Week 12 – 5th to the 9th of November

Welcome 5B Community

Open classroom times for 5B

5B would like to extend an invitation to visit our class at the following times.
Thursday 15th of November – 12:05 12:45 pm – UOI/ Word study
Friday 16th of November – 10:30 till 11:25 pm – Mathematics 

This week students embarked on their new UOI
How the World Works
An inquiry into

  • electrical energy that is transferred, transformed and controlled (form, function)
  • electrical energy options (causation)
  • energy consumption choices that affect the environment and society (causation)

Students arrived at school Monday morning to find the power had been shut off to G5 classrooms. The morning was spent with 5C and Mr Nathan, learning how to gain and calculate calories so students could trade these for electrical wattage, later in the day.

Specialist classes such as PE, Art and Music all contributed to the calorie burn by giving students a number of calories per effort in their class. After last recess, the power was turned back on and students had to calculate the number of watts they had, as a combined G5 group and how they would spend the minutes of watts. Students chose to turn on one air conditioner, two ceiling fans and use a laptop and projector to watch a 50-minute film clip called ‘Billions in Change’ about clean energy inventions.

G5 teachers are calling for parents or associates of parents that would be willing to be a guest speaker about renewable energy – the idea is to give students a wider understanding of what is happening around the world through action currently being taken here in Vietnam (or elsewhere). If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Ms Beth visited 5B this week to continue working on math practices. 5B looked for and made use of structure in number while organising playing cards to find the missing addend. This task makes student mathematical thinking about numbers flexible when trying to get to a particular number.

5B investigated and practiced reading decimal fractions and noticed how this skill is connected to converting fractions to decimals. 5B will continue to look at converting fractions and using area models to support multiplication and division problems.


Students have been evaluating their last narrative piece to find out where they can improve. Personification, similes and metaphors are areas students can practice identifying as they read at home. Another round of word studies begins next week with students having a number of vocabulary words they will need to understand for the new UOI. Feel free to talk with your child about words associated with electrical energy. For example energy, power, current, switch, hydropower, fossil fuel etc.

Home Learning

As you know your child has been required to write 3 reading responses per week (Monday to Sunday). During this UOI, I will require students to respond to a question I pose, so this means students will now have 4 responses per week to complete. Please remember that reading for pleasure responses are designed to do a number of things:

  1. develop a love of reading
  2. ensure students understand what is being read
  3. develop a routine
  4. Develop independence
  5. Meet given criteria

It is very helpful when parents make comments that feedback to what their child is thinking. It is also a great way to stay connected to what your child might like to read. Students know that during this UOI, they should focus some of their home reading on non-fiction texts.

Dinner time talk

  • What symbol is used by mathematicians to represent ‘approximate’?
  • What is energy?
  • Are there different types of energy?
  • What are you currently doing for i-Act time?
  • How do I say 0.381587 using decimal place value correctly?
  • What did you do with your G2 buddy this week?

Save the Dates and Reminders:

  • Thursday, November 15th-16th – ES Open Classrooms
  • Friday, December 7th – UN day

The Week that Was

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