Raising Boys with Love – Parenting Talks with MSHS Counsellors

When it comes to parenting, do we need to treat our boys and girls differently? On what basis? What are our cultural perceptions and expectations of boys? What does research tells us?  What do our male students tell us they need? MSHS Counsellors will share practical information which can help support the holistic development from ‘boys to men’.

Parents to boys in middle and high school should attend this workshop if they …

  • Would like to share their concerns and/or strategies with other parents and the MSHS Counselling team.
  • Appreciate practical suggestions and information as to how they can support their child/children navigate through adolescence.

For questions, please contact the kjackson@unishanoi.org.

If you wish to attend, please complete the registration form.

Semester 1 MSHS Arts Exhibition – January 14-30

Come explore the amazing work done by our Grades 6-10 students during their Art classes in Semester 1.

This exhibition demonstrate different visual art techniques in a variety of different subjects. While the 6th graders created images using both their drawing and digital media from their Cuc Phuong field trip, grade 7 chose to look into history, folklore and literature to create Mythical Creature Prints. Grade 8 artists are excited with their Artist Trading Cards inspired by their lives in Hanoi that they created during the unit ‘It’s Not What you Draw, It’s How You Draw It’.  You will be blown away with Grade 9’s thought-provoking artworks as they created new images by appropriating and reworking existing artworks. And finally Grade 10 students will treat our eyes with a series of stunning self-portraits which are rich in personal symbolism but also communicate with a wider audience.

See you in the Centre for the Arts next week!

MYP Parent Information Sessions

Dear Parents of MYP students,

You are invited to attend our Semester two MYP information sessions. There are two different types of sessions which are designed to support our parents in developing a deeper understanding of the MYP here at UNIS Hanoi.  These are a repeat of sessions offered earlier in the year.


Session 1 is on January 22, 18:30 – 19:30 in the Community Room (B7-104). This is a MYP Information evening with presentation and Q&A session. During the session, we will cover

  • What is the MYP?
  • How does my child learn?
  • How does grading work?
  • Key and related concepts, Assessment, Inquiry

Session 2 is on January 29, 08:30 – 10:00 in the Community Room (B7-104). Different from session 1, this second session is a MYP interactive workshop with example classroom activities following by a Q&A session. Parents will also have the possibility to walk around MYP classroom, learn more about Global Contexts, Atls skills, and the IB Learner Profiles.

Please register your attendance using this sign up form

For more information please contact:  Daniel Cooper at mypcoordinator@unishanoi.org

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MSHS Counselling Corner

I trust that parents will join me in appreciating the efforts of my G6-9 Counsellor colleague, Ms Paula Wilcox and wish her a happy maternity leave.  As much as Paula will be missed, let’s all ensure that the ‘cover’ Counsellor – Ms. Susan Renaud, feels welcomed into our UNIS Hanoi Community. Susan is due to start with us on 7 January and I am looking forward to supporting her transition, and working in partnership with her.    

With regards to dates in your diaries, the MSHS Counselling team will be facilitating a series of parent workshops in 2019 starting on 25 January, whereby we will be focusing on supporting the holistic development of ‘boys to men’.  If parents interested in attending wish to share what objectives they would like from the workshop, please contact me before the 11 January at kjackson@unishanoi.org.

G9 Counselling lessons have, focused upon skill building including how to reduce procrastination – a topic which specific students and parents have recently raised with Counsellors.  Middle School Counselling lessons have recently been building upon UN Day, in considering how we embrace that students will be celebrating the upcoming holiday from differing perspectives and cultures. So on this note, l finish by wishing our UNIS community a very joyful December-January break, and the Counselling team looks forward to a successful 2019!

Kirk Jackson
Grade 6 – 9 Counsellor

Makers Club Opening Soon

Are you into robots and apps making? Would you like to create things from cardboard or simply enjoying making things?

Join The Makers Club starting on January 8 at 12.10, room B6-108. The Club will meet every Tuesdays. All Middle School students are free to drop by!

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Run for Fun and for School on the Boat

Middle School Fun Run – Friday, 14 December 13.30. Starting on the sports fields.

After lunch on Friday, 14 December, Middle School students and staff will be charging 5km around Ciputra in the annual MS Fun Run. We are also inviting parents who would like to participate or cheer on the runners.

This year, we are calling for runners to run in their most awesome costume. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative and entertaining costumes.Just remember that costumes should be appropriate to the school dress code.

All runners will also be issued with a sponsorship form to fundraise for School on the Boat – an organization that helps disadvantaged children living along the Red River near the Long Bien bridge.

UNIS has an ongoing relationship with School on the Boat, and this year a Grade 8 Service Learning Group are partnering with the NGO throughout the year. So please get behind our Middle School kids to recognise their efforts and support a great cause.

Food and drinks will be on sale after the race, with proceeds also going to School on the Boat. Please bring cash to purchase post-race snacks.

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Bringing SDGs Knowledge to the next Level

Over the course of this week, all 7th Grade home bases applied their knowledge of the SDG’s to a better extent. Because this week was SDG week, all 7th graders were attended to by guest speakers that had completed some sort of action related to at least one of the 17 sustainable development goals; this encompassed the G9 students who briefly talked about how they were helping those in rural poverty.

Tod Pollack from the Harvard Medical Center also came to explain how poverty is depriving many Vietnamese citizens of getting the medical aid they need; specifically for HIV which is quite common in rural areas. Another guest speaker talked about NGO work and climate action related to the dangers we are facing and could face in the near future.

The 7th graders then applied what they had learned to fabricate a list of what SDG’s they think are the most and least important. The intentions were, of course, to show how much SDGs are seen in daily life as well as how we can make a difference.

All these guest speakers had made an impact on society in some way which is the path we, 7th graders, should be influenced to follow as a result of identifying the importance in all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Kaylin Slewka

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Supporting the SDG’s in Language Acquisition

During the grade 10 1st unit of Advanced French under the theme of “Media and Society”, we explored how “Social & Individual bias can be changed through the creative use of media”.

To do so, we learned how advertising campaigns are made, investigated persuasion and other language features that help us convey messages and convince people. The final product of this unit was a publicity campaign for a SDG of student’s choice.

The results were of excellent quality and deserve being shown.

Here are some of the students’ thoughts and works about the importance of doing this kind of project:

“…these type of projects are important to do in french class because while it helps us expand our french vocabulary it also informs us about real life current events that is happening in our generation. It helps us because these are real life problems and we will be able to discuss it in french”

“this is an important project because it is a fun way for us to learn about the SDGs, and raise awareness about them. We are able to apply our French skills to something that matters in the world around us so that we can make a difference”


And what they’ve learned:

“I was able to develop my skills and practice using language to persuade an audience. I carried out methods that we learned to create an advertisement and also describe one afterwards.”

“I learned new vocabulary words and sentence structures. I also learned about the general attitude toward my topic in the francophone world.”

“I learned about the SDG quality education. I inquired into how this SDG is relevant in francophone countries in Africa. I learned that many children around the world do not have access to a quality education, and I learned many factors as to why, especially in Africa. This project educated me a lot about education related issues, and it also helped me see how I can spread the word and make a difference.”