It’s October!

Dear Parents,

We are on the second stage of building stamina for The Daily Five: Read To Someone.  

Of all the choices children participate in, Read to Someone is often their favorite. Reading with someone helps readers, especially developing readers.  It also increases reading involvement, attention, and collaboration. What’s more, children love partner reading and readily participate with books they choose.

Children LOVE to Read to Someone, and why not, they have a friend with them who will listen to them and discuss their reading. As you can see, the kids really enjoy reading to one another and building important skills.

Enjoy your well deserved vacation!!!


  • No school: Monday, October 8th-14th.  School starts up again on Monday, October 15th.
  • Ms. Ania will be out Monday & Tuesday, October 15th & 16th.  Please email Ms. Vu with any school related issues.  I will still be checking emails while away, however it would be best to email Ms. Vu for urgent matters

Last week of September

Hi parents and loved ones,
This was our final week building stamina for silent reading.  The students did incredible.  They started with one minute and have been able to read to themselves silently without distraction for 16 minutes! As you can see from the photo below, they surpassed their 15 minute challenge.  So proud! Next week we will begin building stamina for buddy reading.  Kids will learn how to read with and to a partner.
To continue understanding our new unit of inquiry theme of structures, their design, materials and purpose, children were tasked with the ‘cup challenge’.  Kids were put in teams, given sixty paper cups and asked to build the tallest structure together.  Oh, what fun and learning.
Thank you all for decorating your K2A family collage square.  As you see, when put together the squares become a beautiful art mural.  It is a great symbol of the diversity of the different cultures of our class family.
Thank you Frenkel, Sophia’s dad, for sharing about your families German culture.  We love to learn about each other.
I am excited to meet with you all on Monday for Parent Teacher Conferences. Together we will discuss your child’s transition to K2A, get to know each other a little bit more and discuss your child’s growth and development.
Below are some messages from our specialists.
Dear Parents of K2 Students,
Over the next few weeks our D-2 School Counselor, Kris Bezzerides, will begin a series of lessons about Being Body Smart. One of the main goals for these lessons is to provide our children with knowledge and teach protective behaviors in regards to their bodies and their right to be safe.
These lessons are age – appropriate and non-threatening. They are designed to empower students.
A typical series of lessons will include:
  • “My Body Belongs to Me” – being aware of and taking care of my body
  • “Safe Touch”/ “Comfortable and Uncomfortable feelings” – understanding personal boundaries and how to keep yourself safe
We will continue with lessons during the second semester as well. 
Please see Ms. Bezzerides (  if you have any questions about these lessons or how to talk with your children about this topic at home.
Additional resources for parents can be found at
Below is a note from our PE department.
Correction: Last week there was a mistake in the dates of the K2 and Grade 1 swimming. The unit will run one week longer than stated. Our first swimming unit dates are: September 24- October 26We are sorry for any  inconvenience this may cause.
Yours in health,
Here is the direct link to our blog:
Parent Teacher Conferences: Monday, October 1st.  Be sure to sign up.
No school (October Break): October 6th-14th.  Classes resume on Monday, October 15th
Swimming: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday til October 26th.  On Friday’s, please send your child wearing their swim suits.

Marshmallows, Moon, and More…

Hi Parents and loved ones,

K2A had another exciting week.  We began the week visiting ducklings that had hatched two weeks ago in the middle school science center.  It was so interesting and fun to watch how these tiny little brothers and sisters feel comfort huddled together but if one is alone, it gets very scared.  Many interesting conversations after our visit.

This week we begn our new Unit of Inquiry, ‘Where we are in place and time’. We will be learning to inquire about structures and how they are influenced by environmental factors, resources, and serve a purpose.  In order to stimulate their thinking, the kids were challenged to build a structure using only spaghetti, tape, and some string.  Each structure must be free standing and able to hold a marshmallow on top.   It was exciting to watch how each team took a different approach to their building.

Thursday was the Vietnamese Moon Festival.  The Vietnamese staff went out of their way to make this day special with performances, food, and art….and the kids looked amazing in their Ao Dai’s.

For the past two weeks, children have been developing their reading stamina. This is the first part of The Daily Five.  The Daily Five is a framework for structuring literacy time so students develop lifelong habits of reading, writing, and working independently. As you can see, the children are highly engaged.  We are tracking our time with a graph to show kids how much better they are getting everyday. The first day they were able to quietly read to themselves without distraction for one minute.  After ten days, they can read silently for 13 minutes!


  • Swimming will start next week for K2. Swimming will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  On Fridays, please send your child wearing their swimsuit to school.  Further information will be up on the PE blog/Tin Tuc. Here is the link for further details.
  • Global Goals Week
    Next week is global goals week at UNIS.  During this week we put the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and centre in our thinking and our learning. As part of Global Goals week we will be having a Nude Food Day on Friday 28 September.  Put simply, nude food day means sending your child to school with a snack that contains no disposable packaging. For more information click here
  • EAL Parent Coffee Morning: Thursday, Sept. 27th at 8:30am in Turtle Tower
  • K2 Math Coffee Morning: Friday, Sept. 28th from 8:30-9:30am in the B9 Creativity Space
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: Monday, Oct. 1st. More information to come soon.



Moments like these…

Dear families and loved ones,

Since the start of the school year, we have been learning about ourselves, the things we like and the things we can and can not do yet.  We have also been learning about each other.  Weeks ago, I asked families to visit our class to share something that makes your family special and to learn more about your culture and country.  Each and every family visit was different and special.  Thank you for sharing.  These visits will be memories to be cherished later on.  Sometimes the memories we treasure from school aren’t the great lessons your teacher planned (;) or from scheduled, traditional events.  Most times, these cherished memories come from unexpected places, like the time your parent came to visit your class. You never know which experiences will shape, inspire, or affect you in retrospect but I am confident that these visits will be remembered in years to come, so Thank You.

Every two weeks, we connect with our Buddy Class.  This year our Buddy Class is Grade 3A.  This is a time in our schedule where our young students are paired with older students to promote friendships, make cultural connections, build a greater sense of belonging, and a more inclusive school community.  Both classes love this time and look forward to it all week.


  • Healthy Snack Sale. We are a contributing class: Monday, Sept. 17thclick here for more information.  You should have received an email for more information regarding what to bring.  Please email me if you have any questions.
  • Moon Festival Celebration: Thursday, Sept. 20th.  Please send your child to school wearing an Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional garment). The Vietnamese staff are preparing a wonderful day of song, dance, and activities.
  • EAL Parent Coffee Morning: Thursday, Sept. 27th at 8:30 in the Turtle Tower rooms.  Learn more about our EAL program and speak with our EAL teachers.
  • K2 Math Coffee Morning: Friday, Sept. 28 from 8:30-9:30 in the B9 Creativity Space.  Come join Beth, our D-5 Math Extension and Enrichment Coach. She will share how to support math at home

Games, Games, Games

Games, you say? We here in K2A loves to play games.  Whether they are Energizers, Brain games, math games, or stretching, the kids move throughout the day.  In order to to feel and learn well, children need to move.

Every morning, we stretch together to wake up our bodies and brains. At the beginning of every lesson we do an Energizer. An Energizer is a quick whole group activity.  It can be a moving and a shaking activity or a calm relaxing one.

This week, during math time, we played counting forwards & backwards games, as well as subitizing games.  We flash dots and have children tell how many they see and then they use their fingers to show that number in different ways on their hands.

We sang, danced, played games to build community and just had a silly and fun time.

A special THANK YOU to Ella P.’s dad, Geoffrey for visiting our class and sharing what makes your family, country, and culture so special.  We learned about Australia, the didgeridoo, and wombats.

Thank you for all the parents that took time out of their busy day to join Back To School Night.  I hope that you learned something new about your child’s teacher, the class, and other important information.


  • EAL Parent Coffee Morning: Thursday, Sept. 27 at 8:30 (Turtle tower – above new canteen)
  • K2 Math Coffee Morning: Friday, Sept. 28 at 8:30-9:30 (B9 Creativity Space)

Special guests…

Hello parents and loved ones,

Here at UNIS, our students receive a lot of support and are surrounded by people who care about their growth and development.

This week we had many special visitors.

Nitasha, the ES Deputy Principal – Lower ES, came to read a story to our class.

Michelle, ES Technology Coordinator, also paid a visit.  She introduced  ipads to the class and taught them how to use Seesaw, our new online learning journal.  Children will use this platform as a reflection of their learning. Soon you will be receiving an invitation to subscribe so that you may share in your child’s learning.

Kris, the ES Counsellor was here as well.  She talked about different emotions and how feelings can change throughout he day. The kids are working on building their vocabulary of emotions and recognition of facial expressions.

Last but not least was Beth.  Beth is the D-5 Extension and Enrichment Coach.  She came to give our children a number talk.  A number talk or math talk is a way of engaging your children in mathematics every day.  It helps students understand what numbers are, how they work, and what you can do with them. Beth will be providing a K2 Math Coffee Morning for parents to help support math at home.

A big Thank You to Maria, Noah’s mom for sharing with the class what makes her family special and teach us about Colombian culture. If you would like to share your families culture, country or traditions, please sign up to Who We Are Family Sign up.


  • No school: Monday, September 3rd
  • Back to School Night: Thursday, September 6 (6-8pm) in room B11 G10
  • K2 Math Coffee Morning: Friday, September 28 (8:30-9:30) in the Creativity Space

Who We Are

Hello parents and loved ones,

What are great week we have had! This was our first full week together.  We continued from last week building community, learning routines & expectations, as well as learning about each other.

Below you will see our class photo.  Next week you will receive a picture of all the individual students and their names so that you can talk about friends together with your child.

Every month children will draw self portraits.  It is amazing to see their transformation and growth merely through of drawing of themselves.

As part of our Unit of Inquiry ‘Who we are’, students are inquiring about themselves – their abilities and identity.  They are also learning to connect and develop their international community.  Therefore, we would like to learn more about the families in our class and what makes them so  special and unique.

Below, in the ‘Reminders’ section, you will find a link to our Family Visit sign-up. Parents are invited (encouraged) to come to school for 10 minutes to show and tell ‘Who You Are’.


  • Who We Are Family Visit Sign-Up
  • Color and decorate the Community Collage square found in the Communications Folder
  • If you haven’t done so already, please share a photo of your family and a baby picture.
  • Back to School Night Thursday, September 6th. More information to come.

Welcome to K2A

Hello Parents!

Welcome to the K2A blog.  This is a space for sharing the amazing things happening everyday in our class, to post reminders, and to build a positive school-home partnership.

This was our first week of school, an important time to build the foundations of a happy and rewarding school year.  We want to ensure that every child feel socially, emotionally, and academically successful.  We have been learning and focusing on making personal connections, practicing routines, exploring materials, our class and school.

Below you will see a photo of our first collaborative art project (our class mural) and the second is a collage of photos from the first day of school.


-Please remember to pass in the K2 Parent Questionnaire, the yellow emergency contact card, and a family & baby photo.

Have a great weekend.