From the Middle School Counsellors

Dear UNIS Parents & Community,

Students at the Middle School Level continue to meet regularly with counsellors via counselling classes and individual meeting requests. As we move forward into semester two, please know counsellors are available to support students upon parent request as well. To find out more information about the Middle School counselling programme and other resources please access the following link: MS Parent Resources

These resources can also be found on the Veracross Parent Portal under the “Parent Resource Section” & “Student Success Team Resources for Parents.”


Grade 6
In counselling classes, grade 6 students are focusing on learning styles and organisational strategies.  

Counsellor: Sandra Flores  

Grade 7
In counselling classes, grade 7 students are focusing on further development of organisational skills.

Counsellor: Anwer Kamal 

Grade 8
In counselling classes, grade 8  students are finishing up inquiry regarding gender stereotypes. 

Counsellor: Sandra Flores 

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