October 5th

Dear Parents,

This week is the official conclusion of our inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme who we are with the central idea:  Personal choices affect ourselves and the community. Of course we will continue to learn more about our community and who we are throughout the K1 year!  This week the students showed how their understanding of community and responsibility changed since the start of the school year.  We continued to explore the concept of peace.  I hope you will enjoy the K1B movie “Peace is….” in this week’s media folder.  Don’t forget that you can easily download and save photos from the media folder.

This week we started a new class calendar that we use to reflect on our learning at at the end of each day.  The calendar incorporates many math and literacy skills in addition to helping focus our learning.  In math we focussed on subitising (being able to instantly recognize quantities).  In English we co-wrote descriptions of photos from our moon festival celebrations. We also drew pictures of and compared ourselves to our Grade 3 reading buddies.

It was wonderful to see everyone at Parent Teacher Conferences.  It is a pleasure working with your children every day.  Enjoy the holidays with your children and I look forward to seeing them again at school on Monday the 16th!

Please see below for important information about items needed for our new unit of inquiry, and the start of Show & Tell.

Please see this link for photos from this week:  K1B Photos

Please note:

*There is a new tab in the “Resources” tab found at the top of this page.  It contains recommended books for K1.

*Our new unit of inquiry will begin after the October Break.  We will be inquiring into the ways in which water is a resource for living things, and investigating the characteristics of water.  We will be doing a lot of experimenting and playing with water and weather in this new unit.  ***Please send to school an extra change of clothes, as well as any “water gear” you would like to include, such as ponchos and gumboots or even swimsuits.  Please put these in a plastic bag labelled with your child’s name and “Water Kit.” *** Thank you for your support!

*Show & Tell will begin for K1 after the October Break. Each week in the Thursday blog I will include a suggestion for items to bring in the following week on your child’s Show & Tell day (see below).  We will use Show & Tell to make connections to our unit of inquiry and also to practice the English skill of describing items and events.  More information about description will follow in the coming weeks.  For the first Show & Tell, please help your child bring in a photo or artifact that represents your child’s October Break.

Show & Tell Schedule:

Mondays: Basti, Bella, Calliope, Duc Tam

Tuesdays: Hoang Linh, Hugo, Jenna, Jimmy

Wednesdays: Jonah, Katie, Lena, Rafael

Thursdays: Rahan, Sasha, Yaara, Yuji

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  1. Thanks for all the care you provide everyday for our children, and all the fantastic learning happening. They love you to bits!

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