December 10-14

Our Week in Review:

UOI: This week the students chose a child right that they want to focus on for their Social Enterprise. After the break they will be put into groups and begin planning for Market Day.

We also had a learning summit where students presented on a topic of choice to a group of peers. They presented in a variety of formats. Some of them created digital books, others created movies, some used coding and others made slideshows. The students demonstrated significant improvement on their presentation skills.

Literacy:  The students wrote response texts about one of the books they read for their reading challenge.  They shared these book responses during our reading party on Friday. We then voted on our top 4D book choices to read during the holidays.

1. Amal Unbound                                         6. Guinness World Record Book 2019

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules          7. Hank Zipzer series

3. Weird but True series                               8. Wonder

4. Wayside School series                             9. The Mysterious Benedict Society series

5.  Harry Potter Series                                 10. Princess Cora and the Crocodile


Math: We practiced adding with decimals. We applied these skills to our problem solving in which we planned what to purchase for the class party.

Websites/Games of the Week: Lemonade Stand . and the app

Purpose:  Both of these games introduce students to the concept of profit and market forces. They also use addition and subtraction skills.

The students were introduced to lemonade stand this week and will be introduced to pizza shop after the break.  If your children play the game, please ask them questions such as:

Why did you set the price to what you did? What do you think affected your profit?  Did the sunny weather help you sell more lemonade or less? What decisions did you make to help you make more profit?



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December 3-7

Here are some pictures of our week.


Our Week in Review:

Literacy: In reading we stared a new reading challenge.  We are calling it the 10 for 10 challenge.  The goal is to get students reading regularly and excited about reading as we head off to the holidays. The students should be reading their normal 20 minutes of reading a night. They need to keep track of the number of pages they read in the night as well as what happened in the section they read.  At school they will have additional daily reading time as well as time to log their reading in Biblionasium.  If they reach their goal of 10,000 pages over 10 days by next Friday, we will have a class book party.  I will provide some cookies and drinks. You are welcome to send something to school as well but you aren’t required to. The students should bring in their favorite book that they have been reading. We will share our recommendations with each other and celebrate reading.






Math: Our focus in small groups this week was on being able to describe the chance and probability of an event occurring. In our problem solving sessions we focused on adding and subtracting and multiplying.

Math Problem of the Week

Our problem this week would be a good one to repeat at home. The students were told they had won $200 (but they also repeated the activity with either a million or a thousand dollars).  They then got to spend the money on toys of their choice.  They kept track of their money using a budgeting form.  Then they repeated the activity but this time they spent the money on helping children access their child rights.  This problem had some great Math and could also spark some really interesting family conversations.

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