November 2

Dear Parents,

This week we continued our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme how the world works with the central idea:  water is a natural resource that can be explored. We explored capacity by using containers of different sizes and shapes in the water table, and we compared shell sizes.

We visited our Grade 3 buddies in their room to help them learn about forces.  We made a trip to the middle school science area and Principal Mr. V. talked to us about being scientists and read us a book.

UN Week is a very special time at UNIS.  Thank you to the families who came in to help us learn more about the culture of the students in our class.  Rafael’s mom taught us about famous landmarks in France, and Basti’s mom helped us make delicious German pretzels.  Ms. Charla’s daughter helped us learn about how maple syrup is made, and we explored Canadian maple syrup using our 5 senses.  Dr. Barder visited all the K1 classes to help us better understand the UN and UNIS (and to sing a few songs just for fun).  We also painted flags and learned to say hello in German, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, French and Hebrew.  We look forward to celebrating as a community at tomorrow’s UN Assembly and Community Lunch.

*Please pick up your children from the classroom after the assembly.  Please do not take your children home without first signing them out in the classroom.

*On Monday we will go in the swimming pool.   As part of our inquiry, all of K1 will visit the pool on Monday afternoon for a chance to explore the properties of water and how movement is different in water, as well as to better understand our responsibility to be safe around water.  This is not part of the swimming programme, but a special opportunity for this unit of inquiry.  Learning in the water will be run by our UNIS Aquatics Coordinator and his swimming instructors.  On Monday the children all need to bring a swimsuit, swimming cap, goggles and a small towel in a labelled plastic bag.  Thank you for your help!    

Please see this link for photos from this week:  K1B Photos

Please note:

*Show and Tell next week: Free choice.

*Wednesday is the UNIS Walk-a thon in support of the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. Please see your child’s bag for the pledge form and read the Tin Tuc for more details.

Show & Tell Schedule:

Mondays: Basti, Bella, Calliope, Duc Tam

Tuesdays: Hoang Linh, Hugo, Jenna, Jimmy

Wednesdays: Jonah, Katie, Lena, Rafael

Thursdays: Rahan, Sasha, Yaara, Yuji


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