Goodbye and Thank You

Dear Parents,

Thank you for an amazing year. It is a great honor for me to work alongside you to support your child. Thank you for entrusting your children to my care. It is especially meaningful to me this year since I have known some of your children since discovery or even younger. Thank you for all of your support. You have amazing kids.

Dear 4D students,

What an amazing year it has been. You have all grown so much. I am very proud of the kind, caring community we created this year and all of the successes you had as students. Thank you for all of the laughter throughout the year as well. Go in to Grade 5 knowing you are ready for it. You know how to manage your work, you know how to take on challenges you know how to get the best out of yourself and you know how to support your classmates. Enjoy your summer and then enjoy Grade 5.  I will miss you all. Luckily I have a whole list of recommended places to visit that you have given me. So I will remember you all along my trip.  Below is our class We Are From Poem.  All the best.


Ms. Mindy

We are from

We are from sitting on  comfortable sofas and lovely carpets

We are from disappearing pencils and the sound of the keyboard typing

We are  from the nicest classroom and the huge green field.

The smell of coffee and the ding of a chime

We are from “the person who got the magic scarp is…”  

And “that’s a dot”

We’re from Ms. Mindy and Ms. Thao

from Market day and Heritage museum  

We’re from golden time and must do tasks

From dancing Fridays and Silent Ball games

We are from blob trees and circle time

From number lines and arrays

Workshops and reflections

From work and

Friends and laughter

We are from all over the world

From everywhere and together here

We’re from Hanoi, Vietnam


From 4D

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