January 21-25

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Our week in Review:

UOI: The students were hard at work preparing for Market Day. They kept track of different market forces and how they affect their business decisions. They made an advertisement that played in the ES Assembly. They updated their costs, created logos, slogans and mission statements.

Literacy: The students continued to work in their new reading group on their targeted reading focus area.

Math: The students continued to explore factors. They also learned about prime and composite numbers.
Math Game of the Week:
Factor Machine

Purpose: To see the factors within a number. To notice patterns in factors. To practice multiples.

Materials: Game board,Factor cards

Online Game of the Week: Fruit Shoot 

Purpose: To practice identifying prime and composite numbers.

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Preparing for Market Day

The students  are busy preparing for Market Day which will be on January 31 from 12:00-1:30. Market Day is a very exciting and valuable opportunity for the students to learn to work in groups, compromise, be responsible and organize themselves.  It is common that at some point during this process students could become frustrated with their group. We work to guide students through that process so that by the end of the unit they have learned valuable social and organizational skills. Please do keep in contact with any questions or concerns that may arise.

It is also important to note that in a weeks time your child may be receiving a loan from UNIS to purchase supplies for Market Day. This will be dependent on what they are selling.  If you purchase any supplies with your own money please keep the receipt or write a record.  We want to make sure the students are keeping track of all of their costs.  Again if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Here is what we have been up to this week.

Writing: The students practiced their response writing by writing a response to their holiday.  They also wrote e-mails and interview questions to the social enterprise that they are partnering with.

Reading: The students wrote new reading goals and got into new Guided Reading groups which focused on their reading goals.

Math: The students learned how to calculate costs for Market Day and they learned about factors and prime numbers.

UOI: The students learned about market forces, supply and demand and what is a unique selling point. The class was put into groups for Market Day. In their groups they assigned who was in charge of different task.  They then created market research surveys, wrote letters to their social enterprise partners and began to think about different business ideas.

Website/Game of the week: The Factor Game

Purpose: To practice factors and to notice patterns in factors.


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