Teachers Learn Ways to Design Concept-Based Curriculums

As part of plans to further develop concept-based curriculums to UNIS Hanoi, Middle and High School teachers spent their professional development time last week evaluating how students learn. 

In collaboration with Michelle Kuhn, a concept based curriculum specialist, teachers were asked to consider why they want students to know key facts or why students should be able to perfect a particular skill. According to experts of the concept-based curriculum approach, learning should be more than memorizing facts, figures and dates; learning should encompass big ideas. These ideas say experts, lead to ‘broader and cross-curricular’ learning. 

Throughout last week, workshops were held subject by subject, enabling subject teachers from Grade 6 to 10 a chance to review what each grade level delivers and how they could further align their units to ensure the student experience was seamless across the Middle Years Programme (MYP). IB Diploma teachers also met with Michelle and focussed on making sure topics taught in the IB Diploma aligned with the MYP while also being useful in real life scenarios.  

Learn more about concept based learning here: https://www.onatlas.com/blog/concept-based-learning-curriculum