Week 13 – New unit of inquiry next week.

Dear Parents,

Here are  some of the images from the Digital Citizenship Fair which we presented today.

Thank you to all the parents that attended.


Math current focus – Time

  •  Tell time to the quarter-hour, using language of ‘past’ and to.
  •  Name and order month and seasons.
  •  Use a calendar to identify the date and determine the number of days in each month.
  • We continue to focus on addition, subtraction and place value during our number sessions.

English – New Unit Focus

Standards to be covered in Non-Fiction Reading / Expository Writing Unit
Understand that different types of texts have identifiable text structures and language features that help the text serve its purpose  – Expository (Persuasive)
Discuss different texts on a similar topic, identifying similarities and differences between the texts 
Re-read and edit text for spelling,  punctuation and text structure 
Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning and begin to analyse texts by drawing on growing knowledge of context, language and visual features and print and multimodal text structures 
Understand that simple connections can be made between ideas by using a compound sentence with two or more clauses usually linked by a coordinating conjunction
Understand the use of vocabulary about familiar and new topics and experiment with and begin to make conscious choices of vocabulary to suit audience and purpose 
Identify the audience of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts 
Write legibly and with growing fluency using unjoined upper case and lower case letters 
Use interaction skills including initiating topics, making positive statements and voicing disagreement in an appropriate manner, speaking clearly and varying tone, volume and pace appropriately

New UOI – Parents as Partners

Please be advised that Grade Two will next week begin their new Unit of Inquiry, entitled Sharing Limited Resources!

The concepts below will be taught in class, however, it would be of great assistance to help your child become familiar with the main unit components and vocabulary in order to maximize their learning experiences and make connections in class.

This is especially important for non mother-tongue English speaking students. Please translate the following into your child’s mother tongue in order to develop their linguistic abilities and foster their conceptual development.

Any extra reading, websites, films or learning experiences you may give your child in their mother tongue to compliment this unit, would be extremely valuable.

If you have any expertise or can help us find a guest speaker in relation to  the limited resources of water, food or education please contact me.

Central Idea:
An inquiry into actions people take to share limited resources.
Inquiry into:
  • reasons resources are limited (causation).
  • causes of conflict (local and global limited resources) (causation)
  • different views on how to manage limited resources (perspective)
  • our responsibility as global citizens (responsibility
  • fair, unfair, choice, equal, decisions, power, responsibility, resources, limited, conflict, causes, manage, local, global, perspective, empathy


Week 11 – UN Day See you tomorrow

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow is our 30th UN Day Celebration. It will be a wonderful experience to celebrate the day together. I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can on this exciting day.


We shared and discussed our  addition and subtraction strategies within the 100 range. We also completed activities around the number 30 to connect to to the 30th UN Day. Next week we will start to focus on telling the time in digital and analogy time.


What is new in English? We started to use Wordmania to help with our word study activities. We will send home usernames and passwords next week for those students who want to use at home.


We selected our website or app for the digital fair and have started to become experts in that media so we can share our learning at the Digital Citizenship Fair.

Dress up Day – Tuesday 31st October.

Tuesday we had a fun day dressing up as imaginative and creative characters. Enjoy our photo.


UN DAY Tomorrow 3rd November

  • 10.30 – 11.45: UN Day Assembly in the Sports Centre
  • 12.00 – 13.00: Community Lunch: Students eat with their families (and faculty and staff) in grade level lunches with pot luck food provided by families on international theme.
  • 13.00: Early Dismissal for Students – No ASAs/UMA etc.

Walkathon Wednesday November 8th – Starts on field at 1.00pm – 3.20pm

13th and 14th November No School – Teacher School Professional Development

Digital Citizenship Fair

On Thursday, November 16, from 8:45- 9:30 students in Grade 2 will be sharing their learning about what it means to be a safe and responsible digital citizen at a Digital Citizenship Fair. We were tasked with the challenge of educating students at UNIS about using digital technologies safely and responsibly. Please join us in our classrooms if you can to celebrate our learning and taking action.


Week 9 – Welcome Back

Dear Parents,

Hope your children had an enjoyable break. I am looking very much forward to continuing our learning journey together.

Unit of Inquiry

The final assessment task has been introduced through an urgent email from Ms Megan. The students are now exploring and evaluating a variety of digital media so they can become experts in one and share their knowledge at the Grade 2 Digital Citizenship Fair.

Grade 2 Digital Citizenship Fair – 16th November 2017 8.45am -9.30 am – Parents welcome to attend.

Dear Grade 2 Teachers,
 really need your help.  Students at UNIS Hanoi are surrounded by technology every day, both at home and at school – computers, mobile phones, ipads, televisions and video games.  I am very worried that not all students, or their parents, know exactly how to be safe and responsible when using these digital tools and especially when they are online.  
I know that your students are learning about these things at the moment.  Do you think that your students might be able to put together some kind of presentation to teach the other students and perhaps even the parents in our school, about the ways that they can be safe and responsible when using technology?  
I think that our Grade 2 students could really be great communicators by sharing this with our community.  Please let me know if you think this is something that they could help me with.
Ms Megan


Tonight Thursday October 19th

There is a Grade 2 to 5 Parent Math night this Thursday from 7pm to 8pm in the Community Room. The focus for this is “What does Math look like at UNIS and How can I Support my Student.”

This week

We have been modeling addition of 2 or more digit numbers and developing as many different strategies to answer these equations. We have also been inquiring into place value and the base ten system.


We have continued to develop our reading skills through our reading activities and now have become expert in each task.

In writing we published a response a book we read for the Global Readaloud and you soon will be able to see the whole writing process on our individual blogs. Draft/Published with connected visual literacy.


The deadline for submitting photo orders is Friday October 20.

Friday October 20 Wear Blue to support the UNIS Volleyball team playing in APAC.

Friday 3rd November – UNIS United Nations Day Celebrations

Grade 2Digital Citizenship Fair – 16th November 2017 8.45am -9.30 am – Parents welcome to attend.

Week 7- Moon Festival

Dear Parents,

We have shown open mindedness this week by listening to the legends, stories and songs about the Moon Festival in Vietnam.


In math this week we worked on understanding how the structure of 2,5,10, etc can help in identifying numbers quickly. We created tally charts and bar graphs for our own questions in data handling. Finally in probability we used spinners to relate our math vocabulary of likely, unlikely, certain and impossible to mathematical situations.


We learned the structure for writing the genre of a response by looking at our playground and the Moon Festival celebration. We started to develop our knowledge of word study (spelling) by correcting spelling errors from our own writing. In reading we commenced our reading groups to improve our independent reading levels.

Home Reading – Please support.

This week students are changing their home readers before school commences or during their snack time. This allows us to use our reading sessions to focus on improving our independent reading levels through our reading daily 5 activities. I will check reading journals once a week to monitor reading at home. Students should be changing books regularly once they complete the book they have chosen. Once again home reading can be parents reading to a child, individual reading of a book from school, library or home and re-reading books to develop fluency and comprehension. It should last 20 minutes.

Thank you for your support.


No school or ASA for Elementary School -Tuesday 3rd October – as it is Parent – Teacher Conferences. Please sign up through Veracross.

Images from the week in Math and UOI

Purposes of Technology Inquiry

Math game using structure to read numbers quickly. Relating game to our skip counting knowledge. Includes addition, subtraction, arrays, division and remainders.


Week 5

Hi Parents,

This week in Grade 2A.

Student Council.

We are all very proud of Ngoc, Alice and Max for being risktakers and trying out for the Elementary School Council. They gave fantastic speeches and showed enthusiasm, commitment and independence to write their speeches and prepare for homework.

Congratulations to Alice and Max who were elected representatives for 2A.

Class Parent – A big thank you.

Thank you to Ellie’s mum, Winnie, and Simon’s mum, Geralda, who have taken on this important role in the 2A community. A big thank you from all of us.

We met our Buddies from Discovery Today



We completed our first unit of inquiry which inquired into communities, values and the tools we use to be a successful member. This week included role play activities, group challenges and finally reflection activities to assess the individual growth of each child.

Our next unit is about becoming a responsible digital citizen.


We have been focusing on:

Skip counting patterns; forwards, backwards and starting from any given number, not just zero.

Probability language of likely, unlikely, certain and impossible. Applying to the real world and number.

Time – Exploring the months of the year.

We will continue our focus in these areas next week.


In reading we can now successfully read to ourselves for a longer period, listen to a buddy for extended period, use Raz Kids and monitor our own home reading.

In writing we are understanding the characteristics of a good writer and have planned and started to write a story of our own choice.

We continue to develop our knowledge of descriptive circles to improve our writing.

Next week we will explicitly start to learn how to write a “response”.


Snack Sale – 2A contributing

Next Wednesday (Sept 20) is the ES Snack Sale from 8.10 – 9.45am.

Contributing classes:
ECC – K2A, K2B
ES – G2A and ALL Grade 5 Homerooms
Headphones we nearly have a set for every child.
2A Library borrowing will be on Friday.

Cooperative challenge and reflection

Writing the tools that we use in 2A



Week 4- Back to School Night for Parents

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Back to School Evening tonight. I have attached the slideshow presentation for all to read.


  • Headphones needed. Please send in headphones labeled with your child’s name if you haven’t yet.
  • 2A Library borrowing will be on Friday.
  •  We are still looking for a class parent. If you could assist in this role please contact me and I will provide you with further information.
  • Student Blogs.   UNIS Hanoi Grade 2 is using Easyblog! Our students are currently using Easyblog portfolio to capture and reflect their learning, and we would like you to be able to view your child’s work in real time. Please click this 2A subscription link and follow the instructions to subscribe if you are a new parent at UNIS Hanoi, or if you are a returning parent but have not yet subscribed to your child’s portfolio. Once you subscribe, you will receive an email notification when your child adds a blog post.
    If you are a teacher parent at UNIS, please use your personal email to subscribe to your child’s Easyblog account.

Week 3

Dear Parents,

This week the Learning Intention for our community has been to understand the classroom agreements we created together.

  1. Try new things and do your best.
  2. Be caring and respect other people.
  3. Be responsible for your actions.
  4. Make good decisions.
  5. Listen to everyone when it is their turn to talk.

See the display we created with symbols and pictures to explain our rules.

Also we would like to share our hopes and dreams for this semester.

Can you guess which one your child created? Do you understand their symbol?

In Math we have continued to develop a positive attitude towards math through playing number games and completing a variety of inquiries from different areas of math.

In English we have written about the learner profiles, a story about, “What is behind the Door?” and a recount of the things we shared in our bag from home. Our reading has been learning to read properly by ourselves. We also have been changing books to read at home and improving our ability to record in our home reading journal. Some students have not been changing books throughout this week. Please ask your child to return their books daily at this stage of the year so I can monitor their reading.

Helpful Information

  • ES Back to School Night for Parents  – Thursday 7th September at 6pm. Learn more about 2A and the Grade 2 Team.  Location will be in the 2A homeroom, B9 138 and you can meet with the Specialists in the foyer for Centre for the Arts.
  • School will be closed on Monday (September 4th) as we celebrate Vietnam’s National Day.
  • Ask your family, “what do we value as a family?” A sheet to record your values is in your child’s take home folder. You or your child can record your answers on sheet. Please return by Tuesday.
  • Headphones needed. Please send in headphones labeled with your child’s name next week.

Finally we are still looking for a class parent. If you could assist in this role please contact me and I will provide you with further information.

Here are some images from the classroom during this week.

Week 1 and Week 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Grade 2A UNIS Community. It has been wonderful to share the first day of Grade 2 with your child. We have had an exciting day meeting classmates, some old and some new, and have started to develop our class community. These activities have a direct connection to our first unit, “Who We Are – Beliefs and values shape communities.” Please ask your child to tell you about the experiences they have had today; spending a day with their new teacher, their new room upstairs, the activities, the new UNIS students in our class and the many changes to our campus.

Helpful information to get the year started.

  • Click here for 2A Schedule
  • Paper Bag Activity for this weekend. Check your child  bag. All instructions are included on the bag on Friday. Please place objects that your child wishes to share that tell us about themselves in the bag and return to school by Monday 21st August.
  • The UNIS Calendar was sent home on Wednesday.


Week 2

This week the class has continued to get know each other and build a greater sense of community. In UOI we investigated how we are all different as learners and have different needs which will help each of us to succeed. We shared this information in our writing, through our own personal symbols and in a class mural. We have been setting up our home reading books, selecting books at our own level and enjoying stories connected to our unit. Math has been a variety of investigations that teach us to think like mathematicians and develop a positive approach towards enjoying and learning math. We also have set up our individual blogs and posted our first blog. Hope you enjoyed it! Finally the students really enjoyed sharing their personal items in the paper bag activity. What a busy and fun week.

Helpful information

Picking up students after school. Please arrive at 3.20pm.

Home Reading starts Monday 28th August – Students have been preparing in class. Here are the expectations and students will bring a book from school to read. Any questions will be answered at ES Back to School Night.

Home Reading Journal

  1.    At least 20 minutes a day or 80 minutes a week of reading.
  2.    Choose a book that is just right for you, not too easy and not too hard.
  3.    Write the title of the book you read, and the date on which you read it.

Grade Level Social

On Tuesday, August 29th from 3:30-4:30, SCO is hosting a social in our classroom and courtyard.  This is an opportunity for families to get to know each other.  SCO will also be looking for a class parent for 2A.  The class parent serves as an essential link between our 2A community and our parents for conveying important information, organizing volunteers for special events (for example, UN Day lunch), etc. The  class social will commence in the 2A homeroom (B9, 138) for 10 minutes and then move to the courtyard.

Headphones needed. Please send in headphones labeled with your child’s name next week.

ES Back to School Night for Parents  – Thursday 7th September at 6pm –  Learn more about 2A and the Grade 2 Team.

Library – Will be Monday for the next 2 weeks. Your child had a chance to borrow a book this week. Please check to see what your child chose. The library flexible schedule will be explained at the ES Back to School Night. For now please send your child with a waterproof library bag.

Some photos from Thursday afternoon.

Warm regards,

Mr Daniel and Ms Ha

An Introduction


About Mr. Daniel

I have been at UNIS, Hanoi for ten years now and find it a wonderful place to learn and grow. Outside of school, I love to spend my time with my family, eating in different restaurants and talking about or playing Australian Rules Football! I have a son who is in Grade 6  and another son in Grade 3. I have been teaching for over 20 years and have lived and worked in Cambodia, England and Australia (my home country) prior to joining UNIS. I am experienced at teaching across all Elementary Grade Levels. I am very much looking forward to teaching your child this year and being involved in their social and academic growth. I look forward to getting to know you all throughout this year.

About Ms Ha

My name is Ms. Ha. I have been working at UNIS as a teaching assistant for 22 years. I have worked in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2. Before working at UNIS I taught in a Vietnamese Middle school. I have a big son in a university and a daughter who will be in grade 10 this year. I look forward to seeing  you all and working with your children.