DP Film Exhibition 2020 to Premiere Online

The graduating DP Film students of the Class of 2020 are excited to premiere their films with the official launch of the DP Film Exhibition. This year, all of the films will be available online via a virtual film exhibition screening. The films will be premiered on Monday, 4 May and a link to the playlist will be sent to high school students, faculty, staff and parents.

The DP Film students have worked incredibly hard on completing their final film project assessments, and have preserved through the challenge of distance learning to produce a wide variety of films that encompass different genres and storytelling modes. Each student undertook a specific production role, from screenwriting and directing to cinematography, editing and sound mixing, for these final film projects. We hope that you will enjoy the films when they premiere online.

CAS Spotlight – Summer Filmmaking Experience

Over the summer our current G12 students continued their CAS engagement with a variety of self-initiated experiences extending off of their skills and interests. 

In this CAS Spotlight, we highlight Nissa Hadi, Emma Dufour-Nogueria, and Duy Hoang as they took advantage of their summer free time by writing, producing, editing and acting in an independent film project!

Emma states, “My goals for this activity are to produce a film of quality both in terms of craft and in terms of storytelling. I hope to build on the skills I have been developing over the past year in the IBDP Film course, especially that of editing as it is a film element that I have found to be extremely engaging as well as a possible path to take once I enter University.” 

Nissa decided to reflect on Learning Outcome 7 during the post-production process , which addresses the benefits of working collaboratively.

I believe it was the smoothest phase of the whole film creation process, as when Duy (cinematographer) and I would have problems with anything we would tell Emma (editor) and give her suggestions on how the problem could be fixed…I noticed that, though we are a group composed of three unique individuals, our emotions heavily influence one another.

CAS creates an opportunity for learners to develop personal insight in a setting outside of the classroom. 

I feel that I could have been more patient/lenient during production and it may be that I could not help but micromanage throughout the filming process. This is something I will have to strive to correct in future productions. Despite that, I am happy with how the film turned out though the acting could use some work.” Emma, G12.

If you have a CAS experience you would like highlighted please contact Mr. Jarman at cascoordinator@unishanoi.org.