Distance Learning Checklist

This past week we have conducted an exercise in each student’s class to help ensure that students are developing in-depth and enduring understandings around our key learning objectives during Distance Learning.  In order to complete the checklist, students were guided through a teacher-led review of past weeks and the learning objectives associated with the activities accomplished.  Students then self-reported their level of understanding as “secure, partially secure, and no knowledge”. The data derived from this process will allow us to achieve the goals of;

  • Celebrating the learning that has been happening by making it visible to students, teachers and parents
  • Assisting teachers to make informed decisions about revision, reteaching and necessary adjustments in upcoming tasks and assessments
  • Validating the work and effort that students, teachers and parents have put in during Distance Learning by tying it directly to achievement of standards

Thank you for inquiring with your students as to how they may be feeling in their classes about this exercise and their learning. As always, if you have questions, please ask.

Marc Vermeire

Graphic credit:
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