Our 2C Blogs Are Ready!

Hello Parents,

We have done some work on our blogs and we want you to follow us and give us some feedback. Here is the link to our easyblog.jr account. Please let us know what you think.

We have decided that we blog to:

  • Share our ideas
  • Share information we have learned in class
  • Share our learning from school
  • To learn about other people

Thank you for subscribing to our blogs!


Feed Back Helps Us Improve

Dear Elementary Families,
We in the Elementary School are humbled by the positive experience of Parent-Teacher Conference Day on February 14th.  Thank you for your attendance.  It has been so pleasing to see our parents and faculty come together to discuss our shared commitment to your children’s learning and progress.
As there are many ways that we communicate both learning and student progress to you at home, we would love your feedback on what works, and what we could be doing better.
Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey where you can provide us with any feedback on our communication and reporting procedures – from report cards, to parent-teacher conferences and beyond.
Your feedback is important to us as we strive to constantly improve.
Megan Brazil

New Year, New Inquiries and Parent Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents,

Now that the year of the Rooster is in full swing it is time for some new inquiries. Please remember that Tuesday, February 14 is Parent Teacher Conferences. Please be on time as we want to value the 15 minutes of every family. If you are running late, that 15 minute block is still yours but we cannot run into other families block times. Thank you for your understanding.

 Here is what learning we are aiming for in grade 2 for the upcoming weeks:

Unit of Inquiry is How We Organize Ourselves.

Our central idea is Choices digital citizens make contribute to the global community.

Our inquiry questions include:

  1. How do we manage the information we find on the internet?
  2. Why do we empower people to share ideas?
  3. What responsibilities do we have as digital citizens?

This week we have been focusing on making responsible choices and learning how to send an email. We have discovered our user names and have now been emailing our classmates. Getting comfortable with the keyboard and finding out the correct formatting of an email as been a focus as well.

Next week students will be investigating and setting up their own blogs. Be on the lookout towards the end of next week for your child’s blog. Our big focus is teaching our students to be safe and responsible with their choices regarding technology and its many uses.

MathData Handling and Number

Students are investigating the steps within data handling.

  1. Formulating Questions
  2. Collecting Data
  3. Analyze Data
  4. Interpreting the results

We will be working on all of these steps for the next couple of weeks, and continuing to work on building our number knowledge with addition and subtraction. Our focus is always working within the Math Practices- Looking for Shortcuts, Checking our Work, Thinking about Math, Keep on Trying, Using Math Tools, Looking for Patterns, Modeling Math and Talking About Math.

In Literacy, we are looking at the Response Text. Responses include looking at a piece of work either written, performed or created and making a judgement about it. We are then building a bank of vocabulary to help us give positive critiques and some areas for improvements. We are continuing to work on reading of non-fiction texts and looking at the text features to help us build our skills. We will be looking at various blogs, and creating our own as well. 

Be on the look out for some amazing learning surrounding the use of technology and responsible use.