MS/HS Sports Day – March 29

This year’s middle and high school sports day will take place on the afternoon of March 29 from 11:45 to 15.25. This event is a wonderful opportunity for our students to unwind from a busy portion of the school year as they participate in a range of fun activities in their house groups.  The schedule for March 29 is included below.

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The UNIS Hanoi Math Team Came Home with Pride

On March 4, the twelve UNIS Hanoi students from the South East Asia Math Competition (SEAMC) team returned to Hanoi with several medals and 4 Golden ticket invitations to the World Mathematics Championships hosted at the University of Melbourne.

In early March, 7th -9th grade UNIS Hanoi students traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to participate in two intense and fun filled days of mathematical challenges hosted at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The students worked hard in preparation for the big event, meeting with their math coaches after school on Fridays to practice their math skills and strategies. There were rounds of code breaking, lightning, duel, pursuit, open, mathematician, and more! Some rounds required teamwork and other rounds required knowledge itself. Each team also gave a three minute presentation at the event based on what inspired them about mathematics in the natural world.

Overall the SEAMC students were challenged, had a great learning experience, had loads of fun doing mathematics, and had a lot of success on the international stage.

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Middle School Parent Coffee Morning

Dear Parents,

Thank you for the fantastic turn-out and great questions for our Middle School Parent Coffee. Current parents, as well as upcoming parents were presented with the course request process for MS.

We then had a meeting with the rising G06’s (current grade 5s) to discuss the course request process. Everyone is excited about what’s next “from the middle”!

If you couldn’t make it to the meeting, you could listen to it here.

Thanks for your support! –

Marc Vermeire and JJ Akin

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Middle School French: A Tech Magazine Project

Middle school students who are taking French class have worked hard on a project about their favourite technology. Students were asked to create an article explaining  the advantages and disadvantages of their chosen technology.

They then combined their articles into a very informative magazine. Enjoy reading about technologies in french: UNIS Hanoi French_MS Technologie magazine-123f516

Grade 7 Service Learning Trip to Pu Bin

Last Thursday & Friday, a group of 7th-grade students had an overnight trip to a school in Pu Bin for the first of two service trips. Next service trip will be in April with a different group of 7th-grade students.

They provided the school with sports equipment, a variety of Vietnamese books, educational toys, and fun.

The main purpose of this visit was to set up a relationship, research and genuinely interact with both students and staff. This, in turn, gave us an insight into the real needs of this group and how to convert this service trip into actionable outcomes.

The students from UNIS Ha Noi and Pu Bin were both a little nervous at the start but soon settled into enjoyable interactions that we feel will leave some lasting memories. Earlier in the year Grade 7 students designed and made educational toys with a service outcome in mind. These not only excited the students in Pu Bin but also served as a great ice breaker.

Look out for fundraising booths at the Spring Fair as proceeds will go toward products and materials the school has indicated would best ‘service’ their requirements.

A big thanks to all involved, Grade 7s, teachers and a special thanks to Mr. Campbell and Mr. Thuy for their organisation and support !

Math Olympics

This past Saturday, February 23rd, the ten Middle School students and ten High School students came together and participated in the Math Olympics at The Wellspring International School in Long Bien. Twelve schools participated, including UNIS,with twenty-three teams each in the Middle School and High School.

The students had a great time participating in a variety of mathematical problem solving challenges.  In the end, UNIS finished second, overall, with one of the High School teams placing first. It was great to see our students working collaboratively and enjoying themselves at the competition.

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Exploring Seesaw in Middle School Design

Over the past semester, the MS Design Team has been prototyping Seesaw as a way to enhance student engagement by allowing them to respond to tasks in a variety of ways. Whether students posted a video reflection, a link to some written research, or images of their products with an audio recording about the steps taken in their process…the benefits of using Seesaw were apparent.

In addition, parents seemed to enjoy the ability Seesaw has given them to see what their child is doing in the classroom immediately through the use of the mobile app. The likes and comments from both students and parents have dramatically increased our ability to give peer feedback and parent support.

One added highlight of this endeavor was that our MS Design Teacher and Curriculum Leader was recently selected as a Featured Author on the Seesaw platform. Brycen Davis’ MYP Design activities can now been seen and copied by teachers from around the world! As a result, in less than one month, over 3,500 students have participated in the formative and summative activities he has published.

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MS Academic Progress Report

Hello from the “Middle”!

We have completed the first semester of the 18/19 school year! You will be receiving a second report on the academic progress that your child is making here at UNIS Hanoi Middle School this Friday, January 25th.

The quarter 2 report will that show initial criteria levels in each course.  Criteria levels in MYP courses range from 1-8 and there are four criteria in each MYP course.  These levels have been arrived at by multiple pieces of formative and summative assessment evidence and represent the progress made by your student during this first half of the 18/19 school year.  

Comments are not part of this quarter 2 report.  Students receive regular feedback in their classes including comments designed to help them improve performance on future assessments.

You can begin to see this “live” feedback as UNIS Hanoi Middle School teachers have “opened” their Veracross Gradebooks for students and parents beginning this week.  You will be able to see posted assessment calendars, view teacher feedback, track assignment completion, and see levels of achievement on completed assessments. Clarity on student progress and parent ability to assist their students should all benefit from this process.  

All changes take time to implement and your patience and input are appreciated.  We will address questions that may arise as they come and during our March 15th UNIS Middle School Admin coffee mornings.

Thanks for your support –

Marc Vermeire and JJ Akin

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