K2AB The Litter Muncher

Today your child will bring home an invitation to our K2 PAC. This event is on Friday April 1st at 9:00am in the Theatre. On the invitation they have drawn and  written down the items needed for their costume.

Below I have listed the T-shirts your child needs just in case you feel confused. Each child needs 2 T-shirts. There are also 4 children who are the “Village People” and have added costumes. Please ensure your child’s name and class is on each piece of clothing and is placed in a plastic bag and brought to school as soon as possible.

Red and Green T-shirts

Mia. Sungwoo, Sam, Inez, Christiano, Addison, Dante, Hinako.

Blue and Yellow T-shirts

Costanza, Mickey, Ellie, Joon Hoo, Davide, Sarah, Harry, Jaehyeon, Madelline, Gia Hung.

Village People

Costanza, Dante, Joon Hoo, Harry

They are to be dressed as villagers. For example; a Teacher, a policeman, a businessman.

Any further information needed don’t hesitate to email.

Many thanks,



Recent Happenings in K2AB

Dear Parents,

Due to my broken arm I have not been able to write up many blogs, but I have captured the happenings of K2AB over the past few weeks in photos and videos.

You will notice a blog post attached. This is from the children’s class blog where they post work done from their own Easy Blog Junior accounts. It includes their explanations of the posters they created from our unit, Who We Are and Mr Andy’s PE lesson. Please take the time to look and talk about these events with you child.

SHOW and TELL 14th-18th March

I know you will all be overjoyed with the upcoming week’s Show and Tell. We are into our new unit, Reduce Reuse and Recycle and it has been the student’s suggestion that they make some small item from recycled materials that they can show the class and describe how it is made. An example I gave was the old paper plane made from newspaper or a paper hat.

Many thanks and have a lovely weekend,

Alice Borman





Museum of Ethnology Writing Stamina

Dear Parent/s

We had a wonderful time this week visiting the Museum of Ethnology and working on our stamina in Independent Reading.

Our Animoto is a representation of the activities and fun in K2AB.

Dates to Remember.

Monday February 1st. Parent/ Teacher Interviews 8:00am-4:00pm

Wednesday February 3rd Parent/Teacher Interview 3:00pm-6:00pm.

Back at School!! 11th-15th January, 2016

Welcome back everyone, I trust you all had a wonderful winter break relaxing and doing all sorts of wonderful  things.

This week in class we looked at words which rhymed with other words, such as snail and tail, bug and slug. These words belong to what we call in English, “word families” but sometimes rhyming words do not belong to a “family” at all. But more about that sort of thing when students are much older! As a result of our investigations about rhyming words your child has today brought home their first book of rhyming stories and are very keen to share their efforts with you.

Maths saw us sorting and ordering the days of the week and drawing activities which represented each day of the week. This was not as easy as it sounds as the Animoto will show.

Important Dates:

Tuesday 19th January: K2 Field Trip to The Ethnology Museum 9:15 am-12:00 pm Snack and water needed.

Friday 22nd January: ES Bake Sale:

Wednesday 27th January: Tet Bag Appeal items due.

Have a lovely weekend,

Alice Borman

Fun times in K2AB over the last couple of weeks

Dear Parents,

Well the break is almost upon us and I think everyone will be happy it is has finally arrived! Over the past 16 weeks all the students have worked with great enthusiasm and creativity and can be justly proud of the remarkable progress they have made.

Today you will be receiving their first report card in Kindergarten 2 or “big school” as it is referred to in Australia. Be proud of their achievements, there will be many more great achievements throughout their schooling. Talk with your child about their work and give compliments and praise for their efforts.

The Animoto for this blog I hope is a reflection of their achievements on their report and an explanation of how we do things in class, always with the desired outcome of creativity, enjoyment and pleasure.

Finally, Miss Hang and I wish to thank you for all your support this semester and we wish you a very happy winter break with friends and family. I will be returning to Sydney, Australia to spend time with my two children and other family members.

Happy holiday, and see you in three weeks,


Life in K2AB

It has bee a very busy couple of weeks. I have made an Animoto clip to show what has been happening in the classroom and around school. A big thank you to everyone who came to the ECC Assembly this morning. The kids loved having you there and having the chance to show what goes on in both the assemblies and  in our classroom. The Animoto of the creation of our play hopefully, will be able to be uploaded tomorrow. I am having slight technical difficulties.

Dates to Remember.

Friday 20th November: Snack Sale. To participate in the Healthy Snack Sale tomorrow, I kindly ask that you send them to school with 10,000 – 20,000VND so they can purchase some snacks.

Tuesday 24th November: K2 Red River Field Trip ( Morning only) Many thanks to the volunteer parents. If you missed out we have another field trip happening after the winter break.

Have a lovely weekend.



Elementary School Snack Sale!
Friday, November 20, 2015
8.10am – 10.30am

If you are interested in volunteering, just come by the Snack Sale table in the morning, we need as much help as possible to sell snacks to the students!
The Elementary School Snack Sale is a long standing tradition at UNIS Hanoi. Over 20 years ago, the “Bake Sale” was created to raise funds for library books while providing students with the opportunity to taste a diverse range of snacks from all around the world! The Snack Sale has evolved into a fun opportunity for children to exercise choice, learn how to handle money and is raising awareness of the value of healthy snacks.

Our Busy Week.



Welcome back everyone!

Whew! Last week was a very busy week we have had! Great fun has been had recently with students given recycled materials including paper, cardboard, bubble wrap,tape, rolls,and an assortment of other items. Our Learning Intention was;

to experiment and create an object which needs force to move. No instructions were given except……”GO!”The results were fantastic and the examples showed great creative thinking.

Some have chosen to take home their final product.

This week saw the children go home with their first Home Readers. They were very excited about the prospect of reading to you at home and you can look forward to YEARS of Home Reading to come.

RAZ-KIDS can also be done  at home too.

Shared Reading of library books is also a great way to read together.

In Maths, we have begun our unit  on Measurement. Over the next few weeks we will be investigating lengths and how to measure objects using non-standard measuring such as connect cubes,popsicle(paddle-pop sticks) and dominoes.


In our reading activities we do work which involves Ipads. These activities can produce an assortment of  weird and wonderful sounds,  therefore the headphones are a necessity. If your child does not have their  headphones yet could you please send in a as soon as possible.

There will be times when your child brings home their reader there may be a post it on a page or pages with an arrow pointing to a word. This is an unfamiliar word and your child will want to talk to you about it. Spend a couple of minutes sounding out the word(s) talk about meaning and try to use the words in a sentence. There should not be too many words. These are words that they have found themselves and added the post it.



See you Friday.


How The World Works, Push and Pull

Dear Parents,

Over the past couple of weeks K2AB has been investigating and experimenting how pushing  and pulling in a variety of ways can affect the way objects move. The Animoto below is an example of our thinking which has taken place over the last 2 weeks. A Learning intention we have been focusing upon has been to use scientific words to explain our meaning. An example of the language used includes, force, hard, movement, soft and spin.

Please take the time to chat with your students about what you see in this video. Listen to see if they explain their thinking using the technical terms.

Dates to Remember!

Saturday 10th :October-Sunday18th October : October Break

Monday 19th: October Quarter 2 begins!

Please note: If your child has not brought their  Reading Folder back, please make sure it is back on Monday 19th October. We begin our take home reading on that day!!

I would like to thank everyone for all their help over this first quarter. The children have settled well and are ready for lots of interesting learning to continue in Quarter 2.



Have a very restful vacation.

Alice Borman

This Was The Week That Was! 14th-18th September.

This week K2AB has focused on cooperating and working together. Students have come up with a set of classroom agreements for us to follow throughout this year. They are;

Help others

Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them.

Think before you act.

Make wise choices.

Have fun.



Thursday 24th September: Moon Festival

Friday 25th September: Professional Development Day. NO SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN


Alice Borman

A Very busy week!

Dear All,

We have had a very busy week in K2AB this week.  In our Maths we have begun to investigate number. We have explored some of teh math materials we will be using all year-pattern blocks, connecting cubes and Geoblocks.

In literacy we have been writing about What we like to eat and what we like to play when we get home from school.

Our unit of Inquiry has centred upon organising ourselves both in and out of the classroom. How we cooperate to make our classroom a happy place and what agreements we need to make K2AB a great place to be.

1. RazKids Reading

Soon, you will see login details for Raz Kids in your child’s folder. The class has been introduced to this reading resource at school and they have successfully logged on to their own account. This is simply a fun resource to further develop a love of reading at home should you wish. Explore with your child and please let me know if you have any difficulties. Here is the login link below:

Important Dates

Friday 18th September: Snack Sale. K2AB will be contributing to this weeks snack sale. Students are to bring a snack which can be purchased by other students in the ECC. Please refer to Tin Tuc for further information.

They are to bring 20,000VND in an envelope inside their yellow communication folder for their own purchase at the snack sale. Their money will not be collected by Miss Hang or myself. This is part of their “organisational” training!They will take their money with them when they buy their own snacks


Please cut up a small amount of fruit, put it in a labelled container ((I seem to have collected many containers over the past year which have just appeared from nowhere and come to my room!) We share the fruit between us. It is a great example of cooperation for the class)

Headphones. please look at the K2 blog for information about ordering and the purchase of Headphones which will be needed for RAZ KIDS and other activities using the ipads in class.