MS Parent Information Session

Dear Middle School Parents,

The MS principal, counsellors and technology/innovation coach hosted a MS Parent Session for a two-part presentation. In preparation for the MS Parent Teacher Conference on November 21st and 22nd, the first part of the presentation focused on “How to get the most from your parent teacher conference“. The second part of the presentation focused on “Managing Screen Time and Creating Supportive Boundaries.

Initial discussions was around what types of questions to ask, how to have a meaningful discussion about your children’s courses, how does feedback and reporting work in your student’s courses, and how to follow-up with what you learn during conferences to make the most of your child’s educational experience.

The second discussion focused on updated recommendations regarding screen time for middle school-aged children and how to use supportive boundaries to manage and respond to the increased demand for screen time in the digital age.

The slides from the parent information session can be found here.

Thanks to the 35 MS Parents that were there!

Marc, JJ and the MS Team

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