This week in Grade 1C…

Thank you very much for everyone who came to support and share in our learning today. We hope you enjoyed the experience. We think you’ll agree that the children did a fantastic job sharing their learning and showcasing their presentation skills.


  • Come along and enjoy the Spring Fair on Sunday, March 25th.

This week in Grade 1C…

Assembly Success! 

Thank you to all of you who came along to celebrate and share in our learning during this week’s assembly. I think you’ll agree that both Grade 1A & C did a wonderful job presenting their learning with confidence and clarity. Thank you to our volunteers for being such great participants, your input was greatly appreciated.

Open Classrooms Reminder…

Next Thursday and Friday, March 15 & 16,  you are invited to experience what life is like as a first grade student at UNIS. Please see below for available times, we hope you can make it.

Thursday, March 15th 

  • P.E. (12:30-13:10) come along to the Sports Centre to see Ms.Nikki in action.
  • Music (13:15-13:55) Ms. Alexis is looking forward to you join her in room Building 10, G17.
  • Wax Museum Exhibition (14:30-15:15): Following afternoon recess the children will need time to cool off and change into their costumes for our Wax Exhibition display. Please join us in our classroom (Building 9, G26) at 14:30 to share in our learning about significant people. First, your child will present about their chosen person. Then, you will be asked to visit the other children in the class to learn about their chosen people. Afterwards, the children may take their costumes homes. Please let us know if there are any changes to your child’s regular home time routine.

Friday, March 16th

Please note that I will be away for Professional Development on this day. 

  • Art (9:10-9:50) Join Ms. Emma in room Building 10, 108.
  • World Languages (10:55-11:35) Please join your child in their respective group to see what they have been learning in World Languages this term.

Important Reminder:

There will be no school on Monday, March 12th due to Faculty Professional Development. Classes will resume on Tuesday.

This week in Grade 1C…

We have a busy week ahead…be sure to check out or reminders below.

Grade 1 Researchers!

We have continued to inquire into the contributions of significant people and the affect that they have had on the world. This week we developed our research skills by collecting, organising and recording information about our chosen significant people. We recorded our findings in written, informational report format. We will use this information to create a script about our chosen person and present this in oral form next week when we create our green screen recordings. Don’t forget to gather your costume and practice your script this weekend!

Buddy Time with Grade 5A

We had a math focus to our time together this week with our Grade 5 buddies. Both grade levels are learning about probability and chance and we had a lot of fun exploring these concepts together. We worked with our buddy pairs to analyse statements, grade their level of probability or chance and explain our reasoning. Afterwards we create our own statements together.

Personal History Timelines

Thank you for supporting your child by sending in photos for their personal history timeline. We really enjoyed creating these together. Please feel free to drop by the classroom and enjoy these wonderful celebrations of how much we have grown, we are very proud to share them.

Important Reminders:

  • Please support your child in choosing or creating a costume of their chosen significant person this weekend. All costumes should be brought to school by Tuesday March 6th as we will begin recording our green screen videos.
  • To prepare for the green screen recordings each child will put together a script that they will practice and present. As they are pretending to be their chosen significant person the script will be written in the present tense. Please support your child by practicing this in front of a family audience over the weekend.
  • You are invited to our joint class assembly with Grade 1A next Thursday, March 8th. Children who have chosen speaking parts are asked to practice their line(s) over the weekend. We hope you can make it to the performance: March 8th (8:25-9:00) in the ECC Gym.
  •  Rice Collection for San Sa Ho (Sin Chai) Primary School in Sa Pa: Please support this important initiative by sending in supplies of rice that will be delivered to the school by UNIS students on March 8th.

Lots has happened in 1C this week…

TIG Time with Ms. Julie

To connect with our new inquiry we met with Ms. Julie to discuss the importance of biographies as an important source when researching significant people. We learned about three different types of biographies: biographies, autobiographies and collected biographies. We also learned where we can locate biographies in the library and hope to find some resources that connect to our chosen people….look for book starting with the call number 921!


Mystery Reader

Thank you very much to Masashi’s Mum for volunteering to be our Mystery Reader this week. Yumi chose a well known Japanese story “Hanasaka-Jiisan” to share with us. It tells the tale of a kind old man gets a puppy named Pochi. Pochi brings the old man good fortune. However, problems arise when another character tries to steel Pochi!

We would love to have some more sign ups…..if you have the time between 14:00-14:20 on a Wednesday please sign up here!

Unit of Inquiry Connections…

 Why was Ho Chi Minh so significant?
To answer this question Ms. Hue put together a short presentation to explain the significance of Ho Chi Minh to the Vietnamese people. We gathered together to learn more about this significant person prior to our field trip on Thursday. We came away with a strong understanding about the significant contributions Ho Chi Minh made and the reasons why he is remembered and honored in Vietnam.
Field Trip to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum with our Grade 5 Buddies!
We had the opportunity to visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum with our Grade 5 buddies to further understand the significant contributions that he made to Vietnam. We showed our respect when entering the Mausoleum and enjoyed visiting his house. We reflected on how Ho Chi Minh’s simple house reflected his values as a leader.
100th Day Celebration
We celebrated our 100th day of school this week and reflected on all the wonderful learning that has taken place over the last one hundred days. We had fun engaging in a variety of 100-related tasks and definitely had a lot of fun enjoying our 100 Day cupcake celebration. A big thank you to everyone who supported by baking cupcakes for the event. We look forward to many great days of learning ahead.
Global Play Day & Play Based Learning
To follow up on the letter sent earlier in the week regarding Play Based Learning we would like to share some of the exciting initiatives that the children have been engaged in this week. On Wednesday we were joined by our friends in K2 to participate in Global Play Day. The children were engaged in a number of self-directed and collaborative learning experiences such as flag making, motion and force car play, water measurements, music and role, building structures and design and create.
Collaborating with Middle School Design Students
Students from our Middle School Design class have taken a keen interest in supporting our Play Based Learning initiative. The visited us this week to present their design ideas and sketches and we had the opportunity to vote on the ideas that we feel would impact our learning space most. We look forward to seeing these projects come to life over the coming weeks and hope to visit the Middle School Design lab.
Healthy Snack Sale!
Thank you to everyone for contributing to this week’s healthy snack sale. Your contributions were much appreciated!
  • As there will be no blog post next week, we wish you a happy and restful Tet break.
  • If you are available please join us for the Tet Assembly on Wednesday morning 8:25-9:50
  • See you back at school on Monday 26th February. 

Lots of reminders this week in 1C…

New Unit Letter


Parent Visit

Thank you to all parents who came along to support our end of unit celebration. We hope you enjoyed and appreciated the time, creativity and knowledge that went into creating these unique light and sound spaces. The children were extremely excited and motivated to share their creations with you and we look forward to coming together again at the end of our new unit on Thursday, March 15th.

Significant People Provocation

As a provocation for our new inquiry into how the contributions of significant people affect our lives we planned a surprise event for the children. Each teacher selected a significant person to represent and outlined the contributions they made to our lives. Over the course of the unit each child will choose one significant person to research…please discuss the term “significant” and the term “contribution” with your child and support them in choosing a person of interest. We look forward to finding out who will be researched this year!


  • Personal Histories Timeline: Please assist your child in choosing 4 photos that represent significant events in their life so far (e.g. first birthday, first tooth, first steps, moving countries, birth of a sibling)
  • Amazing Arts Auction: Tuesday, February 6th. Please come and support by bidding on some of the amazing creations submitted by our talented Grade 1 students.
  • Grade 1 hosting Healthy Snack Sale: Wednesday February 7th. Please support by sending in a healthy snack choice.
  • World Play Day is taking place on Wednesday February 7th. We ask that each child select a toy to bring from home that is suitable for playing with others. We have organised play dates with some of our K2 buddies.
  • Please sign the Field Trip Permission form: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Thursday, 8th of February (8:30-11:30)
  • Invitation to a wax museum exhibit at the end of our new unit: Thursday March 15th (2.30-3.20), also open classroom day





This week in 1C…

T.I.G Time

An Introduction to Robotics: Exploring directions and interpreting commands 

We had a lot of fun exploring directions and assigning commands during our introductory lesson to robotics with Ms.Michelle. It was an engaging way to review directional language as well as giving and following instructions. We look forward to building on today’s lesson and incorporating more robotics throughout the year.

Telling the time to the hour and half hour…

We continue to integrate telling the time to the hour and half hour into our daily math routine. We applied what we know about writing the time in both analog and digital format to create story books that follow a time sequence.


  • Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place next Thursday, February 1st
  • Student reports will be distributed over the coming days, please read through your child’s report prior to the Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Please support our Toy Drive by donating any used or unwanted toys

This week in 1C…

Buddy Time: Appreciating the Middle School Art Exhibition

We had a wonderful time experiencing the Middle School Art Exhibition with our Grade 5 buddies to notice and appreciate all the time and effort that went into creating such wonderful works of art. We took the time to view every piece and with the help of our buddies we scribed a message to the artist that inspired us the most.

Word Detectives

We have continued to inquire into vowels and how long and short vowel sounds effect how we read different words. As word detectives we have been tuning into some of our favourite stories to find connections to the vowel teams that we have been studying.


Unit of Inquiry: Sound and Light affect our world in many ways…

We are approaching the end of our inquiry into light and sound and as a summative assessment task we worked collaboratively with a partner to create a space that incorporated the following elements:

  • A natural source of light
  • An artificial/manmade source of light
  • A natural source of sound
  • An artificial/manmade source of sound

Check out our blogs to see our initial plans and our finished products. You will be amazed by our creativity!

Vibration Videos during T.I.G. Time

This week we finished up our slow-motion iMovies to showcase how sound can be created through vibration. We worked in pairs to record, edit and post our videos to our blogs. Be sure to check them out!


Toy Drive, January 8th-February 8th:  Operation Smile is running a toy drive until February 8th. Please support this worthy cause by sending in any unused or unwanted toys that you may have at home. All toys will be donated to children awaiting mouth surgery in hospital.

Happy New Year from Grade 1C!

It has been a wonderful first week back together in Grade 1. We hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday with friends and family.

We started off our week with a visit to see the Middle School orchestra perform a variety of songs on the viola and violin. The purpose of this visit was to reconnect with our current unit of inquiry and in particular our inquiry line which focuses on the manipulation and creation of sound. Our orchestra experts did a wonderful job explaining the role of vibration in creating sound and allowed us to examine instruments to better understand how they function. We completed a visible thinking routine “I see…I think…I wonder” to reflect on this experience, these will be posted on our blogs.

During T.I.G. time with Ms.Michelle this week we continued our inquiry into influence of vibration when creating sound. We discovered that due to the speed at which vibrations occur they can be quite difficult to see…so we began the process of creating our own slow-motion iMovies to see how strings move as they vibrate. We look forward to completing our projects and sharing them on our blogs next week.

We had a very special, collaborative assembly this week involving all classes in our ECC community. In the weeks leading up to the winter break each class worked on a different song or performance related to the tale of the Nutcracker and today we had the opportunity to see it all come together.

We have settled back into our Daily 5 literacy routine and have been focussing on vowel pairs during Word Work time.


  • Mystery Readers: Please note that our Mystery Reader time has been changed to Wednesday afternoons at 14:00. We look forward to some new mystery readers this term. To sign up please use this link.



Happy Holidays from 1C…

Its has been a busy and fun filled week leading up to our winter break, we wish you all a happy holiday and a restful time with friends and family.



Maker Day Success

On Friday we joined the rest of the Elementary School to participate in a range of Maker Day experiences related to our current unit of inquiry about Light and Sound. All Grade 1 students had the opportunity to explore a eight different stations that incorporated light and sound in different ways: Guess that sound, playing and creating musical instruments, creating shadows and silhouettes, exploring vibration, transparent and opaque craft actions, refraction experiments and creating circuits. All of our Maker Day experiences helped us to better understand how light and sound can be manipulated and deepened our understanding of how these elements can affect our lives in many ways.

Unit of Inquiry

We continued our inquiry into light and sound this week by looking at natural and artificial sources of sound and light. We discussed the meaning of natural vs. artificial and worked in pairs to identify sources of each.

Farewell to our friend William…

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to wish William farewell on his new and exciting adventure to Australia in the New Year. William will join Grade 2 in . We will miss him very much and wish him the best of luck and happiness in his new school. Thank you William for putting together such an enjoyable and informative farewell presentation for us, we look forward to your first postcard from Bowen.

T.I.G. Time with Ms. Michelle and Grade 1B

Ms.Michelle joined us this week to teach us more about circuits and how they can connect to both light and sound. We had so much fun creating holiday greeting cards that incorporates a circuit and LED. It took a lot of perseverance and commitment but we were very proud of the end result.

New Mystery Readers for the New Year…

Thank you to Martin’s Grandma for signing up as our last Mystery Reader for 2017. We look forward to more sign-ups in the New Year, please note that we will be changing our Mystery Reader day to Wednesday afternoons at 14:00.


  • School will resume after the holidays on Monday, January 8th.

This week in Grade 1C

A thank you to our Mystery Readers…

Thank you very much to Amber’s Dad, Adrian for taking the time to share a family favourite with us on Friday afternoon. We very much enjoyed the story of Mary’s Elizabeth’s House by Pamela Allen and appreciated Adrian’s wonderful expression when reading!

We look forward to our next mystery reader this Friday and hope to have some more visitors after the winter break. Click here to sign up.

Thank you also to Martina’s Mum, Alicia for taking the time to read a bilingual tale in both English and Spanish called Book Fiesta by Rafael Lopez We appreciated the beautiful, colorful illustrations and learned a word or two in Spanish along the way. Thank you Alicia.



Open Classroom: Friday December 1st

Thank you to everyone who attended Friday’s open classroom session during Math time. We hope you enjoyed our Pokemon inspired 3-Act Math Task and came away with an understanding of the task our learning intentions. We strive to show our thinking in different ways and have been working on resilience in this area throughout the year.

Follow up to our 3-Act Math Task…

On Monday we returned once again to our Pokemon 3-Act Math task to challenge ourselves to show our thinking by modeling different groupings and creating number sentences the relate to our groupings.

Cheetah-Inspired Math Inquiry…

Thank you to William for inspiring a cheetah-related math inquiry this week. William’s Animal Encyclopedia recommendation sparked many questions and wonderings and challenged us to find out more about what makes this mammal so unique. After reading the Cheetah Animal Profile we discovered that a cheetah’s stride can reach up to 7 meters in length….to fully appreciate how long this is we measured the distance outside and attempted to match a cheetah’s stride using our own bodies…. we couldn’t quite manage it but we did have a lot of fun trying! We also discovered that the length of the average cheetah’s body is approximately 1.4 meters…Kieran kindly demonstrated how his height compares to that of a cheetah!

A lesson on Determination, Perseverance and Commitment: Hiro’s Achievement 

We visited Grade 1D this week to hear about Hiro’s fantastic ice-skating achievement. Hiro travelled to Bangkok to take part in the SEA Figure Skating Open Challenge and won first place. We watched a video of his performance and learned about the complex movements that earned him the winning points. Hiro’s performance also inspired conversation about the importance of commitment and determination in achieving any goal we set our mind to.

This Week’s Assembly…

We were treated to a sing along with Dr. Barder this week during assembly to get us into the spirit for our upcoming winter holiday. Ms. Nitasha spoke to us about the importance of respect in our school community and sang Happy Birthday to friends who celebrate their birthday this month.

T.I.G. Time with Ms.Michelle

Ms. Michelle joined us again this week for a follow up lesson on electricity and circuits relating to our new unit on Light and Sound. She taught us about the role of insulators and conductors and we brainstormed some materials that relate to each category. We experimented with conductive dough and tried to make our LEDs light up! It took some trial and error but we had a lot of fun doing it and realized the importance of identifying both the positive and negative power sources.

This Week’s Reminders: 

  • Winterfest:
  • Maker Day: Photos to follow in next week’s blog
  • Winter Break is fast approaching from December 15th – January 6th