More fun in K1C!

Dear parents,

What a busy week we have had! First of all, the Walk-a Thon was a huge success. Please take a peek at my previous blog post for some great pics. If you have not yet sent your form back in for the Blue Dragon donation, please do so. and thank you!

It’s been a while, but our Grade 3 Buddies visited us on Thursday and brought along some books to share. It’s amazing to watch and listen to the caring attitude and kinds words heard within the groups.

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On Friday we were lucky enough to participate in the MRISA fun. Teams from all over Southeast Asia joined us here at UNIS for a basketball tournament. K1 was assigned a specific team to support, the ISPP Falcons, and then the children decorated flags to take over to the pep rally. There was lots of music, dancing and cheering and we loved it! We also attended a couple of the games as well.

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The children are really catching on to phonics in our classroom. We are learning two letters per week and their associated sounds. The children are also enjoying the letter crafts which you have probably seen as they are bringing them home weekly. We also have an alphabet book which includes words beginning with the sounds we have learned so far. Only words the children have come up with themselves are added. Some mornings I can’t write down the words fast enough as the children are so excited to contribute!

Our outdoor area has been an inspiration for the children during this lovely weather we have been having. They have been using natural materials and glass manipulatives in very imaginative ways. They have been counting, comparing and patterning. They also collaboratively work together using the area as a restaurant.

photo-1-5 photo-2-4 photo-3-5 photo-4-3


Looking forward to the week ahead!

Deborah & Thu

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  1. Thank you so much! Such wonderful activities, the kids are having such a lovely experience! Appreciate all the work you ladies put into the blogs and all the photos. Have a lovely Sunday

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