First-Quarter Down!

Parent-teacher Conferences
Thank you to all parents who came in to confer with me about the progress your child is making! I hope you found our time together as valuable and informative as I did.
At parent-teacher conferences, several of you asked for recommendations of good Math apps. After doing some research I would recommend the following:
Polyup is a free and open computational thinking playground where students can experiment with numbers and functions. Students will “mod”, or modify, a variety of expressions, equations, and algorithms to solve mathematical puzzles. It is available on the web and runs on any device, including Chromebooks, phones, and tablets.

This week was a very busy one for fourth graders! They displayed understandings of how the Earth surface changes over time due to natural processes and human activities through science investigation tasks. They explained their scientific procedures and conclusions, flaunting new vocabulary and knowledge gained.
Here is a link to the many videos and photos of your young scientist. Please encourage your child to share their learning with you. You can also access their knowledge and understanding from the Seesaw posts.

Maker-Space Exploration
At UNIS, we ensure that students are provided with the right opportunities and tools for our ever-changing world. Our relationship with technology and the fundamental way we understand how the world works is continually evolving. This week, our class had the chance to explore our ES Maker-Space. Your child collaborated, gaining new skills in using tools and working with a partner – replacing the ‘I’ with the power of ‘we’ as they engaged in a little fun challenge. They shared their successes and more importantly, their proud failures.

Guided Reading
Finally, we have kicked off our 4C & 4D guided reading program this week! Our ultimate goal is for your child to be an absolute independent reader and cultivate a love of reading. During our lessons, your fourth grader is provided with explicit instructions, in an ability grouping setting, that allows each individual to develop targeted literacy skills.
What are some features of Guided Reading?
• Teachers coach their groups as they read texts slightly harder than what they can read without support
• The groups are flexible, fluid and change based on an ongoing evaluation.
• The teacher leads a discussion of the text.
• If time allows, students do a few minutes of word work or guided writing.

Math Tips
Game of the Week: Race up the Rounding ladder
Purpose: To improve at rounding to a given place value
Materials: Rounding ladder game board and number cards
Alternatively, you could create a board by drawing a ladder with 20 rungs. The number cards could be replaced by rolling a dice 3 times on each turn to create a number.

Next Unit of Inquiry – How We Organize Ourselves
In preparation for our next UoI, please discuss the following with your child:
Central Idea
Social enterprises consider purpose and market forces when creating products and services.
Lines of Inquiry
How social enterprises consider purpose and needs and wants
The market forces that influence decision making
The process a social enterprise follows
Systems / Economics / Social Responsibility

Have a fabulous Autumn Break!

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