Poetry and Hope

Grade 7 Language and Literature students have engaged in a Text Production where they have communicated their experiences in 2020 through either satire or a medium of their choice.
Grade 7 student, Oskar Vermiere, decided to write a poem that not captured the experiences of 2020 thus far, but to also offer hope and perspective:


By Oskar F. Vermeire

It was a world of waste and wonder

Of poverty and plenty.

The people came up with companies 

To trade across the land

But they got bigger than they ever planned

We noticed families stopped talking

That doesn’t mean they never spoke

And they threw away everything that broke.

And every day the skies grew thicker

Until you couldn’t see the stars

We filled the ocean with plastic

We polluted the world with no care

Until there was no world to spare

But then in 2020 when a new virus came

Everyone thought that the end was near

The media was demented

When it was time to give nobody seemed to care

While we all were locked up people

Our feelings were brushed off

And people started to notice

That it was also their fear

They remembered how to smile

They remembered how to laugh

And it seemed that people started to care

People started to say thank you

A lot more than before

And so when we found the cure

And were allowed to go outside

We all preferred the life we had found

Rather than the life we left behind

And I think to myself

Why did it take a virus to bring people back together?

Sometimes you need to get sick

To start feeling better.

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