakes are formed and are very busy cutting and decorating their own to decorate the classroom. This is a fantastic fine motor and math activity as they are carefully cutting and then comparing the shape of their snowflakes to others. No two snowflakes are the same!

We had buddies this morning as well, but were so short on time, that we brought our snack over to G3 and they read to the children while they ate. It worked out perfect.

We also were lucky enough to see the trailer for “How to Eat Like a Child” in the theatre. Hopefully you have bought your tickets for this weekend. It’s going to be a great show.

Pictures of our week

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu