Sadly our Last Full Week

Dear Parents,

So our final full week of learning has ended with another great week in UOI, Math and English. At this time of year we are all looking forward to the break with excitement, however as I reflect I will be very sad to say goodbye to the students and parents of 2A. It for me has been the most wonderful year. Thank you to all for your support this year.


On Monday be aware that I will send home nearly all your child’s school books and work. We will keep one book to work in.

Leavers Assembly – Tuesday 11th June 1.15 – 1.45pm Sports Centre

Wednesday last school day finishes at 12.00 noon. There is no lunch this day so send a snack that can sustain your child until they get home for lunch.

Read A Million Minutes!

UNIS Hanoi Reads Summer 2019

If everyone reads for just 30 minutes a day, at least five days a week in the long holiday (14 June – 13 August 2019), together we can read for a million minutes!

You can read anything! Listening to an audiobook while you travel counts as “reading” as well.

Students who read the most will be rewarded. The grade that reads for the most minutes will get a unique prize. If we succeed in reaching the million minutes mark for the school.

Click below to input your minutes.

1 Million Minutes of Reading


Masks, Cultural Games and Important Reminders

Dear Parents,


  1. Swim Gala- G2&G3 Wednesday 05 June 09.30-11.00 (Period 2&3)
  2. Moving Up Day Friday 7th June
  3. PE is back to normal next week:  Swimming Monday and Thursday, Trampoline on Wednesday
  4. Leavers Assembly – Tuesday 11th June 1.15 – 1.45pm
  5. Class Party

Grade 2 will celebrate their end of year party on June 7 from 1:45-3:00. What we need from parents at this point is a snack for G2 to share at 1:45. We think activities will start at 2:00 but will be finalizing those early in the week. An email will follow with the details and your children will also inform you.  

Snacks should be “nude food”. We’d like to keep with the sustainability of our school which means little or no plastic and rubbish. Name a plate or any containers so we can get them back to you.

Parents are welcome to the snack if you are keen.

UOI – Cultures Express Their Creativity in Many Ways

Expressing ourselves through masks,

Vietnamese cultural game taught by Amber and Quang,

Korean games taught by Jungmin and Taein,


Thank you also to Isabella (Global game), Kaoru (Sumo wrestling), Trisha (Antaksari) and a New Zealand Cultural game taught by Logan and his mum.


Preparing to move on from 2A

Dear Parents,

Sadly as we think about next year we have started to talk about our transitions during our morning meetings. (New country, new school or new Grade 3 at UNIS.) Some sentence starters we used this week to help us talk about our feelings.

I am looking forward to ……….

I will miss …………………….

I am nervous about ………………………………..

I am confident about …………….

I am excited about ………………………….


Mass and Multiplication have been the focus this week

UOI Making Mandelas in our How We Express Ourselves Unit. We also created cultural icebergs and played cultural games. Students are able to bring a game from their culture next week . We will play them either Thursday or Friday.


Students are enjoying the start of our creative writing unit. They are applying the writing skills learned this year to  create stories and poems. We also started oral story telling by watching a great version of, The Big Carrot.


Change in PE (Next week only) due to Grade 12 Graduation set up.

Monday PE – Trampolining (socks, tights and long sleeves please)
Wednesday PE – Swimming
Thursday PE – Swimming

Paper Towel Rolls-please send these to school next week for an important project the first week of June.

May 31st Early Release-Students go home at 11:30 because of High School Graduation.

Swimming Extravangza Wednesday, June 5th 9:30-11:00

Students are able to bring a game from their culture next week if they would like. We will play them either Thursday or Friday

A week of Action

Dear Parents,

Unit of Inquiry

We completed our action plans and then many of us had an opportunity to take action. I was amazed and impressed by the enthusiasm and effort shown throughout the week to finish off our Sharing the Planet unit. Look below to see students working in the maker space.


We continue to investigate multiplication through arrays. This week we played games, solved problems and created an array zoo.

We are also focusing on measurement and so far have enjoyed inquiring into capacity and length.


Next week we start our final  reading and writing unit for the school year. We are learning all about narratives, through oral storytelling, read alouds, readers theatre, with some poetry thrown in for fun.


Sharing The Planet Taking Action

Dear Parents,


We are entering the final week of our Sharing the Planet unit. Today we started our final task to create an action plan for a problem related to our unit. We have identified the problem that each child would like to inquire into and have started to think of the different perspective that people can have towards this problem. Next week we will think of some solutions and create our own individual action plan.

Problems we brainstormed. Something to think about at home.

Not fixing leaks at our school and/or home.

Not turning off taps when brushing your teeth.

Forgetting to turn off taps.

You water the lawn with a hose.

Taking a bath instead of a shower.

Using the dishwasher half full.

Washing footpaths, sidewalks, roads with a hose.

People playing with water fountains.

Using too much water in the mud kitchen.

Taking a long shower.

Leaving your lights or power on when you go out somewhere.

Wasting water using the water pump in the playground.

People buying water but they do not use it.

People buying water in small plastic non recyclable bottles.

When some people use soap they do not turn the water off.

Using plastic bags.

Throwing trash and oil away in our water systems.

People wasting things and then not recycling.

Not hurting the frogs.

Cutting trees down.

Killing animals.


This week we are finishing our inquiry into geometry and have started to focus on multiplication and division using arrays. Look at seesaw to see some of our learning. We are also playing warm up math  games to improve our fluency in recalling addition and subtraction facts between 0-20. We also looked at capacity as a connection to our water awareness.


We are completing our final persuasive piece of writing. Our new focus will be narratives and poetry until the end of the school year.


  • Swimming is now Mondays and Thursdays; Wednesdays students are on the trampoline
  • This coming Monday (May 13) we are having the ES Snack SalePlease bring 10,000 to 20,000VND to school purchase snacks .
  • UNIS Tennis Academy ASA’s end of May:  I write to give notice that UNIS Tennis Academy ASA classes on Thursday 23rd May 2019 and Friday 24th May 2019 will be postponed. They will run a week later during catch up week on Thursday 30th May and Friday 31st May 2019 at the usual times. Students will go home directly after school (earlier bus) as there is no ASA on 23rd and 24th May.

Photos: Mr Duc taking us on a tour of our new building to see action that the school has taken to make our school more sustainable.

2A playing the Water Awareness game.

A Short Week

Dear Parents,

This week we were involved in some fun events for Book Week.

Ask your child about our assembly, mystery reader, characters who visited our room on dress up day and Mr Daniel’s favourite stories.

In math we continued to explore 3D shapes using nets.

In English our writing  focus continued to be persuasive writing and using description in our sentences.

In readings sessions we self selected activities for our reading rotation. Our focus next week will be making inferences as we read. Prior knowledge + text clues + inferences.

In UOI, students explored WASH behaviors (WAter, Sanitation, and Hygiene) and began to think about actions to improve these behaviors and be more healthy.


-Swimming will start twice a week from next week. The new swim days will be Monday and Thursday!

Field Trips and Book Week Next Week

Dear Parents,

This week we have had an off campus field trip, an on campus field trip, and visited the Grade 5 Exhibition on top of all the learning that happens everyday! Enjoy your long weekend.


No School April 29, 30, and May 1. See you back on Thursday, May 2.

Book Character Dress Up Day Thursday May 2. At assembly on Thursday morning students are welcome to dress as a favorite book character. Please remember that the character should truly represent a book character; not a Halloween costume. Additionally, as a UN school we do not welcome any weapons or depictions of weapons as school. If your child would rather not dress up that is perfectly fine as well.

MRISA assembly. Wear your UNIS gear to support our Volleyball teams. Friday 3rd May

SCO Book Sale May 3-4 our buying time is Friday the 3rd May Period 1. Send money to buy books.


This week students started off by visiting the school’s water treatment facilities and learned about how water is stored and treated at UNIS. We learned that 60,000 liters of water are used everyday on our campus! Ask us how the water in the drinking fountains is treated to kill any germs! We also started to answer some of the questions by doing  research on the internet. Then on Wednesday, we visited an art exhibitions where materials were turned into art and other functional pieces.  On  Thursday we also visited the Grade 5 Exhibition and learned a great deal by asking questions. See photos on Seesaw of your child at some of these activities.


This week we continued to improve our persuasive draft texts using descriptive words. We  used  a thesaurus to improve and develop our descriptive in language.


We worked on our addition and subtraction strategies and learned a new game with Ms Beth which helps us to become stronger using mental strategies with larger numbers.

We also started our exploration of 3D shapes by creating 3D models. This was our first inquiry into these shapes and we recorded our thinking on Seesaw. There may be some errors in our thinking but we wanted to share want we were thinking during our first 3D inquiry.

Important reminder from Health Office which is a good reinforcement for home as well as school

Below is a recommended water intake chart for children based on research done in the UK/USA. This shows minimum requirements and amounts should be increased by 1-2 litres in heat and humidity and during exercise.

Total water intake per day (including water contained in food)

Water obtained from drinks per day


1-3 years

1.3 litres

0.9 litres


4-8 years

1.7 litres

1.2 litres


9-13 years

2.4 litres

1.8 litres


9-13 years

2.1 litres

1.6 litres


14-18 years

3.3 litres

2.6 litres


14-18 years

2.3 litres

1.8 litres

To prevent dehydration from sweating, particularly in hot humid weather please ensure students: Avoid being out in the midday sun as much as possible, encourage them to seek cool, shaded areas and not run around too much in the heat.

  • Sun hats.

  • Daily sunscreen (sunburn stops the body from cooling itself down properly).

  • Wearing cool, loose clothing made of natural fibres to reduce sweating.

  • Avoiding dark coloured clothing which absorbs heat and causes sweating.

  • Take regular drinks even if they don’t feel thirsty (thirst is a sign that dehydration is already present). Ensure students have water bottles with them at ALL times.

Guidance Lessons

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to our student-led conferences.  What a wonderful day to celebrate learning, growth, and set goals with your student!


  • No School April 29, 30 and May 1.
  • PE-please remember to send a long sleeve shirt and long pants, plus socks, to school for trampolining on Mondays, and Wednesdays. Swim gear on Thursdays. This will go until the end of the school year.
  • SCO Book Sale May 3-4 – Keep donating books – Final week next week.
  • Book Week – Dress Up Character Day Thursday 2nd May
  • MRISA assembly. Wear your UNIS gear to support our Volleyball teams. Friday 3rd May

Reading:  Is there a special story that has passed down in your family?  Perhaps something your Grandma read to you, then you read to your child?  Students explored the genre of classics in the library this week.

Writing:  Students worked on their persuasive texts by first planning and writing their  first draft. Ask your child what topic they selected.

Unit of Inquiry:  Students will inquire into SDG #6 Clean Water and Sanitation, starting off with a provocation on Monday about Earth Day.  Please browse our class padlet with your student to help them with their research into water as a limited resource.

Guidance Lessons

Over the next few weeks our D-2 School Counselor, Kris Bezzerides, will begin a series of lessons about Body Safety. One of the main goals for these lessons is to provide our children with knowledge and teach protective behaviors in regards to their bodies and their right to be safe.

These lessons are age – appropriate and non-threatening. They are designed to empower students.

A typical series of lessons will include:

Keeping Our Bodies Safe

Safe Touch /Comfortable and Uncomfortable Feelings
Trusted Adults

Please see Ms. Bezzerides (  if you have any questions about these lessons or how to talk with your children about this topic at home.

Additional resources for parents can be found at

Shapes, Persuasion and Sharing the Planet

Dear Parents


This week we inquired into finding the names and characteristics of geometrical shapes/polygons. We used and found a deal of geometrical vocabulary including such terms as trapezoids, rhombus, vertex, angles, quadrilaterals. We will continue to apply and clarify these terms in the coming weeks.


We learned the structure of a persuasive texts through examining an exemplar for Grade 2. From here we planned using the OREO strategy a persuasive text to share our perspective about UNIS Hanoi. We will use the planner to write a persuasive text next week. During guided reading groups we have focused on understanding how the reading strategy of visualization helps us to be a better reader.


During Sharing the Planet we experienced  four provocations  to demonstrate what happens when resources are limited in relation to Quality Education, Good Health and Well Being, Climate Action and Clean Water and Sanitation. We are reflecting now and as a class will vote to decide which of these SDGs we will inquire into so we can understand how we share the resources of our planet.

We also have created an action padlet to capture all the action that takes place once students apply their learning at home. We will continue to add to this for the rest of the year,


  • No School Monday, April 15th
  • Student Led Conferences on Friday, April 19th. Please book your time on Veracross and remember that your child will lead you through the conference at your scheduled time.
  • Send any used and unwanted books to school. We are collecting them for the annual Book Sale. All languages are welcome.
  • No School April 29, 30 and May 1.
  • PE-please remember to send a long sleeve shirt and long pants, plus socks, to school for trampolining on Mondays, and Wednesdays. Swim gear on Thursdays. This will go until the end of the school year.

Some images from the week

Look at these images and ask your child to explain what they understand is happening.

Enjoy the April Break

Dear Parents,

Your children have had another excellent week of learning. They are very focused students who are all working hard to expand their knowledge. Enjoy the rest and break from school next week.


This week we concluded our place value unit. We will continue to maintain our knowledge  of place value, counting and addition strategies through activities but the main focus on return from the break will be geometry.


After 2 weeks inquiring into procedural writing and procedural texts we have moved onto our new genre study, persuasion. Persusaive texts will be our focus in English after break.


Our new unit is focused on Sharing the Planet. During the week we completed a word inquiry into action, talked about perspective, fair and unfair and inquired into 4 of our SDG’s that are related to limited resources.

This image shows what we believe are the most important ways in which we share our planet.

Please be advised that Grade Two has begun a new unit of inquiry into Sharing the Planet the week of March 25.The concepts below will be taught in class, however, it would be of great assistance to help your child become familiar with the main unit components and vocabulary in order to maximize their learning experiences and make connections in class.This is especially important for non mother-tongue English speaking students. Please translate the following into your child’s mother tongue in order to develop their linguistic abilities and foster their conceptual development.

Any extra reading, websites, films or learning experiences you may give your child in their mother tongue to compliment this unit, would be extremely valuable.

Central Idea:
People take actions to share limited resources.


Inquiry into:
  • limited resources can create conflict (causation)
  • different views on how to manage limited resources (perspective)
  • our responsibility to manage limited resources (responsibility)


  • fair, unfair, choice, equal, decisions, power, responsibility, resources, limited, conflict, causes, manage, local, global, perspective, empathy


Trampolining  – Monday & Wednesday

Swimming – Thursday

Swimming:  Mr. Martin Hamilton has asked me to remind all parents that children require a doctor’s note to be excused from swimming. The school believes that all children should be swimming if they are well enough to attend school.