October 19

Dear Parents,

This week we began our new inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme how the world works with the central idea:  water is a natural resource that can be explored. In this unit we will use our scientist skills to explore how water behaves and changes, and to develop an understanding of our responsibility for water as a natural resource shared by living things.  We piqued the students’ interest by adding a science lab and water table in our classroom, exploring with water through painting and on the light table, and by going on a water hunt in the ECC outdoor environment.  The students naturally posed many science and math based wonderings and began a number of their own experiments and investigations.

This week we began show and tell.  The students are asked to use a descriptive language structure to share their show and tell items – a general introduction, a sentence describing colour, a sentence describing size, a sentence describing number, and a sentence describing an action.  You will see how we focus on this descriptive language structure in many ways throughout the K1 year.

On Thursday we cheered for a visiting team at the boys’ volleyball tournament that is being hosted at UNIS this week, and watched a bit of their first game.  Students are encouraged to wear blue to school tomorrow to show support for our own volleyball team.

Please see this link for photos from this week:  K1B Photos

Please note:

*Show and Tell next week: please help your child choose something that can be used to explore water.  Some ideas include containers, tubes, funnels, sponges, measuring cups…. It is up to your child!  If possible, we would love to keep these items in the classroom to use.

*Please see the additional post about your child’s personal blog and be sure to check it out!


Show & Tell Schedule:

Mondays: Basti, Bella, Calliope, Duc Tam

Tuesdays: Hoang Linh, Hugo, Jenna, Jimmy

Wednesdays: Jonah, Katie, Lena, Rafael

Thursdays: Rahan, Sasha, Yaara, Yuji

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