Sept. 7th-K1C

Dear parents,

Welcome back from our first holiday! It’s always fun listening to the stories of all the fun that was had!

We celebrated Chun An’s birthday this week. He is our first friend to turn five this year.

The children have been introduced to a new math game called Ten Green Bottles which helps the children practice the skills of ordering numbers, recognizing regular dot patterns and one to one correspondence.

We continue to read and respond to stories about friendship. The children also each chose a friend to closely observe and then draw their features. This is helping to deeper connect us as a classroom community.

Yesterday you received a group photo of K1C. Please keep this posted on your fridge or in a common spot where you can discuss the day with your child and get to know their friends in their K1C community.

Today Dr. Barder attended our ECC assembly and played a couple of interactive songs on his guitar. Then we went to the big theater to watch the “Gumboot Dancers” visiting from South Africa.

I really am looking forward to seeing all of you tonight for Back to School Night. It’s a great way for us to connect and get to know each other.

It’s been a short week, so that’s all I have for now! Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

Click Here!

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms. Deborah & Ms. Thu

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One thought on “Sept. 7th-K1C

  1. Thank you so much for the printed photo of the class! We were immediately instructed that it was not going on the refrigerator in our kitchen, but rather upstairs in her bedroom! She loves telling us all about her friends and what you have been doing in K1.
    Many thanks, Angela

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