May 27-31

What a great week it has been in 4D. For a fun way to end the year, the students have been organized into Hogwarts houses. The have been having a great time working to earn house points for their team. They earn points through various means such as keeping their area clean, helping each other, having good attitudes, answering math challenge questions and finishing tasks on time.

This week the students focused on completing the finishing touches for their Heritage Museum. We do hope that you will be able to join us at the Heritage Museum on Monday at 1:45.  Please remember to send a personal heritage item or picture of an item to school with your child on Monday if they haven’t brought it yet.

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Important End of Year Dates

It is hard to believe we are so close to the end of the year.  There are a couple of upcoming end of year events that we would like to invite you to. The students have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming Heritage Museum.  We would like to invite you to see their museum on June 3.

We will also be having a grade level pool party and shared lunch. The party will be on June 11. Please send your child to school that day with a swimsuit and a dish to share with the rest of the grade level. You are also invited to attend the class lunch from 10:30-12:00. The rest of the day will be just for students. This will be a fun way to celebrate the year. We are asking parents to bring a dish to share. Please sign up for what you will bring in this document. We will also need a few volunteers to help set up and clean up at the end. If you would like to volunteer for either please add your name to the document.

Other Important Dates:

May 31: Half Day for High School Graduation

June 6 from 9:30 to 11:00: Swim Extravaganza

June 11 at 1:15: Farewell Assembly

June 12: Last Day of School and half day


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May 13-17

Our Week in Review:
UOI: The students are continuing to work on their Heritage projects. This week the students focused on citing sources, finishing their information reports and creating scale models of their site.

Literacy: In addition to the reading and writing for our Heritage project, the students have also been working on book projects in their reading groups.

Math: In Math this week we continued to learn about equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

Game of the Week:
Fraction Golf

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May 6-10

Our Week in Review:

UOI/Literacy: The students have been working on their Heritage research project.They are learning how to take better notes and how to organize their notes according to their sources and guiding questions.

Math: For the Heritage research project the students are working on completing geometric tasks about their Heritage site such as identifying important geometric shapes, angles and lines of symmetry in their site. They also learned about ratio in order to draw their site to scale.

During Math sessions they have learned how music can teach us about fractions.They wrote songs in 4/4 time and recorded the fractions within the songs. They then learned to convert these fractions into decimals. Once they did that then they could code their songs into Scratch. Ask your child to play you their song sometime. They are pretty impressive.


Game of the Week:

Fraction Tracks:

Materials: Fraction track game board

Fraction Cards

Purpose: To improve at understanding equivalent fractions as well as adding fractions.



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Hanoi Heritage Field Trip and Reminders

On Thursday, the students had a wonderful field trip to various sites in Hanoi. The students were looking for examples of Hanoi’s Heritage.  Stay tuned to Seesaw to see what they observed.  Here is a short video of their adventure.

Important Reminders:

  • Next week the students will participate in Map testing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Starting from next week students will have swimming on Wednesday instead of Friday.


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