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How The World Works – Learning from others
Grade 4C students are provided opportunities to learn from their each other daily. This week’s highlight was learning from a student in our class during our unit of inquiry, How the World Works (Let’s Rock). Hamza brought in a model volcano and all materials to make it erupt. He gave a short introduction and explained what was happening, stating that magma rises and pushes through vents and breaks in the Earth’s surface. He continued by saying, “Magma that is erupting is called lava. Some eruptions are explosive and others are not”
Learning from others has plenty of benefits:
Build self-esteem in students
Develops oral communication skills
Develops higher level thinking skills
Promotes student interaction
Increases student retention
Enhances student satisfaction with the learning experience
Promotes a positive attitude toward the subject matter

We look forward to highlighting and learning from another student soon.

Math Coffee Morning
A big thank you to all parents who attended the Math Coffee Morning on Tuesday! I surely gained a great deal from the presentation and the hands-on, minds-on activities we engaged in!
Below is the link to the padlet shared at the coffee morning:
Math For Parents

Moon Festival
We celebrated Moon Festival in the ECC and ES on Thursday. This festival is mainly for children. Your child enjoyed a wonderful performance put together by students who attend Vietnamese World language classes at our ES assembly. The celebration was followed by toy making activities, students made lanterns, masks, decorated dragonflies, etc. They also enjoyed snacks provided by the Vietnamese and World language department.

International Day of Peace

Today, Friday, September 21st is International Day of Peace. Fourth graders part took in various peace activities. Please, have a chat with your child about what this day signifies. At UNIS, we follow the United Nations principles and observe this day that is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide us with a guideline to attend to and achieve economic and social development for all people everywhere and ensure that our rights are protected to build a peaceful world.

Global Goals Week – September 24 – 28
Next week is global goals week at UNIS. During this week we put the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and center in our thinking and our learning. As part of Global Goals week, we will be having a Nude Food Day on Friday 28 September. Put simply, nude food day means sending your child to school with a snack that contains no disposable packaging. For more information click here.


Saturday 22nd September – Community Connections Fair and Flea Market
Thursday 27th September – EAL Coffee Morning 8:30 – 9:30 (Parents of students who are receiving EAL support in the Elementary School. This is mostly relevant to new parents, though all parents for whom English is not their native language, are most welcome to attend.)Turtle Tower and Temple of Literature Rooms (B08b-115 & 116)
Saturday 29th September – Parent and Staff Sparkly Social (Purchase your ticket at the school shop)
Monday, 1st October – Parent-Teacher Conferences: No school for students (Sign up for a slot on Veracross; 10:00 am – 6:00 pm)

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