Week 11 29th to 31st October – Short Week

Welcome 5B Community

The G5 team, Halloween it up with a word inquiry.

UOI – Migration Museum

A successful presentation for students was had on Tuesday morning with the culmination of student learning. Many thanks to all who attended and made this event a meaningful product of students efforts.


Our next unit is How the World Works

An inquiry into

  • electrical energy that is transferred, transformed and controlled (form, function)
  • electrical energy options (causation)
  • energy consumption choices that affect the environment and society (causation)

G5 will return to school on Monday to find they have no power in the classrooms. The provocation for students to kick this unit off will comprise of students earning points calculated on the calories they earn throughout the day. They will then come together as a class and calculate the number of calories earned in exchange for wattage. Then students will decide what electrical items they want or need to complete the rest of the day’s assignments.

Please note that students who purchase their lunches at school will only have access to the bakery foodstuffs. No meals prepared with electricity will be allocated to them on Monday (so no hot meals). If you have any concerns about this initiative please contact your child’s teacher.

Something to think about; If you or your company use sustainable energy solutions, we would like to hear about them. Please contact your child’s teacher or attach a comment to this weeks blog post.


This week students continued to explore math practices with Ms Beth. Looking at extending their thinking, make mathematical inquiries and connections, and see how numbers relate to each other.

Next week 5B will begin to explore area and perimeter.


The coming weeks 5B will focus on non-fiction texts. This will support understanding and develop knowledge related to our new UOI. The focus on writing narratives will come to a close next week as students work on their post-assessment. This does not mean narratives are finished, it means G5 students will embark on another writing genre. of writing.

Save the Dates and Reminders:

  • Monday, November 5th – Power Provocation (nothing to be done)
  • Thursday, November 15th-16th – ES Open Classrooms
  • Friday, December 7th – UN day

The week that was:

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