Supporting Middle Schoolers’ Reading: the Wider Reading Programme

At UNIS Hanoi, we aim to develop engaged, independent and confident readers. In Language and Literature classes, students:

  • are required to always be reading a book – novel, memoir or non-fiction – in addition to the texts we study in groups or as a whole class
  • visit the library at least once per unit to borrow books and hear from Mrs Hodgson about new and exciting titles in the library
  • complete an assessment task which requires them to make connections between their wider reading and the concepts and contexts we are exploring in class
  • spend ten minutes at the beginning of every lesson on wider reading or free writing.

Wider reading in each unit is supported by a LibGuide – a list of further texts available in the UNIS Hanoi library relevant to students work in class at the time.These lists are not exhaustive, and we always encourage students to pursue their own interests in their reading, but the LibGuide can be a great place to look for inspiration. Here are the LibGuides for our upcoming units.

Links to this information can also be found on the Wider Reading page for each grade level on ourĀ MS Language and Literature website.

As a Parent, How Can I Support My Middle Schooler Reading?

As a parent, some simple and effective strategies include:

  • recommend your favourite books to your children
  • discuss what they are reading
  • read books they recommend
  • model good reading habits; make sure they see that you are a reader
  • discuss what you are reading
  • be a little flexible about bedtimes if they are staying up a little later to read
  • remove electronic devices from bedrooms
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