Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences – November 21&22

Dear Middle School Parents, 

We will be holding Parent Teacher Conferences on November 21 and 22

This is  a wonderful opportunity for you as parents to meet with your child’s teachers to discuss his/her progress in the subjects as well as asking any questions about your child’s experience at school.    

The conferences will be on 2 days from 10.00 until 18.00. Appointments with each teacher are 10 minutes in length. Though this is the formal time for you to meet with teachers, please remember that teachers are available before or after school upon request.

To sign up for the meetings, please follow THIS INSTRUCTION or view this VIDEO TUTORIAL. The sign up will be available on your Veracross portal from November 11 until November 18

Please note that this sign up procedure does not apply for Counsellors. If you would like to set up meeting, please email directly to your child’s Counsellor as follow: 

G06 and G08 – Ms Sandra Flores – sflores@unishanoi.org or 

G07 Mr. Anwer Kamal – mkamal@unishanoi.org 

Please don’t sign up for Academic Prep, 1st Quarter iBlock, or Wellness teachers. You can meet with these teachers outside of conferences if you feel the need.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact our Middle School office at mspsecretary@unishanoi.org or msdpsecretary@unishanoi.org

Marc Vermeire
MS Principal

Screen Time Management

Managing screen time for children can become a full-time job for parents.  While not always bad, and sometimes necessary, screen time is an issue that should be at the forefront of discussion with our “tech native” students.

This article from the Austrailian government, this one from Empowering Parents, and the accompanying slides from a recent Middle School Parent Session may help to build parent’s understanding and direction around screen time for their child.  It is a topic that takes all of our understanding and support.

Thanks for reading!

MS Parent Information Session

Dear Middle School Parents,

The MS principal, counsellors and technology/innovation coach hosted a MS Parent Session for a two-part presentation. In preparation for the MS Parent Teacher Conference on November 21st and 22nd, the first part of the presentation focused on “How to get the most from your parent teacher conference“. The second part of the presentation focused on “Managing Screen Time and Creating Supportive Boundaries.

Initial discussions was around what types of questions to ask, how to have a meaningful discussion about your children’s courses, how does feedback and reporting work in your student’s courses, and how to follow-up with what you learn during conferences to make the most of your child’s educational experience.

The second discussion focused on updated recommendations regarding screen time for middle school-aged children and how to use supportive boundaries to manage and respond to the increased demand for screen time in the digital age.

The slides from the parent information session can be found here.

Thanks to the 35 MS Parents that were there!

Marc, JJ and the MS Team

MYP Parent Info Session

On Friday September 27, an MYP Parent session was held in the community room. It focused on how the MYP fits into the IB continuum in the way students are taught, assessed and with the skills that are developed. The connections between the PYP’s transdisciplinary themes and the Global Contexts of the MYP were explored and how they are used as entry points to real world inquires.  

We also looked at how the MYP can be viewed through the progression of the command terms and Approaches to Learning skills (ATL skills). We identified the command terms that are introduced to students in Grade 6, 8 and 10 and discovered how they grow in complexity throughout a student’s time in the MYP.  We took a closer look at this by focusing on the ATL skill of Communication to get a deeper understanding of the 24 sub communication skills that are taught throughout the MYP.  Thinking about how parents can help at home, we also looked at selected ATL skills that support inquiry-based learning and discussed ways that parents can engage their children in learning.

To finish our time together we explained how tasks and assignments are assessed through achievement level descriptors in the MYP and how end of year grades are determined by teachers.

If you missed this session, here’s the link to the presentation.

We would like to offer more specific workshops to assist in parents understanding of the MYP, if you have a particular aspect of the MYP that you would like to examine, please get in touch. 

Daniel Cooper

Middle School Parent Session – Friday, September 20

Dear Middle School Parents,

We are excited to invite you to the first Middle School Parent Information Session of 2019/20 on Friday 20 September. We will be discussing not only the first month of school and MS Trips, but also highlight our divisional focus on Student Success. Jennifer Coleman, our MS Learning Support Teacher and Student Intervention Team Lead will be on hand, as well as, our new MS Counsellors, Ms. Sandra Flores and Mr. Anwer Kamal. Please come!

The parent sessions are a result of listening to your feedback about busy times on campus and aim to incorporate “mini-sessions” that will include programme information, upcoming event highlights, and open Q&A.

Please note that while all sessions throughout the year will be held in B7’s Community Room, the times do vary between morning and noon during the year. Grab a coffee or snack from the canteen and come join us. We look forward to sharing with you about our UNIS Hanoi Middle School!


Marc, JJ, and the MS Team

MYP Parent Information Session – September 27

Before MS Open Classrooms begin at 12pm on September 27, please join us to learn more about the MYP and how it is taught here at UNIS Hanoi.

We will cover the following topics in this one-hour session:

  • What are the aims of the MYP?
  • What do Inquiry-based, concept-driven and global contexts mean?
  • The IB continuum: How do the PYP, MYP, and DP fit together
  • How can parents help at home?
  • How are students assessed in the MYP?

Daniel Cooper
MYP Coordinator