From the Middle School Principal

Hello Middle School Parents, 

Thank you to the ~125 Middle and High School parents that responded to last week’s “First Week Back” survey.  We have gone through the responses and recommendations and would like to share some of the changes to restrictions that have impacted the student “climate” during this week’s classes.

Firstly, as suggested by many parents, students have been allowed to remove masks when in classrooms. Physical distancing must still apply and teachers and students are doing well to keep apart from each other. When moving around campus in between classes masks are still required.  

In classes, teachers have been focused on ensuring that the learning objectives covered while on Distance Learning have been reinforced and assessed. All Middle School students will receive reports containing criteria levels of achievement and grades for their year-long MYP courses. In addition, every student will receive comments on this end of year report. As always, if you have questions for your student’s teacher, please contact them directly.

We have been eating lunch in our HomeBase classrooms. Students have had the option of ordering from the canteen this week and the lunches are delivered to the rooms. After 25 minutes faculty and students are released to Wellness Opportunities.  This provides a structured 20 minutes of activity with mixed grade levels and social groups. Wellness Opportunities also occur during the afternoon break time. We have all really enjoyed this and thank the Co-curricular Team for their help in organizing.  Next week we will be using the iBlock for some other Wellness Opportunities and Inter House Competitions to provide exercise and fun!

The Summer ProgrammeSummer Programme – was also a topic of the survey.  Registration starts today!. Please do include a conversation this weekend with your children about the Passion Pursuits being offered in MS and how spending some time “at school” might fit nicely into summer vacation planning.

Our end of the year activities planning is in full swing. We are in the midst of our first virtual G05 Step-Up week and will be hosting a Grade 05 Parents Transition to Middle School Virtual Meeting next Friday, May 22nd at 9:30AM.  The virtual Middle School Performing Arts Showcase goes “live” on June 3rd and our Grade 08 Promotion will have live streamed components to be enjoyed on June 5th.  What a year it has been!

Thank you for your continued support –

Marc, JJ and the MS Team


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