March 25-29

Our new Unit of Inquiry

An inquiry into: The relationship between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.

Central Idea: Our heritage shapes who we are now and what we pass on.

Lines of Inquiry

  • the different forms of heritage (form)
  • the connection between what is valued and what is preserved (connection)
  • how what we preserve influences future generations (perspective)

Key concepts:  Heritage, Legacy, Influence

Learner Profile:

  • Knowledgeable  –  during this unit we draw children’s attention to the knowledge they are acquiring,
  • Communicator –  students must communicate effectively to their audience and use visuals of their choice

Approaches to learning:

  • Self-management Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Research Skills

Personal Artifacts

Thank you to all the students who brought in Personal Artifacts this week. It was wonderful to hear the stories behind the artifacts.

The activity was great in allowing the children to connect to the:

Lines of Inquiry

  • the different forms of heritage (form)
  • the connection between what is valued and what is preserved (connection)

Mathematics-during this unit of inquiry there are opportunities to connect with the following areas of mathematics

  • I can use simple scales, legends and directions to interpret information contained in basic maps
  • I can create symmetrical patterns, pictures and shapes with and without digital technologies
  • I can use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths.
  • I can represent three-dimensional objects using drawings.
  • I can compare and describe features of two-dimensional shapes, including the special quadrilaterals


  • I can plan, draft and publish texts that inform the reader(Report text type)
  • I can use the proper structure, grammar and language features when writing texts that inform
  • I can understand the difference between the language of opinion and feeling and the language of factual reporting or recording
  • I can identify features of online texts that make them more readable.
  • I can use a range of software to construct, edit and publish texts using visual, print and audio elements
  • I can interpret ideas and information in spoken texts and listen for key points
  • I can listen to and interact with other students, using a range of vocal effects, like pitch, pace, tone and volume to speak clearly

Our Week in Review:

UOI:  This week the students have begun their new unit in which we explore the idea that our heritage shapes who we are now and what we pass on.

Literacy: The students worked in their reading groups on their individual reading goals. They also explored different pre-fixes and suffixes related to our geometry unit.  In writing they did a final explanation writing for the previous unit of inquiry.

Math: In Math the students spent the week studying geometry. They sorted shapes according to different properties, identified different types of lines and angles and examined symmetry.

In other areas: The kids had a great day celebrating their health and sports. What a great way to end our Healthy Choices unit.


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March 18-22

Our Week in Review:

UOI and Literacy: The students spent the week researching, preparing and practicing their presentations about their body systems.  This was an opportunity to improve their oral presentation skills. They did an amazing job. Please view your child’s presentation on Seesaw.

Math: The students chose a multiplication or division concept that they needed to review and focused on that learning intention for the week. Some of their learning intentions included:

  • Division
  • using an array to solve multiplication problems
  • becoming fluent in times tables
  • using estimation to improve accuracy

Website of the week: Grade 4 Learning Space. Please scroll down to the multiplication and division section

The grade 4 learning space has a variety of videos demonstrating different multiplication and division strategies. There are also links to useful games and activities. It is a great place for students to review the videos and then try some of the multiplication and division problems.

Announcement from PE

Starting next week until the end of the term we are running our swimming and trampolining units concurrently. The schedule will be as follows:
Trampolining  – Wednesday
Students need to wear long sleeved tops (covering elbows), socks and tights/track pants (cover their knees) for trampolining.
Swimming – Friday
Swimsuit, cap, goggles, towel as per normal.
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March 12-15

The students had an amazing performance yesterday in the Grade 4/5 Concert. We have been talking in class about times in our life that are fun BECAUSE they were hard work. The concert was certainly an example of such an event.  The students worked really hard to get to this point and should feel  proud of themselves for what they accomplished.  Well done Grade 4!

Our Week in Review:

Math: The students continued to learn about the connection between multiplication and division.

Literacy and UOI: The students are synthesizing the information they learned from our unit on Body Systems.

Next week the children will be completing an oral presentation as part of the Summative task for this Unit of Inquiry. We have been working on these in class this week. Ask your child to show you their work and the description of the task/criteria from their Google Drive. They might even want to work on their speech that they will present next Thursday or Friday. However, they will be also be given ample time at school to work on their oral presentations so please do not feel like you need to do this at home over the weekend.

Open Classrooms:

Thank you for those of you that could make it to the open classrooms.  It was a pleasure having you there. I know the schedule made it difficult for all parents to come. If you would ever like to drop by at anytime please send me an e-mail. You are always welcome.

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March 4-8

Hi Everyone! Next week is time for our next open house!  Unfortunately the homerooms will not be available on Thursday because grade 4 teachers will be at an in school training.  Please see the schedule below for the times that 4D will be open for you to come and visit.  This is a voluntary event. We would love to see you there.


Our Week In Review

UOI: The students have begun to research how their choices affect their body systems.

Writing: The students continue to focus on explanations. They learned how to add high quality time connectives and technical vocabulary to explain the function of their body systems.

Math: The students began to look at the connection between division and multiplication. They also worked on how to use known facts to solve unknown problems.

Website of the week: The remainders game 

Purpose of the Game: To familiarize students with the idea of remainders (next week we will learn more about this) and to see what patterns students can find.

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