Being a Successful Online Learner at UNIS Hanoi MS and HS

Distance Learning is different from Face-to-Face. Distance Learning changes the way we use time and space. It changes the structure of learning. It requires a mutual understanding about learning outcomes and tasks, and asks us to do so without the benefit of being in direct contact.

Providing a robust programme as a school is one of the first steps. Having students engage in the learning is another. In order to maximize the Distance Learning potential, we all need to; Be Active, Be Steady and Reliable, Be Playful, and Be Resilient!

Here is an article from Global Online Academy, experts in online education for 10 years, that gives us some helpful tips. We are a member school and several of our teachers are enrolled in their course: Designing for Online Learning. 

If you have questions, let us know by contacting teachers directly, mentors, or your child’s grade level leader.  We’re all in this together! Keep up the engagement and thank you!