Flagging up UN DAY!

UN Day will be celebrated at UNIS Hanoi on Friday November 30 and we are busy with our preparations!

The traditional assembly on the Friday morning will be the culminating event of our Discovery-Grade 12 SDG Week when all our students will take part in projects supporting the UN’s Agenda 2030 and towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Assembly will open with our traditional Parade of Nations to celebrate the 195 Members States and Observer States of the United Nations.

Next week we will be sending out invitations to students to participate in the Parade of Nations and we want to take this opportunity to share with you the process we follow to send out these invitations.

The following process has been developed with the goal of ensuring the most equitable process for all students to have an opportunity to carry their nation’s flag during the UN Day School Assembly.

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Advancement, Emma Silva: doa@unishanoi.org

Parade of Nations – Flag Bearer Selection Procedure

  1. We include all the flags of the 195 United Nations member states in the UN Day Parade of Nations. (193 full member states and 2 observer states: Palestine and Holy See)
  2. The flags from the 68 member states represented in our community in 2018-2019 will be paraded downstairs in the Sports Centre carried by students from those countries. The 127 other flags will be upstairs in the balcony parade and can be carried by students from any nation.
  3. Students in Grades 1-12 are eligible to carry flags. We will invite one ES (G1-G5) and one MSHS (G6-12) student from each national group to carry their national flag (2 bearers per flag). Exceptions to this general rule as follows:
    1. If the only student from a country is in Grade D-K2, they may carry their flag assisted by an appointed MSHS student chaperone.
    2. Students in Grades 1-11 may not be selected to carry their nation’s flag downstairs for two consecutive years in any national group with more than two students represented. They can still be selected to represent a member state in the balcony parade.
    3. In recognition of our graduating class’s final year, we will invite the oldest of our G12 students to carry the flag of their nationality. There are 23 nationalities represented in this year’s graduating class.
    4. In the case that there are only students from a country in one division, two students will be selected from that division. Please note for Elementary School one flag bearer would be selected from G1-3 and one from G4-5 in order for the older student to support the younger flag bearer.
    5. Students performing in the UNIS Hanoi Symphonic Orchestra may not carry a flag.
  4. We determine a student’s nationality based on the country/ies of citizenship (passport/s) registered in the UNIS Hanoi school information system. Individual affinity, heritage, family history or past place of residence is not taken into consideration.
  5. All invitations will be issued by lottery (random selection based on individual Veracross Student ID) within national groups. The goal is to provide every eligible student with equal opportunity.
  6. If any student invited does not want to carry their country’s flag, the replacement bearer is then drawn by lottery from the national group in their division. Flag bearers do not have the option to transfer their invitation to a family member or friend.
  7. The 127 flags from the other UN member states will be carried by students selected by lottery from G4-G11 (one bearer per flag). Again, replacements will also be selected by lottery from this group.
  8. Invitation and confirmation process as follows. Please note that invitations for all flag bearers go out at the same time. This year invitations will be sent before Friday October 5:
    1. The initial invitation is sent to parent 1 email, CC parent 2 email and student email (for students from G4 and above) with clear instructions to confirm before the deadline of Monday October 22 at 18:00.
    2. If we do not receive a response to advancement@unishanoi.org before the deadline the invitation will be re-assigned to another student.
    3. A reminder will be sent before the deadline on Friday October 19.
    4. Confirmation will be sent from UNIS Hanoi when we receive a response to accept or refuse the invitation by parent or student and cc’d to the original recipients.
    5. A second round of ‘lottery’ generated invitations will go out on Tuesday October 23 with a deadline of Monday October 29 at 18.00. There will be no reminder for second round invitations.
    6. If following two rounds of invitations, there are flags which do not have bearers, student council/senate will be engaged in the process.


The Launch of the CIS/IBO/WASC Self Study

Small blocks of Lego, engaged teachers and big ideas were the main components of the official roll-out of the CIS/WASC/IB Accreditation Self-study last Wednesday, September 19 on our UNIS campus. The Accreditation Steering Committee, made up of Co-Chairs Nitasha Chaudhuri and Tom Ryan, as well as the PYP, MYP and DP Programme Coordinators Josh Smith, Daniel Cooper and Elliott Cannell, respectively, captured the interest of over 180 teaches as they paralleled the upcoming Self-study with the highly successful endeavors of the world-renown The LEGO Group, whose own Self-study preserved a positive impact on their stakeholders and their wider community.

Using the Lego Story as an allegory to launch the Self-study this year at UNIS Hanoi, teachers D-12 sat in groups with handful of LEGO engaged in accreditation-related conversation, and created structures which were added to a mega-structure, symbolizing the vision and collegial collaboration required to embark on and complete the upcoming Self-Study at UNIS Hanoi. This will undoubtedly empower UNIS Hanoi to examine its core, see its worth, as excited ‘behind-the-scenes’ leaders will step up and take on exciting roles, so that our bricks at UNIS Hanoi continue to fit as flawlessly as possible.

Nitasha Chaudhuri
Lower ES Deputy Principal

Student Portraits and Class Photo Order

Dear Parents,

This is a reminder that Wednesday, October 3 is the deadline for placing your child’s portrait and class photos. All orders received by this date will be delivered to UNIS Hanoi on Tuesday November 13. Your child will bring the photos home.

You can order here using your child’s access code sent to you via email on Wednesday, September 19.

Any orders placed between October 3 – November 12 will be delivered at your home address starting November 26. And any orders placed after November 12 will be delivered 2 weeks afterwards. Home delivery is the only possible option for orders after October 3 and will involve delivery fee.

If you have any trouble viewing or accessing your child’s photos next Wednesday, please do not hesitate to contact Picture Day team at hello@pictureday.asia.

What if my child missed the student photo week?

A photo day will be scheduled in early April 2019 for all student who missed the photo week on August 27-31, 2018 or students who started school after August 31.



UNIS Hanoi Advancement Office

School Calendar – Next week’s events

We hope that you have all synced your calendars and are keeping up to date with all the events at UNIS Hanoi.

Please visit our Calendar page on the website for full details and instructions for syncing calendars with all devices and calendar soft wares and the quick links to update your devices.

Coming up for parents next week:

  • Monday, October 1: Community Meeting – Meet Epicure. Please read the article in this Tin Tuc to find out the details.
  • Monday, October 1: ES Parent – Teacher Conferences (No School/ASAs/UMA for Discovery to Grade 5 students)
  • Tuesday-Friday, October 2-5: Middle School Trip Week
  • Wednesday, October 3: High School Japan Parent Community Meeting
  • Thursday, October 4: High School Korean Parent Community Meeting
  • Friday, October 5: G3 Mathematics Coffee Morning with Parents

“I Live Green” Exhibition at UNIS Hanoi

UNIS Hanoi is pleased to announce the launch on Monday of “I Live Green,” a mobile exhibition on loan to us from the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. The exhibition is on display in the Centre for the Arts foyer from 24 Sept – 5 Oct. Captions are in both Vietnamese and English.
We are proud to be partnering with the Vietnamese Women’s Museum to host this exhibit which is a series of posters telling the story of neighbourhood empowerment teams in Hanoi and elsewhere who are taking simple and creative steps to save energy and water, reduce and recycle waste, and plant gardens. The exhibition highlights what Vietnamese people, young and old, and even those with few resources, are doing to “live green.”

We hope students, parents, staff, and faculty will enjoy this opportunity to be inspired by our host community’s sustainability efforts as we launch our own school initiatives to improve this year.

HIWC Call for Performers and Volunteers

UNIS Hanoi is proud to once again sponsor the Hanoi International Women’s Club (HIWC) annual Charity Bazaar which will take place on Sunday, November 18 at Starlake (nearby UNIS Hanoi in Tay Ho). The HIWC Bazaar is one of the largest family events in Hanoi with international food, shopping, and fun for all ages, raising an incredible amount of money for good causes. Tickets will be on sale soon and everyone is welcome to attend.

HIWC is also looking for performers (music, dance, and other talents!) and volunteers to support the event. If you have a talent to share, sign up HERE. If you have time to spare, sign up HERE. This year’s theme is “Travel the World and Celebrate,” something our diverse, multicultural community from around the globe can certainly contribute to!


Our Alumni

Nicolas-Kirti Scholtes (Class of 2006) just completed his PhD in Economics at the Université Catholique de Louvain and Université de Namur with the thesis Interbank networks, macroprudential policy and financial stability. He has been researching since 2013 while working as a PhD Trainee at the European Central Bank.

Nicolas’ research interests lie at the intersection of network theory, financial stability and monetary policy. Most of his work features a strong computational dimension and can be found on his page. Nicolas also holds a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering with McGill University, Canada and a Masters of Science in Economics with Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

Every week we feature a short profile of one of our global alumni in Tin Tuc. UNIS Hanoi is connected to 55% of all alumni students, families and faculty with our very own world wide web connecting UNIS Hanoi in the four corners of the globe!

From the Head of School

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the UNIS Hanoi community we offer our sincere condolences to the people of Vietnam following the announcement of the sad news of the passing of President Trần Đại Quang.

State media announced this morning the President’s death at the age of 61 following treatment for illness at a Hanoi hospital.

The arrangements for his funeral have not been announced and we will communicate any impact on school operations as we know them.

Our thoughts are with his family, the leaders of Vietnam and our Vietnamese staff and families on this day.

Jane McGee

From the Board of Directors

As part of our annual planning for the year, the Board and senior leadership team will meet for a 2-Day offsite meeting this weekend. On the agenda will be team building (we have two new Board members this year), the Head of School will present the annual action plan and goals for 2018-2019 and we will review some case studies to reinforce our understanding of good governance. We will also review and reflect on past Board work to learn from those experiences and enhance practices of good governance.

As Life Long Learners, our 2-Day Board meeting helps our Board learn and achieve a greater understanding of international school governance – reflected in better more strategic decisions for the long term health of the school.

Amie Pollack

School Badges for MS and HS Students

In our ongoing efforts to continue to strengthen our security measures, beginning Monday, September 24, all MS and HS students will be required to have their badge to enter campus.

If a student arrives without his/her badge, they will be asked to wait until their enrolment is confirmed by their respective division before entering campus. As their card is needed for use in the canteen, library and for printer use, we hope all of our older students are already bringing their badge everyday. Those without a badge will not be allowed to enter gate 5 but will be asked to go to gate 1 for identity verification.

Our hope is to keep this as seamless as possible and not impact learning. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to roll out new efforts to keep our students safe.

UNIS Hanoi Administration