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Dear parents,

Thank you so much for making Teacher Appreciation Day so special! The treats were wonderful and the children’s cards and crafts were the best!

UN Day was fantastic this year. The children were very proud to wear their National Dress and to participate in the activities. We are focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4, which is Quality education. We made a class book which talks about the many reasons some children cannot attend school and what we love about our school. We also made a collaborative piece of art which connects all of our home countries together. You can take a peek at both of these when you visit during open classrooms this week. And of course, the assembly and shared lunch was lovely.

img_1335 img_1437 img_9497 img_9529 img_9537 img_9542

In Math, we are beginning to inquire into shapes and patterns. The children have been quite creative in their thinking. They were also introduced to a new game called Treasure Hunt and have been cooperatively playing with a partner.

img_9442 img_9459 img_9571 img_9572 img_9632 img_9661

Phonics has really taken off in our classroom. The children are constantly coming up with words to add to our Alphabet Book. You can peek at this during your visit next week :). You may even be hearing some letter sounds from your children at home. The letter crafts are also a big hit and incorporates fine motor skills as well. Book making is also a favorite at our writing table. This is a student initiated activity and is gaining popularity. Last week there were computers being made too!

img_9585 img_9589 img_9650

img_9651 img_9658

We were lucky enough to leave the ECC twice last week to attend two fun events. Grades 2-5 had a Sports Day and we were able to walk over to the fields and cheer them on. Then on Thursday, we met our Grade 3 Buddies who showed us the new playground and how to safely play on the equipment.

img_9620 img_9624

img_1441 img_1445 img_1447 img_1450 img_1463 img_1482

Lastly, we have just begun our new UOI and are planning some fun field trips as part of the unit. Stay tuned for more information.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Deborah & Thu

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