Week 13 – 12 – 16th November

Greeting 5B Community,

Parents welcomed to 5B’s open classroom

Let me begin by thanking all parents who made it along to our Open Classrooms this week. It was exciting (and overwhelming) to have your presence in the room. I hope that this opportunity has given you a better understanding of the learning engagements that take place both at UNIS and within 5B.

One point I’d like to share with you is that what you saw was just a glimpse. The lessons/ activities you watched and participated in were Just small parts of a larger picture. For example, the UOI-Construction activity held on Thursday was part of a larger unit. Students have been focusing on circuitry and energy during their UOI lessons. Questioning skills: as part of oral and written literacy. Communication: as part of the PYP profiles and problem solving: as part of math, social and emotional development. What sometimes looks like a task or activity from the outside is often a smaller building block to a greater cause.

UOI – Electrical Energy

In UOI this week, we have continued our examination of the first line of inquiry ‘Electrical energy that is transferred, transformed and controlled’ by manipulating circuits and building toothbrush bugs.

Next week, in the ‘Makerspace’, Ms Michelle will ask students to design their own electronic inventions using ‘Little Bits’ alongside taking a closer look at our second line of inquiry ‘Electrical Energy Options’.

SDG connection

What can you do as a family to reduce your power consumption?

In Literacy this week, we continued our examination of non-fiction texts by skimming and scanning for key information and writing blurbs about the books we have read. Our inquiry into Electrical energy also incorporated a ‘Word Study’ of key vocabulary.

Next week 5B will begin to look at information reports and how they are written, with the intention of writing their own in a couple of weeks.

In Math, students have been writing and solving their own questions related to the burning of calories through exercise. This required them to read and analyse data in tables, whilst working with area models and number lines to better organize their mathematical thinking. We had a great time eating snickers as we solved a problem Mr Brewster was having. 

Next week, we will take a closer look at decimals and fractions. Who knows, we may end up dividing ‘snickers’ to better understand fractions.

Dinner Time Talk

  • What was 5B’s focus this week? (Communication; questions)
  • How much progress did you make in your narrative assessment?
  • Can you show me how an area model works?
  • What items do you need, to make a simple electronic circuit?

Save the Date
Friday, December 30th – UN day

Have a happy weekend.

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