Happy New Year from Grade 1C!

It has been a wonderful first week back together in Grade 1. We hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday with friends and family.

We started off our week with a visit to see the Middle School orchestra perform a variety of songs on the viola and violin. The purpose of this visit was to reconnect with our current unit of inquiry and in particular our inquiry line which focuses on the manipulation and creation of sound. Our orchestra experts did a wonderful job explaining the role of vibration in creating sound and allowed us to examine instruments to better understand how they function. We completed a visible thinking routine “I see…I think…I wonder” to reflect on this experience, these will be posted on our blogs.

During T.I.G. time with Ms.Michelle this week we continued our inquiry into influence of vibration when creating sound. We discovered that due to the speed at which vibrations occur they can be quite difficult to see…so we began the process of creating our own slow-motion iMovies to see how strings move as they vibrate. We look forward to completing our projects and sharing them on our blogs next week.

We had a very special, collaborative assembly this week involving all classes in our ECC community. In the weeks leading up to the winter break each class worked on a different song or performance related to the tale of the Nutcracker and today we had the opportunity to see it all come together.

We have settled back into our Daily 5 literacy routine and have been focussing on vowel pairs during Word Work time.


  • Mystery Readers: Please note that our Mystery Reader time has been changed to Wednesday afternoons at 14:00. We look forward to some new mystery readers this term. To sign up please use this link.



Happy Holidays from 1C…

Its has been a busy and fun filled week leading up to our winter break, we wish you all a happy holiday and a restful time with friends and family.



Maker Day Success

On Friday we joined the rest of the Elementary School to participate in a range of Maker Day experiences related to our current unit of inquiry about Light and Sound. All Grade 1 students had the opportunity to explore a eight different stations that incorporated light and sound in different ways: Guess that sound, playing and creating musical instruments, creating shadows and silhouettes, exploring vibration, transparent and opaque craft actions, refraction experiments and creating circuits. All of our Maker Day experiences helped us to better understand how light and sound can be manipulated and deepened our understanding of how these elements can affect our lives in many ways.

Unit of Inquiry

We continued our inquiry into light and sound this week by looking at natural and artificial sources of sound and light. We discussed the meaning of natural vs. artificial and worked in pairs to identify sources of each.

Farewell to our friend William…

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to wish William farewell on his new and exciting adventure to Australia in the New Year. William will join Grade 2 in . We will miss him very much and wish him the best of luck and happiness in his new school. Thank you William for putting together such an enjoyable and informative farewell presentation for us, we look forward to your first postcard from Bowen.

T.I.G. Time with Ms. Michelle and Grade 1B

Ms.Michelle joined us this week to teach us more about circuits and how they can connect to both light and sound. We had so much fun creating holiday greeting cards that incorporates a circuit and LED. It took a lot of perseverance and commitment but we were very proud of the end result.

New Mystery Readers for the New Year…

Thank you to Martin’s Grandma for signing up as our last Mystery Reader for 2017. We look forward to more sign-ups in the New Year, please note that we will be changing our Mystery Reader day to Wednesday afternoons at 14:00.


  • School will resume after the holidays on Monday, January 8th.

This week in Grade 1C

A thank you to our Mystery Readers…

Thank you very much to Amber’s Dad, Adrian for taking the time to share a family favourite with us on Friday afternoon. We very much enjoyed the story of Mary’s Elizabeth’s House by Pamela Allen and appreciated Adrian’s wonderful expression when reading!

We look forward to our next mystery reader this Friday and hope to have some more visitors after the winter break. Click here to sign up.

Thank you also to Martina’s Mum, Alicia for taking the time to read a bilingual tale in both English and Spanish called Book Fiesta by Rafael Lopez We appreciated the beautiful, colorful illustrations and learned a word or two in Spanish along the way. Thank you Alicia.



Open Classroom: Friday December 1st

Thank you to everyone who attended Friday’s open classroom session during Math time. We hope you enjoyed our Pokemon inspired 3-Act Math Task and came away with an understanding of the task our learning intentions. We strive to show our thinking in different ways and have been working on resilience in this area throughout the year.

Follow up to our 3-Act Math Task…

On Monday we returned once again to our Pokemon 3-Act Math task to challenge ourselves to show our thinking by modeling different groupings and creating number sentences the relate to our groupings.

Cheetah-Inspired Math Inquiry…

Thank you to William for inspiring a cheetah-related math inquiry this week. William’s Animal Encyclopedia recommendation sparked many questions and wonderings and challenged us to find out more about what makes this mammal so unique. After reading the Cheetah Animal Profile we discovered that a cheetah’s stride can reach up to 7 meters in length….to fully appreciate how long this is we measured the distance outside and attempted to match a cheetah’s stride using our own bodies…. we couldn’t quite manage it but we did have a lot of fun trying! We also discovered that the length of the average cheetah’s body is approximately 1.4 meters…Kieran kindly demonstrated how his height compares to that of a cheetah!

A lesson on Determination, Perseverance and Commitment: Hiro’s Achievement 

We visited Grade 1D this week to hear about Hiro’s fantastic ice-skating achievement. Hiro travelled to Bangkok to take part in the SEA Figure Skating Open Challenge and won first place. We watched a video of his performance and learned about the complex movements that earned him the winning points. Hiro’s performance also inspired conversation about the importance of commitment and determination in achieving any goal we set our mind to.

This Week’s Assembly…

We were treated to a sing along with Dr. Barder this week during assembly to get us into the spirit for our upcoming winter holiday. Ms. Nitasha spoke to us about the importance of respect in our school community and sang Happy Birthday to friends who celebrate their birthday this month.

T.I.G. Time with Ms.Michelle

Ms. Michelle joined us again this week for a follow up lesson on electricity and circuits relating to our new unit on Light and Sound. She taught us about the role of insulators and conductors and we brainstormed some materials that relate to each category. We experimented with conductive dough and tried to make our LEDs light up! It took some trial and error but we had a lot of fun doing it and realized the importance of identifying both the positive and negative power sources.

This Week’s Reminders: 

  • Winterfest:
  • Maker Day: Photos to follow in next week’s blog
  • Winter Break is fast approaching from December 15th – January 6th



This week in 1C…

New Unit Provocation: Light and Sound Show in the Theatre

We kicked started our new Unit of Inquiry into how Sound and Light affect our world in many ways a provocation in the school theatre. We gathered as a Grade 1 Community to experience a light and sound show to spark our curiosity and develop wonderings about light and sound. We experienced how light can be manipulated in different ways and played a game of ‘Guess that Sound’ which proved to be rather difficult! We took a trip to the sound and lighting control room to get a better understanding of how the light and sound effects were created.

Unpacking our Central Idea and Inquiry Lines

To understand the focus of our inquiry we worked together in groups to piece together our central idea and lines of inquiry. We identified any new or unfamiliar words (highlighted below) and used the dictionary to find out their meanings.

Central Idea

  • Sound and Light affect our world in many ways.

Inquiry Lines

  1. The properties and sources of light and sound.
  2. The manipulation of light and sound.
  3. Ways sound and light help us to experience our world.

Unit Overview

  • Please note upcoming important dates included in the Unit Overview.

T.I.G Time Connections with Ms.Michelle

We are very excited to have Ms. Michelle on board for our upcoming T.I.G sessions. This week Ms. Michelle introduced us to the idea of circuits and the components needed to create a functioning circuit. We learned about the electrical pathway that flows from the source through the conductive materials and also learned how to identify the positive and negative parts of both batteries and LED lights. We had the opportunity to create our own circuits using connective play-dough and can’t wait to explore more in our next session.

Research Buddies

We joined our Grade 5 Buddies today to connect about our new unit on Light and Sound and their ongoing unit on Electricity. Grade 5 took on the role of researchers to answer our wonderings about Light and Sound. They did a fantastic job sourcing age appropriate texts and videos and paraphrased for us when necessary. We learned a lot from this experience and greatly appreciate the time and care our buddies put in to recording the information that was found.

We finished our time together with a fun group experiment…everyone gathered in a circle and used a light conductor to show what happens when the circle/circuit is broken (the light and sound stops) and what happens we reconnect together!

  • Some of our wonderings...

Open Classrooms

Thank you to all parents who joined us for open classrooms on Thursday. It was wonderful to have so many of you come to enjoy and share in the experience.

Sneak Peek of the upcoming Grades 1-3 Musical

Don’t forget this weekend (Friday and Saturday) is the Grade 1-3 musical! We were treated to a sneak peek performance this week and from what we saw it is sure to be a big hit!!


  • Grade 1-3 Musical: Friday, December 1st and Saturday, December 2nd at 5pm
  • FunD Run, Saturday December 2nd
  • Winterfest, Friday December 8th
  • Maker Day, Friday December 8th




This week in Grade 1C…

3-Act Math Task…

Ms. Beth joined us this week for a 3-Act Math task called Feel the Joy.

What is a 3-Act Math Task?

These tasks are designed to promote independent, critical thinking that challenges students to be resilient mathematicians who can show their thinking in many ways. We start out by making a reasonable estimate, draw a picture that represents a narrative of our thinking and support this with the use of numbers to show our numerical reasoning.

We will share our representations on our blogs and reflect on how we, as resilient mathematicians can show our thinking in different ways.

Reflecting on our Unit of Inquiry

Home-Style Lunch

To conclude our unit of inquiry we gathered together for another home-style lunch with similar food choices to those presented at the beginning of the unit. The purpose of this experience was to provide students with the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned about balanced choices and food groups and to see if we make balanced choices when presented with independent choice. We will review our choices tomorrow to how what impact our learning has had on our choices.

Analyzing our Snack Choices and making Action Plans

Over the course of our unit we have been recording our daily snack choices. This week we analysed our choices over the course of one week to determine how balanced our choices are. We categorised food into groupings (Body Builders- Protein, Body Protectors- Fruit and Vegetables, Energy Givers- Carbohydrates and Treats- Sweet & Savory) and recorded our findings on a tally chart. We used this chart to determine if are choices are balanced or not and developed an action plan that outlines one or two specific changes that we can make to support balance in our lives. Please discuss your child’s action plan with them.

Reviewing Unit-Related Vocabulary

As we approach the end of our unit we reviewed vocabulary that was introduced at the beginning of the unit: Hygiene, Nutrition and Balance. It is clear from our illustrations that we have a deeper understanding of these key terms and can explain the importance and influence of each in maintaining balance in our lives.

Snack Sale

Thank you to our parent volunteers who organised this week’s healthy snack sales, as always it was a huge hit. Well done to David for taking action and applying what we have learned about making balanced choices. David’s balanced choice to select fresh fruit and a chocolate brownie inspired others to do so too!

  • Taking Action: David was proud to share his balanced snack choices....fresh fruit and a chocolate brownie!


We had the opportunity to learn from our friends in K2 today as they shared their learning related to Our Five Senses. We appreciate the time and effort that went into composing their song “The Rain Came Down” and enjoyed their presentation of rain-related instruments. Thank you to Kieran and Hiroshi for helping out and presenting with confidence.

  • Thank you to our assembly helpers Hiroshi and Kieran!

Our Grade 1 friends who will participate in next week’s Grade 1-3 musical had the opportunity to showcase their talents during the Grades 2-5 Assembly. They hooked us in with their fantastic performance and we look forward to supporting them next week, December 1st and 2nd.

Thank you for your support for Blue Dragon


As a class community we raised a total of 12,006,000 VND. Thank you to everyone for their generous donations!



  • Grade 1-3 Musical (December 1st & 2nd): How to eat like a child! Buy your tickets before it sells out!
  • Coffee Morning with our ES Technology Integrator, Michelle Matias to discuss Blogging. Friday, November 24th, 8:30am, Community Room (Building 7).
  • Open Classrooms (Thursday November 30th and Friday December 1st): We invite you to join your child for a collaborative learning experience. Please see the timetable below for timings and locations. All parents are welcome and encouraged to participate if possible. Please note that specialist times are also noted for you to join.


A short but busy few days in 1C…

Mystery Reader #1

We would like to express our huge appreciation to Shelia (Hann Yang’s Mum) for being our first mystery reader of the year. Sheila shared a Singaporean Folk Tale that teaches us about how the modern day area of “Red Hill” in Singapore got its name. We throughly enjoy our first mystery reader experience and look forward to our next visitor!


Preparing for our field trip…

We arrived at school on Wednesday with huge excitement about our field trip to Vivimart on Thursday. We first reflected on what we have inquired into so far about nutrition and making balanced choices and set to work designing healthy, balanced snacks. We organised ourselves into groups and planned our recipes, listing our ingredients and deciding as a group what we needed to buy. We shared our plans with all other groups and discussed if there were any overlapping ingredients that we could buy and share in order to avoid waste.

Field Trip Fun…

We would like to extend a big, big thank you to our parent volunteers Rachel, Judit, Barbara and Phuong for joining us on our field trip, we could not have done it without you!

We set off on foot to Vivimart in our teams of four and were surprised at how quickly it took us to arrive there. In previous years this was not possible but thanks to the new sidewalk we were able to integrate some exercise into our balanced and healthy field trip! Our shopping lists and plans kept us focussed as we explored the supermarket to find our ingredients. There were so many wonderful learning opportunities to be had. We weighed items, made group decisions, interpreted signs and labels and interacted with shop assistants. We also made the conscious choice to bring along our backpacks to carry our purchased items to reduce the use of plastic bags.

Using our ingredients to making balanced snack choices…

After returning from our field trip we set to work making healthy and balanced snack from the array of ingredients that we purchased and what fun it was!! We observed wonderful examples of delegation, team work, creativity and endurance (it takes a lot of energy to slice, chop and peel!) as each team consulted their plans and produce a balanced feast fit for a King. Reflecting on the experience we realised how proud we were to create our own snacks independently and to be risk takers by trying new recipes and ingredients. We hope to see some action in the form of independently made and balanced snacks as a result of our trip today.

Reminders this week…


The Grade 1-3 Musical is fast approaching be sure to support by attending on December 1st & 2nd, it is sure to be a great performance!




  • Healthy Snack Sale will take place November 22nd, thank you to our SCO for organising
  • Please remind your child to wear suitable running shoes tomorrow, Friday November 17th, as they will be participating in outdoor athletics
  • All Walkathon sponsorship forms and donations are much appreciated, please support this wonderful cause in aid of the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Week 12 in IC…

UN Day Celebrations…

What a memorable and inclusive community event! We will remember UN Day 2017 for a variety of reasons but perhaps most memorable was the amazing performance from our Elementary School Students. We supported our friends carrying flags to represent their countries and proudly displayed our national costumes.

Continuing our inquiry into “Balance in our lives can promote Health and Well-Being”…

Hygiene Experiments and Documenting Diaries…

To highlight the importance of personal hygiene we conducted an experiment to show how germs, both invisible and airborne, can easily be passed from one surface to another. We used powder to show how surfaces are contaminated each time we come in contact with them. This experiment led us to track our daily hygiene habits to determine how mindful we are about washing our hands throughly before we eat. In preparation for our healthy snack field trip next week we also started documenting our daily snack choices. We hope to see greater action and student input at home when preparing healthy, balanced snacks each day.

Recording our observations…

We know that scientists regular observe and record their findings. We have continued to closely observe the deterioration of our bread experiment. Next week we will draw our conclusions as to which surface at school was the most hygienic and why.

Walkathon in Aid of Blue Dragon…

We had a wonderful time on Wednesday afternoon gathering as a community to support a very worthy cause. This years walkthon kicked up with a brief introduction from our UNIS ambassadors who organized the event in collaboration with Ms. Julia and Ms. Sue. After a fun dance warm up the ECC students kicked off the event and showed that they have just as much, if not more stamina, than their Grade 2-5 peers. Many laps were run and many donations received for the children of the Blue Dragon Foundation. We thank our parent volunteers, Dara, Rachel, Lori, Eriko & Phuong for supporting our running teams and to all those that came along to support. All participants earned a well deserved ice-cream for their efforts!

A chance for K2B to share their learning…

This week’s assembly was led by our friends in K2B who are their artwork to raise awareness of simple actions that we can take to make the world a better place. They warmed all our hearts with their song “With my own two Hands”. Well done K2B and well done to Ellen and Hann Yang who helped to introduce our assembly. Ms.Alexa also shared some information regarding the upcoming Grade 1-3 musical entitled: How to Eat Like a Child and Other Lesson on Not Being a Grown-Up. It will take place December 1-2. Tickets go on sale very soon and we look forward to support our friends during this wonderful event.


  • Class Field Trip with 1D on Thursday November 16th. Thank you to our four parent volunteers, we look forward to you joining us. Please note that our walk to Vivimart (across the highway using the foot bridge) will start at 8:30 and we aim to arrive back to school by 9:30. The children will purchase ingredients to make a healthy snack, all money will be provided by the school. We ask that the children carry their empty backpacks to reduce the use of plastic bags. Field Trip Forms will be send home today. If you wish for your child to attend please sign and return next Wednesday, November 15th.
  • Please support the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation by returning your child’s sponsorship form and donation in the envelope provided. Each child noted that number of laps they completed on the outside of the envelope.
  • Thank you to our Mystery Readers who have already signed up, we look forward to welcoming our first reader tomorrow. Here is a link to the sign up form
  • Please note that there will be no school for students on November 13th & 14th due to teacher professional development days.


Week 11 in Grade 1C…

Scientists: Wonder…Hypothesize…Experiment…Observe & Record….Conclude

Our inquiry into “balance in our lives can promote health and well-being” led us to discuss the importance of hygiene and personal care. We conducted an experiment to observe the effects of good hygiene practices and how bacteria is easily spread through contact with many objects that we come in contact with regularly. We followed the scientific method process when conducting the experiment.

First, each group was assigned a wondering:

  1. What will happen to the bread if we wash our hands really well before touching the bread…
  2. What will happen if we don’t wash our hands and touch the bread…
  3. What will happen if we wipe the bread all over the floor and tables…
  4. What will happen if we wipe the bread on the toilet seat…
  5. What will happen if we use hand-sanitizer and then touch the bread…
  6. What will happen if we put our fingers up our nose and then touch the bread…
  7. What will happen if we wiped the bread on the playground equipment…

Our next steps will be observing and record our observations. Finally, we will draw some conclusions from our findings.

I can see how shapes are put together…

We have continue to work on developing our vocabulary relating to describing and naming 2-D shapes. We spent a lot of time this week noticing how shapes are put together and how many 2-D shapes can be combined to make other shapes.

Buddy Time with 5A…

We always have a lot of fun when we get together with our buddies and this week was no exception. In the lead up to U.N Day we decided use our time together to learn more about the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals that hope to be achieved by 2030. We used some great comic book resources that have been developed by graphic design artists. Our Grade 5 buddies helped us out with some of the challenging text and afterwards we shared how each comic book connected to a specific Sustainable Development Goal.

Getting ready for U.N. Day…

Each of our Morning Meetings this week have been dedicated to learning more about the U.N’s Sustainable Development Goal. We watched a number of videos outlining action that young adults have taken be inventing, innovating or campaigning about a specific Goal. We learned many facts and figures along the way like that there are 193 Nations working towards achieving 17 Goals by 2030…and that the members of Grade 1C will be 19 or 20 years of age by the time these goals are evaluated! To show what we have learned we created individual drawings that connect to a goal of our choice. They will be on display for you to enjoy during tomorrow’s U.N. Day lunch and we hope you take the time to appreciate our art work.


  1. U.N Day is finally here. Please join us tomorrow, Friday November 3rd to celebrate and represent each of our nations. Thank you to our classroom parents Aya and Eriko to coordinating our pot-luck lunch and thank you to all of you who are contributing. Please join us in the Sports Centre at 10:20am for the much anticipated assembly. There will b a designated seating area for Parents. Good luck to our flag bearers Martin, Martina and Anabelle.
  2. Please note that all children need to wear running shoes to P.E. next week as they will be taking part in outdoor athletics.
  3. Your child received a permission letter for this years Walkathon in association with Blue Dragon. If you wish for your child to participate please return the form by Wednesday, November 8th.
  4. To support our unit on health and well being we looking for donations of old white shirts, empty medicine bottles or doctor’s kits that you may have at home. All donations are greatly appreciated.
  5. Friday Mystery Readers: Thank you to those of you who have signed up…we look forward to some more mystery readers!

Mystery Readers on Fridays in Grade 1C…







Dear Parents,

We invite you to join at the end of each Friday from 15:00-15:15 to share a favourite story in your mother tongue or English if you wish. If you or a visiting family member would like to participate please sign up using this form. It is a secret so please do not inform your child if you have signed up!

We look forward our first mystery reader!

Grade 1C

Week 10…

New T.I.G Sessions…

To coincide with our new inquiry into “Balance in Our Lives can promote Health and Wellbeing” Ms. Anissa will be facilitating our T.I.G. sessions each Friday. There will be a focus on well-being supported by mindfulness techniques and discussions on how we can take care of ourselves both physically and mentally.


This week we continued our lesson series on organising and collecting and resumed our inventory investigation. We revisited our counts from Days One and Two and used post-its to make signs indicating the total number of items, the number of ten packs and the number of loose items. We identified strategies as we counted and shared feedback on how to improve the process.

Every plate tells a story…

As a follow up to our shared lunch provocation last week we had the opportunity to analyse our independent food choices. We did a gallery walk of photos showing our individual plates and recorded the information on a graph. This led to much discussion about balanced and unbalanced choices and also enriched discussions about number and choice comparisons.

We have also started to integrate 2-D shapes into our daily math focus. New vocabulary, such as quadrilaterals, rhombus, parallelogram and trapezoid have emerged as we compare and contrasting shapes and their features.

ECC Assembly…

It was a busy assembly this Thursday with a number of performances and important announcements. Members of the student group organising the Blue Dragon Walkathon came to share some information about the upcoming event on November 8th. We also had a lot of fun practicing our song for U.N. Day next week- The World is Ours. Congratulations to the brave members of K2 who were the first to take to the stage this year to share their learning. They did a wonderful job sharing their adaptation of the popular story Silly Susan. Thank you also to David and Mia for being great role models by presenting with confidence as assembly helpers.

Celebrating Diwali

Thank you to Kresha and Vidisha for treating us to a wonderful dance performance to celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali. The girls shared some information about this important Indian celebration before introducing us to some great Bollywoord music.


  • Dress up day: Tuesday October 31st. To align with dress up days taking place in both the Middle and High School we have been invited to take part.
  • It is almost here!!! U.N. Day will take place next Friday, November 3rd. We look forward to seeing all of our classmates and friends dressed in clothing to represent their countries of origin or countries that we have a close connection to. Assembly will start at 10:30-11:45 followed by a shared Grade level lunch in our classrooms from 12:00-13:00. Please note that school finishes early, at 13:00 on this day. All are welcome and highly encouraged to join in with this unique community event. We look forward to supporting our friends who will be carrying the flags of their native countries: Martina (Colombia), Martin (Czech Republic) and Anabelle (Cyprus).
  • Save the date: The Annual Walkathon in aid of Blue Dragon will take place on Wednesday November 8th, more information to follow next week.