Used Book Sale

Support literacy initiatives by donating your used books!
The much anticipated SCO Used Book Sale will be held on May 5 & 6, 2017 this year!

The active Homeroom Book Donation Competition begins TODAY and ends on April 28! Time to sort through those bookshelves and donate your pre-loved books:

Do you have books that you no longer need that someone else would enjoy?
Are you leaving Hanoi in June and don’t want to ship all of your books to your next posting?
Do you want to donate your books to promote literacy in Vietnam?
The Book Sale will be glad to accept your books. Used Book Sale is an opportunity for both kids and adults to purchase some ‘pre-loved’ books, in their native tongue (or another language!), at bargain prices.

Kids’ books, adults’ books, fact or fiction, English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, German, Swedish, French – we’re interested in books on any subject, in any language spoken within the UNIS Hanoi community. If it’s a book that someone else might enjoy, donate it (please no out-dated travel guides, class readers or inappropriate books please!).

Books will be collected in each ECC/ES and MS classroom. HS will have one central collection box in front of Common Room.

Where does all the money go?

The funds raised at the SCO Used Book Sale will be used to empower a variety of literacy projects created and led by UNIS Hanoi students through the Service Learning Programme. Currently, a Middle School service group is working in collaboration with a Grade 12 design student to develop a library in a school in Pu Bin and more literacy initiatives are in the works!

Volunteers Needed!

A lot of volunteers are needed to help sort/price books and then sell during the book Sale. This year, the SCO has decided that each hard-working volunteer will have the opportunity to pre-purchase 1 book per 1.5 hour shift!

Book Sorting: April 20 and May 3 from 8.00 – 11.00 (Canteen)

Book Sales: May 5 from 8.00 – 16.30 and May 6 from 8.00 – 13.00 (Centre for the Arts)

Sign-up for shift here

If you have questions, or would like to be part of the team, please let us know!

Kelly Kim and Winnie Fano, Book Sale CoordinatorsContact us at:

Feed Back Helps Us Improve

Dear Elementary Families,
We in the Elementary School are humbled by the positive experience of Parent-Teacher Conference Day on February 14th.  Thank you for your attendance.  It has been so pleasing to see our parents and faculty come together to discuss our shared commitment to your children’s learning and progress.
As there are many ways that we communicate both learning and student progress to you at home, we would love your feedback on what works, and what we could be doing better.
Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey where you can provide us with any feedback on our communication and reporting procedures – from report cards, to parent-teacher conferences and beyond.
Your feedback is important to us as we strive to constantly improve.
Megan Brazil

2B Open Classrooms 24/25th November 2016

14th November 2016

Open Doors – Open Classrooms – Open Minds!

Dear Parents,

We warmly invite you to our Elementary School Open Classrooms – being held on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November 2016.  

What are Open Classrooms?

Have you ever wondered what inquiry-based learning is like for your child? Here is your chance! Open Classrooms showcase learning in action. For two days, at selected times, our classrooms are open for you to observe lessons that put the philosophy and pedagogy of the Primary Years Programme into practice.    

Purpose of Open Classrooms

Open Classrooms is for parents to get an insider’s view of what life is like inside the classrooms at UNIS.  By opening up our classroom doors we would like to give parents a glimpse of student-centered, constructivist teaching and learning in action. We aim to demonstrate our inquiry based teaching philosophy which is central to our identity as an IB school.

How does it work?


  • Parents may only visit open lessons in classes that their child attends both homeroom and specialists. Please see class 2B schedule below.

What might I see?

All lessons are different, though you may expect to see:

  • Lessons that have a clear learning objective which has been explained to the students
  • A variety of lessons and subject areas open for parents to observe (and in some cases, you may be invited to participate). Lessons that showcase students demonstrating the Learner Profile
  • Lessons that involve students using a variety of transdisciplinary skills (thinking research problem solving, social and self-management skills)
  • Lessons that are based on students’ understanding of broad concepts, in addition to specific content (e.g. the concept of “form” in addition to the content of balanced gymnastics movements in PE).

What is my responsibility?

  • All parents MUST wear their UNIS Parent ID badge
  • Photographing students is not permitted
  • Silence all mobile devices and step outside the classroom for urgent phone conversations.
  • Please enter classrooms quietly and be on time. We recommend you stay for at least 20 minutes to see the flow of the lesson.  
  • Do not interact with your children unless invited to do so.  Some classes will be ‘observe only’ while others may be more interactive.  

We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November 2016.  


Alice Borman

Homeroom Teacher – Alice Borman

Time Thursday, November 24 Friday, November 25
8:20-9:05 Reading/Writing (8:45-9:45)
10:10-10:50 Math 10:30-11:30 World Languages
11:35-12:25 Lunch Lunch
12:25-13:05 Choir with Ms. Noor
13:10-13:50 PE with Mr. Mac.
13:50-14:10 Break Break


This is The Week That Was!

Very busy first week back after a hard earned break! It has been a wondereful week back at school with lots of thinking and fun. The animoto below is a small example of activities in 2B. Such activities have been centred around;

  • Probability.               Is something likely, unlikely, certain or impossible?
  • Reading.                    Reading for Stamina. Can we independently read for 20 minutes?
  • Word Study              Connecting our ideas to grow understanding.
  • Sharing the Planet  The “Fair Game”.

Student Council.

Today we nominated 5 students to stand as our class representatives on the ES Student Council. Hami, Jacob, Noah, Ha-Eun, and Anesu, congratulations for being nominated. On Monday each student will give a small presentation telling us a little bit  about themselves and how best they can represent  2B on the student council. Please help your child with their presentation if possible. No more than a minute is fine, thank you!

Upcoming Important Dates.

Friday, November 11th: UN Day

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Life in 2B

Dear Parents,

Please find below examples of the learning that has been happening over the past two weeks in our class 2B. It includes examples from,

*Who We Are UOI

*Discovery Buddies

        *Reading with a Partner

             * Morning Meeting Activities

        * Moon Festival Activities

DATES TO REMEMBER: Tuesday 27th September PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS!!!! Pleasae refer to Veracross for sign ups.

Have a lovely restful weekend everybody and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


2B information

Welcome to 2B Parents,

It is  a pleasure for me to be given the opportunity to be your child’s teacher for the 2016/17 school year. This class bolg will mainly consist of information and photos of our class 2B. The grade blog will cover matters which affect the entire Grade 2 students. I will try to have an enjoyable blog posted every 2 weeks which will mainly be a pictorial representation of the learning whih happens in 2B, but there may be times when this is not the case and I don’t want to overload you with UNIS emails.

Please be advised that library book changing day is every Wednesday. Library bags must be brought in so students can borrow books.

TUESDAY 13th February, Class Photos.

Below is an Animoto explaining what has been happening in 2B since the beginning of the school year.

Also here is another copy of the timetable for the year, just in case you lose your hard copy.Snip20160906_2Many thanks,


Week Ending 3rd June 2016










9 DAYS TO GO!!!!


Please look below to see a timetable of important dates over the next 9 days.

  • Monday 6th June. K2 to Grade 1 Transition lunch in the ES Canteen
  • Tuesday 7th June.  Swimming
  • Thursday 9th June. ES Moving UP Day. All K2 students will be going to their new Grade 1 classroom and meet their new teacher. 1:15 Leavers’ Ceremony in the Sports hall
  • Thursday 9th June. NO SWIMMING due to ES Moving Up  Day.
  • Friday 10th June. ** Last Swimming lesson period 6.
  • This is due to the ES Moving Up Day being held during our swimming time.
  • Tuesday 14th June 11:00-11:30 K2 Dance with parents ECC Gym.

11:30-12:00 K2 AB’s Got Talent Show. Celebrate K2AB’s amazing talent                                                           in performances of Singing, Dancing, Musical Recital, Writer’s Festival and                              Expressive Art Appreciation.

12:00-12:30 K2AB Class Party!!!!

  • Wednesday 15th June. Last day of school. Early dismissal at 12:00

If you have any school library books please return them as soon as possible.

Yesterday as part of our Unit of Inquiry How We Express Ourselves K2 students performed for the ECC students a song “Don’t Put Your Mouth…”  They sang and played   the music in the chords of #C and #F on their ukuleles. Click below to download the performance.


Week ending 20th May

What a busy and exciting week we have had!! Swimming began this week and by all accounts everyone is having lots of fun and are learning to be fantastic swimmers. Don’t be suprised if your child gets very tired in the afternoons. They are swimming for 3 consecutive days!

We have been experiencing some terrific learning engagements in the classroom from our Unit of Inquiry How We Express Ourselves, and I have included an Animoto which gives a wonderful snapshot of the excitement and various activities the students have experienced.


Communication Folder.

Today your child will come home with a form in their communication folder regarding ES Language Options for Grade1-5 2016-17. Please read carefully and fill in the form and return it to school next week.

Show and Tell.

For our final week of Show and Tell children are asked to bring in a game that they enjoy playing and how they can express their thinking through the game. Please don’t have them bring in a very large game or an expensive game. No ipad apps are to be included either. 

Class Parties

You will find information on the K2 blog regarding our end of year K2 Dance, Talent Show and class party. We have a “Talent Show” in class as an example of an action from our UoI How We Express Ourselves. Students can perform  a dance, a song, play a musical instrument, read a poem or anything else which is a form of artistic expression. They can perform individually, with a partner of perhaps a “family” performance with your child. It is a great deal of fun and exciting to see the talents of K2AB. More information regarding the party next week


PLEASE NOTE FRIDAY 27th MAY EARLY DISMISSAL 11:30. This is the day of the High School Graduation and all staff are to attend the ceremony therefore school on that day finishes at 11:30. All students will be going home. There will be no lunches provided.

MONDAY 23rd MAY Last Library lesson for the year.

FRIDAY 27th MAY Last day for ES students to borrow books from the library

Have a great weekend,


Friday May 13th.


Please remember to make sure your child is coming to school with their water bottle and hat. The weather is turning very warm and it is easy for the little ones to become easily dehydrated. They hopefully are drinking at least 3 bottles per day.IMG_1828

This week we began our final unit of inquiry for K2, How We Express Ourselves.

The Central Idea is: Artists express their thoughts through the Arts. 

We are having lots of fun learning to express what we are thinking through poetry, writing, story telling, using our recycled musical instruments to create music, dancing and acting, and as of today…..MIME.!! So lovely and quiet (at times). Non-verbal communication is in itself an art form and it is very hard to maintain such a level of self-discipline needed to be a successful mime artist.

Next week we are going to express ourselves as Abstract Artists and as such we will be spraying paint, splattering and shaking paint bottles. In order for your child to take part in this activity we suggest they  bring in an oversized shirt to cover and protect their clothing. Hopefully, we can begin this activity on Monday. Our inspiration for this activity comes from a young artist named Aelita Andre. I encourage you to ask your child about this remarkable artist and to google her to see why she is indeed so remarkable!


I emailed families at lunch time a note from Mr Andy regarding the next activity for PE which is Swimming. Please make sure you read the information carefully as we begin our swimming lessons on Tuesday 17th May.


As of next week students can choose whether or not to read at home. This does not mean they are not reading at all, quite the contrary reading lessons will continue as per normal. However, they have spent a great deal of energy this year being engaged with their reading and as the year is winding down they are beginning to show signs of tiredness. I do not want them to have their love of reading diminished in any way and most will probably decide to take something home over several nights but if they don’t then that is okay too!


Monday Library

Tuesday: Swimming

Friday :Elementary School Musical.

PE Blog here