Financial Tools Debate in Grade 12 Business Management

To start off this fabulous decade, the Grade 12 Business Management class  began with an ecstatic debate on the financial tools of business. Split into groups, they research and created an infographic in preparation for the impending discussion. In contrast to previous infographics, this activity was in preparation for the final exams as it pushed them to more profound understanding to defend their arguments.

During the debate, opposing teams presented their infographics in 5-minute intervals and a Q&A section was taken place to further examine each team’s understanding of their respective tools. After each round, they’ve gotten closer and closer in selecting the most informative poster and presentation, which will be decided by their fellow critical colleagues. Despite the competitive nature of this debate, each round ended with a cordial handshake and all students left with a plethora of knowledge.

Join us in B5-G29 next week on Monday at 13:05 – 14:10 and Wednesday at 8:10 – 9:10 for an outstanding final debate!

Written by Li Hui Yip

DP Business Management IAs in the books: Now down to business…

We handed in our DP Business Management Internal Assessments this week and are now getting down to business, specifically Operations Management (OpMan) business.

OpMan ties together the main business management concepts (business organisation, human resource management, finance and accounts, marketing) we have been learning and it is best explored through case studies.

Thinking about our commitment to the mission of the Sustainable Development Goals, we began our inquiry into OpMan with a look at John Elkington’s “Three Pillars of Sustainability” and all of our case studies (McDonalds, Nestle, Vinmart…) are evaluated using sustainability as a major measure.

Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve added more to the analysis of our case studies including production methods, quality management, reaserch and development and crisis management.

Many of us used our work on this unit to improve our IAs!

This Friday, we will present and discuss our case studies.

BizMan meets in B5 G29 – invest some of your time with us

Jae Chan Lee