Hello forever…

Saying goodbye is hard.  That is why some choose to say ‘hello forever’.  Our time together may be coming to an end but the lessons learned with last a life time.

This is our final K2A blog post for the school year of 2017-18.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support.  Here is the last collage of class events.  These are our final Mystery Readers.

One final thing…thank you.  It has been an absolute joy teaching your children.  Ms. Vu and I were truly blessed.


P.S. Please look at your child’s blog.  Their green screen story videos have been uploaded.

Coming to an end…

Hi Parents and loved ones,

This will be my penultimate blog post for this school year.  I will not get emotional, I will leave that to next week’s final blog post.  Instead, I want to highlight all the special events that have happened in the past week.

As you may know, the kids have been learning about narratives and the structure of a story.  With green screen technology, students have placed themselves in teams and have created their own stories, characters, and settings.  Keep an eye out for their videos coming out soon…

Ms. Anissa, the ES couselor, has paid us another visit.  This time to talk about ‘body and summer safety’.  As summertime approaches, it is important to know how to keep safe and enjoy vacation in a healthy way.

Another special event is that our K2 students visited Grade 1 for a another time.  Together they ate lunch and played at recess to help with the transition of moving up.

We also attended a special lower ES assembly to bid farewell to our fearless leader, Dr. Chip Barder and to say goodbye to the first graders who will be attending the upper ES assemblies starting next year. Together our children came up with a goodbye letter to Dr. Barder and a chosen student read the letter at the assembly.


-Tomorrow, Friday, June 8th K2 party.  Please join us for potluck lunch and let kids wear or bring swimsuits to school

-Swimming Open Lessons is CANCELLED

-Please bring all Library and reading books back

Last day of school: Thursday, June 14th. Half day. Dismissal at 12 noon




The transition from Kindergarten to Grade one is an important step.  It can be intimidating and a bit scary for our young ones.  That is why we plan activities in advance to support our students for this change.  We have had discussions about what to expect and explain how Grade one will be different.  We have visited Grade one classrooms and taken a tour to explore the things in the rooms.  They have met teachers and spoken with current Grade one students to get their perspective.

This week, to assist with the upcoming transition, we met with Grade one students, ate lunch with them in the canteen, and then played with them in the ES playground.  This will be a normal routine next year, therefore an important experience to have beforehand.  This was the first of two ‘lunch dates’ we will have with Grade one.

As we prepare to end one school year and prepare for the next, it would be helpful to speak with your child about feelings and wondering about Grade one. Give them greater responsibilities at home so they are more prepared at school time.  Provide a journal where they can explore their emotions in a safe manner and read.  Read books or watch videos about transitions, changes, and school experiences.


-Friday, June 8th: K2 End of Year Celebration

-Thursday, June 14th: Last Day of School!

Getting Ready….

As the end of the year draws close, we must prepare for changes and new beginnings.

At the start of the week, Ms. Anissa, the ES Counselor, came for an in-class farewell session.  There are three students from our class that are leaving to new schools at the end of our school year.  This was a session to talk about feeling, understanding what it means to move on and how to say goodbye.  Our parting students received t-shirts, ‘moving journals’ and posters to put up in class.

Speaking of moving on, to prepare for the transition from K2 to Grade 1, we brought the students to visit the Grade 1 classes and meet their potential teachers.  We do this in order to make the transition less overwhelming and to give them a chance to get excited and ready for their big move. Other events are scheduled in the next coming days to help with the transition.  Children will soon be visiting the cafeteria and again visiting the Grade 1 classes.

As if that weren’t enough….the kids put on an amazing performance today at the K2 & Grade 1 Music Concert and Art Exhibition.  Thank you all for joining on this special day.  The Arts department never cease to amaze me…as do your children!


  • Early dismissal tomorrow, Friday, May 25th, at 11:30
  • K2 End of Year celebration, Friday, June 8th (further information to come)
  • Last Day of School: Thursday, June 14th

Magical Market Day and more…

Wow…what a success! Students have been preparing for Market Day for weeks.  They thought of ideas, surveyed the kids in the ECC to see if they liked their ideas, created goods and practiced offering their services.  After all that hard work, it is easy to say that the K2 Market Day was an absolute success….smiles, laughter and good cheer all around.  We are so proud of how they took on the responsibility to collect ‘payment’ through stickers, how engaging they were to the customers, and how they themselves created lasting memories for all.

Market Day was not the only exciting event this week in K2A.  We invited Ms. Michelle, the ES Technology Coordinator, to teach us about green screens.  With an app on our class ipads and a large green screen ‘fabric’,  kids are able to use technology to be creative.  The child can be placed into their work and can use and create incredible images and videos. Quite simply, kids can be inside their own learning.  We will be using this technology in various ways.  Soon, the children will be creating narrative writing through digital storytelling.   We are so happy to add this new technology to the class, it is a valuable addition to any classroom, as it teachers the students 21st century learning skills such as, collaboration, cooperation, empathy, and higher order thinking skills.

Here are some pictures of all the Mystery Readers we have had over the last couple of weeks….


-Please bring in Music Concert clothing to school by Friday, May 18th

 K2 and Grade 1 Music Concert and Art Exhibition: May 24: starting at 9am

Early Dismissal at 11:30 am on Friday, May 25th


Book Week and Market Day

Hi Parents,

  At UNIS, we love to celebrate and last week we did just that.  We celebrated books for Book Week.  We dressed up like our favorite book characters and walked in a parade, we wore our favorite words, and we were surprised by many different Mystery Readers.
What fun we had!

The K2 children have been learning about goods and services as part of their How We Organize Ourselves unit of inquiry.  As a culminating project, they will be hosting an ECC Market on Tuesday, 15 May.  Children will be selling goods they have made themselves, including crafts, books and beverages.   

Please send 20,000 VND to school with your child on Tuesday so s/he can enjoy shopping at the K2 market.  

All of the money earned will be donated to LifeStraw, an organization that helps provide access to clean water.  Along with donations from other ES classes, we are hoping to be able to purchase a community water filter for a local school.  This would reduce the number of plastic bottles that community consumes while also providing clean drinking water.

If you have questions, please contact Ms Andrea in K2:  asnyder@unishanoi.org

On Friday May 18th, Discovery, K1, K2 and Grade 1 will participate in international Outdoor Classroom Day.  Weather permitting, the students will be outside from 8:25-10:05.  To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:
-wears sunscreen to school
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle
-has a change of clothes in a labelled bag
The Lower Elementary Team
– Ms. Vu’s birthday is Sunday, May 13th, but we will celebrate on Friday, the 11th.  Please send her your birthday wishes.
– Music Concert & Art Exhibition, Thursday, May 24th.  For further information, look here. K2/G1 Parent Letter
-Swimming Begins Monday, May 14th

Born This Way…

Dear Parents,

Last Thursday, April 19th the K2A students put on an incredible performance for Assembly.  Thank you parents for joining us on that special day.  For weeks, children practiced learning the song lyrics and learning the dance.  No small feat!

The purpose of choosing that song was to teach our kids the importance for loving oneself – in my opinion, one of the greatest lessons any child or adult can learn.

To watch our performance on Assembly, please click here.

Please notify me if there are any problems viewing the file.


No School: Monday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 1

Book Week: May 2nd: Wear a Word, May 3rd : Character Dress up Day & Parade, May 4th: Pajama Dress up & SCO Book Sale 





Student-Led Conferences & Birthdays

Wow! Student-Led Conferences was amazing!  I am filled with pride, which I am sure you are too.  The students did an exceptional job leading their families along their learning journey.  Their independence and confidence was a joy to watch.  Thank you for joining your child on this special day.

Three birthdays in one week! That means three parties in one week.  On their special day we wanted to make sure they felt…special. Happy Birthday Wonwoo, Reina, and Lian.


No school: Wednesday, April 25

No School: Monday, April 30th & Tuesday, May 1st

Book Character Parade: As part of Book week, please come dressed up like your favorite book character, Thursday, May 3rd


New Friends, Play, and Dancing

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

On Monday, a new student arrived and joined our class, her name is Ella Chistensen.  She has recently arrived from Vientiane.  Please make her and her family feel welcome.

Everyday the kids in K2 have a block of time dedicated to Free Choice.  We in Kindergarten, value and understand the importance of play, while honoring the academics needed to start a successful educational experience.  Play develops creativity and imagination, while building social, emotional, and cognitive skills.  Through play, children deepen their understanding of the world around them.

Next Thursday, April 19th, it is K2A’s turn for Assembly.  The students have been working hard and practicing everyday so that they can put on a great show.  Please join us from 8:30-9am to watch our performance in the ECC gym.


  • Student-Led Conferences: Wednesday, April 18th from 10am-3pm.  An informative letter has been sent out and Veracross is open for sign up til Tuesday, April 17th.
  • K2A Assembly: Thursday, April 19th 8:30-9am
  • No school: Monday, April 30th & Tuesday, May 1




Market Day and Mystery Readers

Hello loved ones,

I am currently away for professional development, however I made time to make sure you know the great things that have been happening.

Last Thursday, Grade 4 held a Market Day.  An absolute great opportunity for student agency, as well as an incredible opportunity for our little ones to share in this experience of student empowerment.  The Market was an excellent link to our current unit of inquiry on how we organize ourselves and to learn the difference between goods and services.  As you can see in the photos below, there were smiles and learning all around.

A big THANK You to our past Mystery Readers.  Parents and older siblings have come to class to read to our growing readers.  I cannot thank you enough for providing our students with motivation, inspiration and the infectious love of reading.  The smiles on the kids faces when the parent or sibling walks in says it all.


  • Spring Break: Monday April 2-8th.  Enjoy this time and I hope you all have the opportunity to relax and create lasting memories.
  • Student-Led Conferences: Wednesday, April 18th from 10-6.  Further details to come.
  • K2A Assembly: Thursday, April 19th at 8:30-9am in the ECC Gym.  Come and watch a special performance by your children.
  • New Student: Ella Kiss Kristensen will be joining our class on Monday, April 9th.  Please make her and her family welcome to our UNIS family.