Week 1 and Week 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Grade 2A UNIS Community. It has been wonderful to share the first day of Grade 2 with your child. We have had an exciting day meeting classmates, some old and some new, and have started to develop our class community. These activities have a direct connection to our first unit, “Who We Are – Beliefs and values shape communities.” Please ask your child to tell you about the experiences they have had today; spending a day with their new teacher, their new room upstairs, the activities, the new UNIS students in our class and the many changes to our campus.

Helpful information to get the year started.

  • Click here for 2A Schedule
  • Paper Bag Activity for this weekend. Check your child  bag. All instructions are included on the bag on Friday. Please place objects that your child wishes to share that tell us about themselves in the bag and return to school by Monday 21st August.
  • The UNIS Calendar was sent home on Wednesday.


Week 2

This week the class has continued to get know each other and build a greater sense of community. In UOI we investigated how we are all different as learners and have different needs which will help each of us to succeed. We shared this information in our writing, through our own personal symbols and in a class mural. We have been setting up our home reading books, selecting books at our own level and enjoying stories connected to our unit. Math has been a variety of investigations that teach us to think like mathematicians and develop a positive approach towards enjoying and learning math. We also have set up our individual blogs and posted our first blog. Hope you enjoyed it! Finally the students really enjoyed sharing their personal items in the paper bag activity. What a busy and fun week.

Helpful information

Picking up students after school. Please arrive at 3.20pm.

Home Reading starts Monday 28th August – Students have been preparing in class. Here are the expectations and students will bring a book from school to read. Any questions will be answered at ES Back to School Night.

Home Reading Journal

  1.    At least 20 minutes a day or 80 minutes a week of reading.
  2.    Choose a book that is just right for you, not too easy and not too hard.
  3.    Write the title of the book you read, and the date on which you read it.

Grade Level Social

On Tuesday, August 29th from 3:30-4:30, SCO is hosting a social in our classroom and courtyard.  This is an opportunity for families to get to know each other.  SCO will also be looking for a class parent for 2A.  The class parent serves as an essential link between our 2A community and our parents for conveying important information, organizing volunteers for special events (for example, UN Day lunch), etc. The  class social will commence in the 2A homeroom (B9, 138) for 10 minutes and then move to the courtyard.

Headphones needed. Please send in headphones labeled with your child’s name next week.

ES Back to School Night for Parents  – Thursday 7th September at 6pm –  Learn more about 2A and the Grade 2 Team.

Library – Will be Monday for the next 2 weeks. Your child had a chance to borrow a book this week. Please check to see what your child chose. The library flexible schedule will be explained at the ES Back to School Night. For now please send your child with a waterproof library bag.

Some photos from Thursday afternoon.

Warm regards,

Mr Daniel and Ms Ha

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