April 8-19

Our (2 weeks) in review:

UOI: The students have been exploring local Heritage.  They have learned about UNESCO and the criteria that UNESCO used to decide which sites should be considered world heritage sites. The students then use that criteria to write informative brochures about sites in Hanoi that should be preserved.  We will later visit some of these sites on a field trip and we will bring our brochures with us.

Reading/Writing: The students have been researching about a local heritage site. They are learning important research skills such as key word searches and synthesizing.They are then  using that research to write a information report.  The information reports are what they then copy into their brochures.

Math: The students spent the past two weeks learning about geometry and position. They will continue to learn about this in connection to our unit of inquiry. However during most Math sessions we will be studying fractions and decimals.

We will be studying the following:

  • Groups, objects, and areas can have fractional parts.
  • Any fraction can be named in many different ways.
  • The size of a fractional part is dependent on the size of the whole.
  • The values of fractions can be compared.


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