November 23

Dear Parents,

This week we continued our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme how the world works with the central idea:  water is a natural resource that can be explored. We were excited to share some of our learning at the ECC assembly this morning. The students worked in small groups to express their observations of water in multiple ways – by creating collages and sculptures, by taking photos, by drawing, by recording sound clips and by using bodies and musical instruments to represent water sounds.  If you didn’t get a chance to attend the assembly, I have posted a video in this week’s media. Unfortunately the video did not take properly and is not great quality!  If you have better footage from today, please share it with me so that I can post it for everyone.  I will also share the slideshow of the students’ work with their voices on the children’s blogs.

Last Friday was a beautiful day and we spent most of it outdoors exploring water in a variety of ways.  At lunch the students learned to make their own burritos!

Please see this link for photos from this week:  K1B Photos

Please note:

*K1 will host Open Classrooms next Thursday and Friday.   Please join in your child’s learning at any of the following times:

Thursday November 30th:

– Homeroom 10:20-10:50

– PE 10:55-11:35

Friday December 1st:

-Homeroom 8:20-9:00

-Library 12:30-1:10

-Music 1:15-1:55

*Show and tell next week:  Free choice

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