MUN Searches for New Officers

UNIS Hanoi’s Model United Nations (MUN) is on the hunt for new officers to join its Leadership Team. Applications are open from now until Friday April 24. Current Secretary-General, Harrison Wallace, is urging fellow students who are interested in human rights and global economic issues to get involved. 

He said, “I first joined MUN in Grade 9. I had always enjoyed debating in class, so I viewed MUN as a means to continue doing so. However, MUN ended up providing me with a lot more than just debating skills. MUN has made me more globally aware of issues and step away from the drama of politics. For those of us who’ve joined the Leadership Team we have grown to value human life more and recognise the ethics of our choices and actions. It helps us improve ourselves.”

The Leadership Team is looking for candidates who can collaborate, plan logistically, train others and lead. 


UNIS MUN – Our Completed Teams

We are proud to announce our finalised teams of THIMUN travelling delegates. All of the participants who signed up has shown incredible dedication and skills.

THIMUN Singapore will be taking place from 18-22 November 2019. For more information about the programme, please visit the THIMUN 2019  webpage.

Congratulations to our new THIMUN 2019 travelling delegates:

  1. Felix Shum
  2. Miki Takechi
  3. Jeong Ha Kim
  4. Sohan D’Silva
  5. Hong Hai Tran
  6. Francesco Silva
  7. Oskar Stenman
  8. Shin Young Kim
  9. Holly Seo
  10. Bao Chau Nguyen
  11. Dao Minh Trang
  12. Hannah Seo
  13. Kiet Nguyen
  14. Thu An Vo
  15. Vu Hoang Minh

Meet the THIMUN travelling team!

When asked about his favourite memory of the THIMUN Conference, Bao chau said: “THIMUN was a great experience. You get to meet people from everywhere around South East Asia. Some become your good friends, some not, but the experience is all worth it.

We are also extremely happy to announce the new Student Officers for the October conference.

The October conference is a Security Council Simulation created to familiarise UNIS delegates and Student Officers with the structure and procedures of an official MUN conference prior to the UNIS MUN March conference.The role Students Officers is immensely important as they are moderators of the conference.

The warmest welcome to our UNIS MUN 2019 Student Officers:

  1. Jeremy Smith
  2. Tiisetso Maema
  3. Miki Takechi
  4. Jeongha Kim
  5. Min Jae (Eileen) Kang
  6. Hanbee (Holly) Seo
  7. Sophie-Marie Schroeder

The Student Officers Workshop:

And last but not least, meet the ISPP Travelling team!

Stay tuned for our next update. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

ISPP MUN – Meet The New Travelling Team

The results are in! After a difficult process of evaluating a list of candidates with amazing potentials, the MUN Leadership Team has finalised the list of delegates who will be travelling for ISPP MUN.

The ISPP MUN Conference will be from 25 to 27 October with 20 participating schools, coming from all over Asia. For more information about the programme, please visit the ISPP MUN 2019 webpage.

When asked about the ISPP MUN Conference in 2018, Binh Vu shared:
It was an amazing experience, I got to meet many new friends. I was amazed with the passion and professionalism of students from other schools. It wasn’t just a trip focused on MUN. We had time to explore the beautiful culture of Cambodia.

Please be sure to congratulate our school’s future representative delegates in the ISPP MUN Conference. The warmest welcome to our 2019 ISPP travelling team:

  1. Nicolas Lyon
  2. Trang Pham
  3. Henry Behr
  4. Evan Schaag
  5. Charlie Vermeire
  6. Wilhelmina Dippe
  7. Khoi Ngo
  8. Bao Doan
  9. Harry Chowdhry
  10. Traves Lee
  11. Ho Yeon Yoon
  12. Madeleine van der Velden
  13. Duc Anh Nguyen
  14. An Nguyen
  15. Bao Ngoc Anh (Julia) Dang
  16. Heedong Cho

The results for THIMUN delegates will come out soon! Stay tuned for our next update.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

UNIS MUN – Time To Get Cracking

This week, the strong competition of getting a spot in ISPPMUN and THIMUN is beginning!

“Try-outs” for ISPP and THIMUN are available for every delegate who have been participating in MUN. ISPP and THIMUN are the travel teams that will represent UNIS Hanoi in conferences in Thailand and Cambodia.

Non-traveling delegates kick-start the year with a research workshop and a fruitful debate.

Minh Trang Dao, a new delegate share her experience:

“As a new delegate at UNIS MUN, I am very excited for what is to come. Everyone that I am working with, including the members of the Leadership Team, have all been very helpful and friendly. I have already made many new friends.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the UNIS MUN facebook page.

MUN Publicity Team

UNIS MUN – An Energetic Start

UNIS MUN starts strong with a new leadership team, new directors & new energetic membership

UNIS MUN welcomed its new members & had its first general interest meeting after school on 22 August with lively & intense debates on genetic cloning & artificial intelligence.

New members were introduced to professional debate structure, rules of decorum & diplomatic communication skills by returning delegates.

If you want to discuss & debate the main issues of the day, join us every Thursday from 15:30 to 16:30 in B8B.