Middle School Teachers Leaving in 2019

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. – Kofi Annan

This is the time of year when our entire community is in transition.  Members of our school community are either leaving, entering a new place, or being left behind. Transition impacts us all.  

Many of our teachers are also in transition.  We are grateful to the following educators who have put their hearts and souls into creating exceptional learning experiences for our students, and have contributed to our school values of Learning, Community and Responsibility.  

  • Donna Bracewell (10 years of service) – Moving to Kenya
  • Maurice Humphries (7 years of service) – Taking a sabbatical year
  • Paul Swanson (6 years of service) – Moving to Singapore
  • Medeha Zahid (6 years of service) – Moving to Lebanon
  • Lori Key (5 years of service) – Moving to Korea
  • Deborah Wells-Clinton (5 years of service)- Moving to Hanoi International School
  • Heidi Pullen (4 years of service) – Moving to Singapore
  • Joan Hargrave (3 years of service) – RETIRING after 42 years in education! Moving to Malaysia
  • Kirk Jackson (2 years of service) – Moving to UK
  • Paula Wilcox (2 years of service) – Going to be a full-time mother
  • Nicholas Valldejuli (1 year of service) – Moving to Czech Republic
  • Milene Magre (1 year of service)- Moving to UNIS Hanoi Elementary School French
  • Susan Renaud (6 months of service)- Moving to Thailand

These teachers have all been part of the fabric of our Middle School.  They have contributed to the incredible educational process with your students and for that, we are forever grateful.  Please make sure to join me and the other “stayers” in wishing them well as they move on to new adventures in life.




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