Winter Break begins…

Where has the time gone? Winter break is here!

This last week before the holidays, students focused on writing letters to their families, reviewing the five tasks in the Daily Five literacy structure, made rekenraks (tools for counting in math), and listened to many different versions of the Gingerbread man books. Oh yes, and they put on an incredible performance on Thursday’s assembly.  The video is shared with you on your child’s Seesaw blog.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very healthy,  joyful, and loving holiday season.  See you in 2019!


-Please take a look at your child’s Communication Folder.  On it is the login and password for Raz Kids. Over this winter break, it is an invaluable and easy tool for your child to practice reading at home…or anywhere.

-School begins again: Monday, Jan 7th

Mindset reflections

Dear parents and loved ones,

Last Friday’s UN Day was so special.  It is incredible to be part of a day when all cultures and nations are celebrated together. Thank you for making it such a memorable day.

As you know, K2A has embarked on a journey of kindness.  Since the beginning of November, we have been ‘filling buckets’ by acts of kindness. Last week we ran out of sticks to put in our buckets! So, we counted them all up in math, showing how we count collections, and started all over again.   Even after a month, students are motivated to be kind, helpful, and respectful to each other. Keep sending me those acts of kindness at home.

This was our second and last week of Word Work, the fifth part to the literacy framework of The Daily Five. After winter break, during literacy, children will be receiving ‘choice boards’ and will be able to independently choose one of the five literacy tasks, while teachers will be working with small groups for differentiation.

Learning to ask questions and listen to others are important skills no matter what age you are.  This week, kids surveyed each other asking them mindset and reflection questions.  We were looking for the likes, dislikes, and learning attitudes of one another.  Children needed to ask questions, gather information, tally and share their results.  What a wonderful job they’ve done.


  • All next week (Dec 10-14): Come share your special holiday traditions with the class.  Please email Ms. Ania to schedule a time for sharing.
  • Dec 15- Jan 6: Winter Break.  School begins on Monday, Jan 7th

Snuffles House and Ninja Warriors

Hi Parents,

Everyday I am amazed at the growing skills, abilities, and creativity of your children.

As part of the Unit of Inquiry, Where we are in place and time, kids are learning what it means to be an architect and engineer. With structures in mind, we look closely at their design, form, function, and purpose. Two weeks ago, I showed them a story titled Snuffles House. The story introduces a hedgehog who has lost his home.  He tries to build his new home in different shapes, but each shape represents a problem.  With Snuffles as inspiration, students were tasked to worked cooperatively with a partner to build a new home for Snuffles using available resources and recycled materials. They drew their designs, had to compromise with their partner, and worked together to build a strong and stable structure. We visited the Makers Space on a few occasions, and children were given time throughout the day to work on their project. Quite frankly, they couldn’t stop working…even in their free time.  There was pride, enthusiasm and dedication. The results are simply amazing!

How can we forget last Friday’s PE Ninja Warrior Finale? An absolutely amazing culminating event put together by Ms. Nikki. Thank you for joining in, running around, and jumping over things with the children.  It’s moments like these that we will remember.

Below is a photo of Jacob.  He was a beginning English speaker last year with Ms. Vu and I.  He visited our class on Thursday as a special Mystery Reader.  So proud that these first graders want to share their learning with our students.


Winter Break: Dec 15th- Jan 6th   School begins again on Monday, January 7th.


Architects and Engineers

Dear Parents,

This was our final week of Listen to Reading, the fourth part of the literacy framework The Daily Five.  Children worked for two weeks building stamina to listen, read, and answer comprehension questions to leveled online storing using Raz Kids. Next week, we will begin Word Work.

During Word Work, the children will experiment with words: spelling patterns, high-frequency words, and develop a genuine curiosity & interest in new and unique words. By playing with words, students strengthen their knowledge of words and develop greater speaking, reading  and writing skills.

In our Unit of Inquiry, children are learning about how to be an architect and engineer by designing and building structures.  This week, children listened to the story of Snuffles’ House and visited the Maker’s Space.  They were tasked to design and build a house for the hedgehog using recycled materials. They were so excited that I could not get them to stop.  So I didn’t.  They are all still adding details to their structures.

Next week is an important week for UNIS.  It is SDG Week and UN Day.  In the lead up to UN day, we are once again putting the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and centre in our thinking and our learning. K2 will be focusing on waste in our classroom.  We will be talking about school lunch and food packaging in snack boxes.  We will also be learning about composing.  Our primary focus will be SDG #12 Responsible Consumption and Production.  However, other sustainable goals will also be introduced.


-Thursday, November 29th: K2 Nude Snack Picnic. We encourage students to bring snacks without wrapping to reduce waste at school but also to build the students’ understanding of waste in our society. Please help your child bring food without packaging to eat on that day.  Here is further info about nude food.

Friday, November 30th: UN Day.  To learn more, please click here.  Also, our class parents have sent you information about UN Day.  Here is the Lunch sign-up sheet  (K2 Food Sign-up)

– December 15-January 6th: Winter Break

Acts of Kindness: Don’t forget to send me any random acts of kindness that your child does at home.  We are continuing to promote filling buckets and encouraging positive behaviours.

Open Classrooms

Parents and loved ones,

This week brought special visitors from in and out of the school. We had our very first Mystery Readers this year.  They were first graders Estella, Reina, and Rozie, students of K2A last year. They came to read to our class and talk about how they became such good readers.  Students listened and asked questions. A very proud moment indeed.

On Thursday and Friday, the ES opened their classroom doors to invite parents to join in their children’s typical school day for Open Classrooms.  I would like to thank the parents that were able to join us.  It is not easy to take time out of our busy lives, so thank you. I hope you walked away proud and amazed.

This week we began our two week long stamina building for Listen to Reading.  It is the fourth part of our Literacy framework The Daily Five.  Children use Raz-Kids, an online reading program. Students listen to leveled reading books, practice reading, and answer comprehension questions.



  • Friday, Nov. 23rd: You are invited to the K2 Ultimate Warrior Finale.  Parents are welcome to come to PE class and try a course from 2:30-3 pm.
  • Friday, Nov. 30th: UN Day. To learn more, please click here.
  • December 15-January 6th: Winter Break
  • Raz Kids (Online reading program): If you would like to access the program at home, there will be information pasted to your child’s Contact Folder.

Have you filled a bucket today?

Dear Parents,
Starting this month and for the next four months, students in K2A will embark on a journey of kindness.  Inspired by the book ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today’, kids will learn how to lead happier and more rewarding lives by expressing kindness to themselves and others.  By being intentional and mindful of their actions, children are encouraged to show positive behaviours and will learn how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation and love.
As the book states, ‘every person is born with an invisible bucket’.  We want to be ‘bucket fillers’ rather than ‘bucket dippers’.
To encourage this positive behaviour at home, I ask that you email me any acts of kindness or photos of your child ‘filling a bucket’ at home.  Every time a child fills anothers’ bucket, they put a stick in their real bucket at school, so they can see the positive affects of their actions.  
We have done it! We just completed the third part, Work on Writing,  of our literacy framework for the Daily Five.  The children were able to focus and build writing stamina for over twenty minutes! Simply amazing!
Next week begins, Listen to Reading.  Using the app called Raz Kids, children will develop independence and build stamina for listening to reading.  The program has three essential components: listening to a book being read, guidance for reading a book independently, and answering comprehension questions.
Below is the invitation and schedule for Open Classrooms, next Thursday & Friday.
Below is a note fro Ms. Kris Besserides:
Dear Parents of K2 Students,
Over the past few weeks our D-2 School Counselor, Kris Bezzerides, has delivered a series of lessons about Being Body Smart. One of the main goals for these lessons is to provide our children with knowledge and teach protective behaviors in regards to their bodies and their right to be safe.
These lessons are age – appropriate and non-threatening. They are designed to empower students.
In this series of lessons students were taught:
  • How to judge a safe and unsafe experience
  • Warning signs our bodies use to tell us if a situation is unsafe
  • No Means No – we are the boss of our own bodies and have a right to say no if someone is making us uncomfortable
  • Creating a list of trusted adults we can talk with
  • Learning the correct names for our ‘private parts’
Please see Ms. Bezzerides (  if you have any questions about these lessons or how to talk with your children about this topic at home.
ES Open Classrooms: Thursday & Friday, November 15th & 16th. You are invited to come, join, and participate in your child classes as homeroom teachers and specialists open their doors to show you a snapshot of your child’s daily lessons. Schedule is above.
Headphones: Monday, November 12th: Please (if you have not done so already) bring in a pair of headphones that work with an ipad for your child to keep in class for the remainder of the year.  This item is essential because we will begin building stamina for Listen to Reading, as part of our literacy framework.
Bucket Filling at home: please share with me any acts of kindness done at home.  We want to celebrate and acknowledge the happiness and warmth spread by our young students, as part of our project on Bucket Filling: A guide to daily happiness for kids. For more information, go to

Fun on our Field Trip

Hi Parents,

It was a short but exciting week.  On Tuesday, we went on our first field trip to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.  The purpose of the field trip was to look at structures; their purpose, materials used, and how they were put together.  Each group went on a  scavenger hunt with clipboards in hand. We could not have done it without the tireless help of our volunteer parents.

A big THANK YOU to our parent volunteers: Haruko (Liam’s mom), Jens (Sophia’s dad), and Phuong (Celine’s mom).  Thank you… Thank you… Thank you.

Also, on Thursday November 8th, the Elementary School will participate in International Outdoor Classroom Day.  Weather permitting, the students will be outside from 8:10-10:25.  To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:

-wears sunscreen to school
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle
-has a change of clothes in a reusable, labelled bag
Thank you for your support!
– Thursday & Friday, November 1 & 2: No School
– Thursday, November 8th: International Outdoor Learning Day
– Thursday & Friday November 15 & 16th: ES Open Classrooms.  More information to come.
– Friday, November 23rd: K2 Ultimate Warrior PE Finale. Parents will be invited to this culminating PE event. More information to come.
– Friday, November 30th: UN Day

Learning is everywhere…

Hi Parents and loved ones,

K2A had a very exciting week.  There was so much learning going on in class, from building writing stamina, to new ways to work on math, to looking at famous structures from around the world to grandparents giving science lessons.

Learning was everywhere!

This week was the first week of ‘Work on Writing’, the third part of our literacy structure program of the ‘Daily Five’.  Everyday before writing, children are given mini lessons to help them understand the process of writing and give them tips on how to write.  The children all agree that in a short amount of time, their writing has improved.

This week we also looked at math in a different way.  K2A kids were given their first ‘Three Act Task’.  Three-Act Tasks are a whole-group mathematics task that has three separate parts to it.  The first is an engaging video or picture that shows an everyday ‘problem’.  Children are to discuss what they notice and wonder and come up with a question in which to solve.  The second task is finding new ways to solve the problem using various materials and the third part is to share their learning and explain to the group the different strategies they found in solving their math problem.

A big THANK YOU to Ella P.’s grandparents for visiting and sharing a fun and easy science project. See…learning really is everywhere.

That’s not all!  We also looked at famous structures from around the world as part of our Unit of Inquiry.  Children chose their favorite famous structure, drew it and choice any material in which to build it. The results were amazing.

The school has a new Maker’s Space.  Look below to see how you can help.


  • Snack Sale: Monday, October 29
  • Field Trip to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: Tuesday, October 30th 8:15-11:15 am
  • Dress Up DayWednesday,  October 31. More information will be posted on ES Tin Tuc for your information
  • No School: Thursday & Friday, November 1 & 2
  • Headphone request: Soon we will begin ‘Listen to Reading’ as part of the Daily Five for Literacy.  Please bring in headphones for kids to keep in class.

Math minded

Dear parents and loved ones,

Math is an important part of our kindergarten curriculum. Everyday, we begin by counting the days of school and clapping patterns.  We also play math games throughout the day to make learning math fun. During math centers, children rotate between activities that boost their number recognition, pattern and shape awareness and making mathematical connections.  Focused mathematics instruction in the early years is a key to later success in developing number sense and future achievement in math.

This was our second and last week building stamina for the ‘Read to Someone’ component of the Daily Five literacy framework.

Next week we will begin ‘Work on Writing’.  We will be teaching strategies that reinforce desired behaviors in writing and supporting the development of stamina, so that students will be able to maintain independence for extended periods of time.


Field Trip to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: Tuesday, October 30th.  Please look inside your child’s Contact Folder for further details. Please return consent form by Friday, 26th of October.

Volunteers needed for our upcoming field trip.  K2A will need three parent volunteers to join us on our field trip to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Please email me if interested.

No school: Thursday & Friday, November 1 & 2. It is Faculty/Staff Professional Development days

It’s October!

Dear Parents,

We are on the second stage of building stamina for The Daily Five: Read To Someone.  

Of all the choices children participate in, Read to Someone is often their favorite. Reading with someone helps readers, especially developing readers.  It also increases reading involvement, attention, and collaboration. What’s more, children love partner reading and readily participate with books they choose.

Children LOVE to Read to Someone, and why not, they have a friend with them who will listen to them and discuss their reading. As you can see, the kids really enjoy reading to one another and building important skills.

Enjoy your well deserved vacation!!!


  • No school: Monday, October 8th-14th.  School starts up again on Monday, October 15th.
  • Ms. Ania will be out Monday & Tuesday, October 15th & 16th.  Please email Ms. Vu with any school related issues.  I will still be checking emails while away, however it would be best to email Ms. Vu for urgent matters