Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences – November 21-22

Dear Middle School Parents, 

We will be holding Parent Teacher Conferences on November 21 and 22

This is  a wonderful opportunity for you as parents to meet with your child’s teachers to discuss his/her progress in the subjects as well as asking any questions about your child’s experience at school.    

The conferences will be on 2 days from 10.00 until 18.00. Appointments with each teacher are 10 minutes in length. Though this is the formal time for you to meet with teachers, please remember that teachers are available before or after school upon request.

To sign up for the meetings, please follow THIS INSTRUCTION or view this VIDEO TUTORIAL. The sign up will be available on your Veracross portal from November 11 until November 18

Please note that this sign up procedure does not apply for Counsellors. If you would like to set up meeting, please email directly to your child’s Counsellor as follow: 

G06 and G08 – Ms Sandra Flores – sflores@unishanoi.org or 

G07 Mr. Anwer Kamal – mkamal@unishanoi.org 

Please don’t sign up for Academic Prep, 1st Quarter iBlock, or Wellness teachers. You can meet with these teachers outside of conferences if you feel the need.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact our Middle School office at mspsecretary@unishanoi.org or msdpsecretary@unishanoi.org

Marc Vermeire
MS Principal

MRISA Art Exchange is open for Application

What is the MRISA Arts exchange (MRISA AX)

Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA) carries out sports/arts exchange among 6 international schools in the region. The arts exchange is a fun-packed three-days of Arts workshop in music, dance, drama, and visual arts on March 18-22 at Vientiane International School in Laos.

What is expected of participants?

Selected participants will be involved in weekly after school workshops run by teachers and students January-March.

Selected participants will be in charge of creating and leading their very own workshop to present at the Art Exchange. 

Selected participants will be travelling to Vientiane International School in Laos to take workshops in their chosen discipline as well we exploratory workshops.

Selected participants will be staying with a hosted family in Laos.

* See video from last year’s exchange for a clearer understanding.

Who should apply

Students grade 6 -12 who have a passion for the arts and wish to dive deeper into a chosen discipline.

Students who are willing to collaborate with other students from MRISA schools.

Students who are responsible and respectful.

Students who are comfortable travelling to another country and be hosted by a family in Laos. Families need to be able to host future visiting students from MRISA or APAC events

Who will be selected

  • Only 20 students will  be able to attend
  • 5 for each discipline: Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts
  • Selection will be based available spaces application questions and  teacher recommendations.

How do you apply

Complete the application form  by November 22.

Come and speak to Ms Wise or Ms Graham if you have any questions.

Grade 6 Math Lessons

Grade 6 students have just completed their first MYP Mathematics unit in which they inquired into how operations work on whole numbers. They started by exploring how our current number system has developed over time, which they will continue in our second unit as we branch out from whole numbers to rational numbers. Next, they looked at how operations can be applied to whole numbers in a variety of ways. To do this they inquired into the relationship between using “concrete” manipulative models and “abstract” algorithms. They finished the unit debating that while there are different strategies to solve a problem, are some strategies more effective and efficient than others?

We are now moving on to our second unit which is an inquiry into the Rational Real Numbers and will be driven by the following questions:

Statement of Inquiry:
Equivalent number quantities can be represented in different forms and used to express ideas creatively.

Guiding Questions:


  • What are the different forms used to represent number quantities?
  • What is equivalence?
  • What is pattern?


  • How do real world situations influence which form of a number we should use?
  • How can we describe patterns?


  • Is the appropriate form of a number always the same?

All units in MS Mathematics are aligned with Australian Curriculum Standards. The specific standards of focus in unit 2 are:

Number and Operations Pattern Probability and Statistics









To support students varying levels of ability we are using two platforms to personalise student learning. IXL “teacher recommended” practice problems are assigned both by grade level as well as personalized to individual students based on need. Additionally, we are using the “Challenge by Choice” Enrichment Programme where students are empowered to decide what level problems are best for them to explore. For example, “green level” practice starts at grade level, “blue level” reaches a bit further, and “black level” is significantly more advanced. This is available and encouraged with all of our MS students providing the opportunity to both personalize learning and extend appropriately on selected topics while also promoting student agency.

Finally, a reminder that students are encouraged to practice mathematics at home for 10-15 minutes, 4-5 times per week. Practice at home should look like:

  1. Finishing practice set problems given each lesson with student guided notes
  2. Starred “teacher recommended” problems on IXL

Please do not hesitate to contact the math team with questions or concerns.


MS Mathematics Team

From the Middle School Counsellors

Dear UNIS Parents & Community,

Students at the Middle School Level continue to meet regularly with counsellors via counselling classes and individual meeting requests. As we move forward into semester two, please know counsellors are available to support students upon parent request as well. To find out more information about the Middle School counselling programme and other resources please access the following link: MS Parent Resources

These resources can also be found on the Veracross Parent Portal under the “Parent Resource Section” & “Student Success Team Resources for Parents.”


Grade 6
In counselling classes, grade 6 students are focusing on learning styles and organisational strategies.  

Counsellor: Sandra Flores sflores@unishaoi.org  

Grade 7
In counselling classes, grade 7 students are focusing on further development of organisational skills.

Counsellor: Anwer Kamal akamal@unishanoi.org 

Grade 8
In counselling classes, grade 8  students are finishing up inquiry regarding gender stereotypes. 

Counsellor: Sandra Flores sflores@unishaoi.org 

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MS Parent Information Session

Dear Middle School Parents,

The MS principal, counsellors and technology/innovation coach hosted a MS Parent Session for a two-part presentation. In preparation for the MS Parent Teacher Conference on November 21st and 22nd, the first part of the presentation focused on “How to get the most from your parent teacher conference“. The second part of the presentation focused on “Managing Screen Time and Creating Supportive Boundaries.

Initial discussions was around what types of questions to ask, how to have a meaningful discussion about your children’s courses, how does feedback and reporting work in your student’s courses, and how to follow-up with what you learn during conferences to make the most of your child’s educational experience.

The second discussion focused on updated recommendations regarding screen time for middle school-aged children and how to use supportive boundaries to manage and respond to the increased demand for screen time in the digital age.

The slides from the parent information session can be found here.

Thanks to the 35 MS Parents that were there!

Marc, JJ and the MS Team

Supporting Middle Schoolers’ Reading: the Wider Reading Programme

At UNIS Hanoi, we aim to develop engaged, independent and confident readers. In Language and Literature classes, students:

  • are required to always be reading a book – novel, memoir or non-fiction – in addition to the texts we study in groups or as a whole class
  • visit the library at least once per unit to borrow books and hear from Mrs Hodgson about new and exciting titles in the library
  • complete an assessment task which requires them to make connections between their wider reading and the concepts and contexts we are exploring in class
  • spend ten minutes at the beginning of every lesson on wider reading or free writing.

Wider reading in each unit is supported by a LibGuide – a list of further texts available in the UNIS Hanoi library relevant to students work in class at the time.These lists are not exhaustive, and we always encourage students to pursue their own interests in their reading, but the LibGuide can be a great place to look for inspiration. Here are the LibGuides for our upcoming units.

Links to this information can also be found on the Wider Reading page for each grade level on our MS Language and Literature website.

As a Parent, How Can I Support My Middle Schooler Reading?

As a parent, some simple and effective strategies include:

  • recommend your favourite books to your children
  • discuss what they are reading
  • read books they recommend
  • model good reading habits; make sure they see that you are a reader
  • discuss what you are reading
  • be a little flexible about bedtimes if they are staying up a little later to read
  • remove electronic devices from bedrooms
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Hanoi Band Evening

On October 25, students representing ensembles from HIS, Concordia, St. Paul’s, and UNIS Hanoi put all their skills and individual practice together to form an ensemble of 80 student musicians.  After two rehearsals the group performed.

Enjoy pictures and videos of the rehearsal and performance here. Highlights for students were meeting others who are excited to play and perform music, playing music and spending time with old friends, and of course a celebratory pizza dinner!


Middle School Updates

Hello Middle School!

Veracross Gradebook Reminder 

What an exciting time of year!  We’ve done trip week, had an autumn break, and celebrated UN Day!  We’ve also come to the end of the first quarter of the year (October 25th).  It is an important time for families to develop an understanding of how their children are achieving academically at UNIS Hanoi Middle School.

Beginning last year, the Middle School started using the Veracross Gradebook to communicate more fluidly with students and their families.  As a MS faculty, we agreed that through this more dynamic communication, all would benefit.  Celebrations and concerns can be addressed when they arise, rather than waiting, and students see the impact of weekly efforts on their achievements.  

If you haven’t had the opportunity to take a look through your student’s Veracross Gradebook, please do. If you have questions for individual teachers, please do reach out to them via email, and, as always, the Middle School Office Team welcomes your comments and suggestions.

GOA Course for Grade 7 Students 

This week, our Grade 7 students started a Global Online Academy course called Growth, Grit and Gratitude. In this two-week course, students will design a personalised wellness toolkit packed with life hacks that will serve them well throughout their time in school and beyond. They will identify their strengths, use them when faced with a challenge, and explore strategies to change the way they think to affect how they feel and act. 

The course will be framed around three concepts: growth, grit and gratitude. Students will explore and develop their ideas of what it means to live life with purpose, a sense of power over how they think and feel, and the ability to create and sustain a sense of well-being. Students walk away from this module with an understanding of actions they can take to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.  In addition, they will benefit from trying an online course format, something they will definitely experience in their future.

If you are a Grade 7 parents and haven’t heard about it yet, ask your student, check your email, and take a look…really great stuff!

Happiness, stress, and Well-Being 

How happy and content are you?  How do I manage the bad stress I feel from various activities? How does the amount of sleep I get impact my motivation in school?  All of these questions and more are part of our “UNIS Hanoi Middle School Well-Being Tracker” survey that starts tomorrow. Students will be asked to reflect on the past 24hrs to answer the questions. In addition, there will be links included to help answer questions and offer support and celebration. The survey will go out weekly and the data will be used in conjunction with counseling and mentorship activities. If you have questions, please see your student’s email for a copy of the survey or stop by the Middle School Office.

Thanks for your support!
Marc, JJ, and the MS Team

MSHS Band Concert

On Friday, October 25, Middle and High School Band and Orchestra students from Hanoi International School, Concordia International School, St. Paul International School and UNIS Hanoi will combine to put on a short performance in the UNIS Hanoi Theatre from 6:00-6:15pm.

The students have been preparing their parts at their respective schools and will come together on Friday afternoon to put all the parts together for the performance. No Tickets are needed to attend, but make sure to bring an ID or your UNIS ID Badge to enter the school.

This is the second year this event has happened and it is a wonderful way to bring students together through music. Come by to hear a short and FUN performance before enjoying your weekend!