High School Back to School Night

Parents of students in Grades 9 – 12 will follow their child’s schedule, meet each teacher, and learn about classes. It is also an opportunity to meet the other parents in the class. This evening is targeted for parents not students. In an effort to further our school’s sustainability goals, the High School will not be printing student schedules. Parents are kindly asked to access student schedules via Veracross.

Parents can see their child’s schedule via the Veracross Portal: “How To View My Child’s Schedule”

Meet our new HS teachers

MS/HS Technology & Innovation Coach: Jonathan Ray Gomez

Jon’s life has centered around education in a variety of ways over the past nine years. Formally an English teacher from the USA, Jon has spent the preceding five years honing his areas of expertise and experience as a Design Teacher and Technology Coach. He most recently resumed said roles at Seisen International School. Jon has a Bachelor’s in English, and a Master’s in Instructional Technologies. He joins UNIS Hanoi with his wife Sandra (MS/HS Counsellor).


HS Counsellor: Franko Cifizzari

Franko, his preferred name,  has worked in education for 26 years, 15 years as a counsellor and has been in international schools since 1999. He was the Head of Counselling at Western Academy of Beijing before arriving at UNIS Hanoi. Prior to this, he worked as a DP coordinator at Bali International School in Indonesia, counsellor at the International School of Lausanne in Switzerland, IB teacher at ACS in Athens, Greece and originally began his career at a private school in California.

IB DP Global Politics, Business Management, and MYP HS Humanities Teacher: Stephan Anagnost

For the past 18 years, Stephan’s career included international peace building, human rights training & sustainable development work for the United Nations Organisation for Security & Cooperation in Europe, the Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights and as a private sector consultant. Stephan began his teaching career in 2008 at AIS Vienna, moved to the International School of Curacao in 2012 and prior to UNIS Hanoi taught Global Politics & TOK at the Lincoln Community School in Accra Ghana. He is married to Kay Strenio-Anagnost; they became full-time parents in November 2016 to their son Aaró.

Librarian/Media Specialist: Catherine Hodgson

Originally from Australia, Kate has over 30 years experience in classroom teaching and school libraries. Prior to coming to UNIS Hanoi, she worked at Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia, (20 years) and Seoul International School, South Korea (2 years) as well as several schools in Australia. Her husband Murray is currently in administration for a mining corporation in Indonesia. Australia is her homeland where her two grown sons, lovely daughter-in-law and gorgeous grand-daughter now  reside.

IBDP Biology/ESS: Joseph Christie

Joseph is Canadian and has been teaching science, primarily Biology, for the last 13 years. More recently, he has been focussing on the IB Sciences. After completing his Education degree from the University of Calgary, Joseph moved to South Korea where he met his wife, Lianne (MS Science) and was bitten by the travel bug. He has lived in Guatemala City, Alexandria, and recently Dubai with his wife and daughter.

MYP/DP French: Cynthia Frey

Cynthia has been teaching French over the past 16 years in the UK, Egypt,   Switzerland and Dubai. She currently teaches MYP and DP French at UNIS Hanoi. She also delivers MYP workshops, and is an examiner for IB French B.  Cynthia holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Management, and a Master’s in English Language and Civilization. Cynthia is from France, but has not lived there in a very long time! She speaks French, English, German, Arabic and some Spanish.

IBDP Biology and IBDP Chemistry/MYP Integrated Science Teacher: Carly Bilke

Carly is joining us following a position at the Catholic Education Office in Darwin, Australia. Her job there was to provide curriculum, assessment and instruction support to leadership teams and teachers in all Catholic secondary schools across the Northern Territory of Australia. Prior to this, Carly taught senior school Chemistry and Biology as well as middle school Science and Maths for 17 years. She has a Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma of Education and a Master of Educational Leadership.

EAL: Garry S Seabrook

Garry has been teaching EAL for the past 15 years, most recently for two years at the International School of Tianjin, China. Garry has an honors degree in English Literature, a Master of TESOL and Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning. He spent time recently at UNIS Hanoi, working in HS EAL, as part of his research for a doctorate. Garry’s wife is originally from Hanoi, and they have a son at the School.

HS Physical Education: Andrew James Ostrom

Originally from New York, Andy has been involved with teaching and coaching student athletes for over thirty years. In the United States he has taught school in North Carolina and Florida. Internationally, he has taught and coached at the Shanghai American School, and the International School of Beijing. Most recently he was a high school teacher at the American School of Guatemala. His wife, T.K., is working here as the Director of Enrolment and Marketing Management. They have two children.

Director of Enrolment and Marketing Management: Teri K. Ostrom 

T.K. began her career in the corporate industries advancing the mission and helping these organisations understand customer service including telling a story about their vision. Since leaving the corporate sector, she has spent 15 years in Admission/Advancement with schools in the United States, China, and Guatemala. She has also provided her expertise as a consultant with international schools throughout the world. T.K. has a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation and is from the United States.

D-12 Speech and Language Pathologist: Brian Walker

Brian has been a speech-language pathologist, providing therapy to children and adults, for more than 20 years.  Before becoming a SLP, he taught English in Papua New Guinea and China.  Most recently, Brian was the SLP at the American School in Japan. He has spent the last year traveling and working in Europe.  Brian and his wife are originally from the United States. 

School Health Centre Coordinator: Joanne Connolly (Jo)

Jo has been working as a Registered Nurse for 14 years in New Zealand and Australia and for the past 4 years as part of the clinical education team within the private healthcare sector in Australia. Jo has a Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing from New Zealand. During the 90’s Jo was an expat child in Hanoi for 7 years, which is where her passion for nursing was born. Jo has 2 children. Jo and her husband are originally from New Zealand.

Athletic Trainer: Marc Voicechovski

Marc is a Certified Athletic Trainer, dealing with the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Previously, Marc worked at the Delbarton School for 8 years and also worked for a physical therapy clinic, while serving as the Head Athletic Trainer for Mamaroneck High School. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training and a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences. Marc, and his wife Cydny, are from New Jersey, USA.

Arrival and departure Procedure for High School Students

As the school year begins, we wanted to remind parents and students of the importance of following arrival and departure procedures. This helps ensure student safety and well-being.

Students with a Study Block during Period 1 are required to check in at the HS Office to verify their presence on campus. This is part of UNIS Hanoi’s campus safety and security procedures to help ensure that in an emergency the school can accurately account for all students. Students are able to sign in from 7:45 am. If a student has not registered their attendance by 8:20 am (in person) they will be recorded as Absent on Veracross and the normal procedures for absences will be followed by the HS Office (e.g. calling home).

Bus Notification

For students who are registered on UNIS Hanoi buses, it is important for student safety and well-being that any changes in the normal bus booking is communicate from home to school. Parents should notify Mr Lai, Transport and Faculty Services Manager of any occasion when your son or daughter is not planning on riding the bus as normal. transportmanager@unishanoi.org

From the High School Counsellors’…

Please read below for important information related to social, emotional, academic, and university topics in the high school.

Dear UNIS Hanoi Parents & Community,

We hope everyone had a relaxing summer/winter break (depending on your hemisphere). Currently, the counsellors are working to ensure that all students have a smooth transition into their new grade level – both returning and new students to our community. We are all excited for the start of the year and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Each week you will be finding updated information that is grade specific and high school related.

In the high school, counsellors work with students related to social, emotional, academic and university issues and topics. Brenda Manfredi (Grades 10-12), Franko Cifizzari (Grades 10-12) and Anwer Kamal (Grade 9) will be supporting your child. Please feel free to reach out to your child’s counsellor if you have any concerns.



September 4, 2019  18:00 – 19:30

Post High School Applications – G12 Parent Session

Parent Information session regarding post-high school applications

For more information please contact:

Brenda Manfredi at bmanfredi@unishanoi.org
Franko Cifizzari at fcifizzari@unishanoi.org or
Room B8b – 115 & 116



An Underappreciated Key to College Success: Sleep



Grade 12 update

  • All Grade 12 students should be meeting with their counselor. Please encourage your child to make an appointment if they have not yet done so.
  • Grade 12 students should begin submitting drafts of all of their university essays and personal statements. The process of revising these is a crucial element for some of the student’s university application processes and students should be going through their UNIS Hanoi counsellor to receive feedback numerous times.

Grade 11 update

  • Students should meet with their counsellor if they have concerns regarding their classes or transition to UNIS Hanoi.
  • Information related to the PSAT examination in October will be sent out next month

Grade 10 update

  • Students should meet with their counsellor if they have concerns regarding their classes or transition to UNIS Hanoi.
  • Information related to the PSAT examination in October will be sent out next month.

Grade 9 update

  • Please keep your child’s counselor updated if you are concerned about their emotional or academic progress.



The ACT’s/SAT’s can only be taken by Grade 11 & 12 UNIS Hanoi students. Please see below for more information including testing dates for 2019-2020.

PSAT Exam for all Grade 10 students and optional for Grade 11 students
Wednesday Oct 16, 2019

SAT – Important:
College Board has taken extra security measure in test taker fraud.  If a student receives an email from the College Board to complete a survey or questionnaire, please do NOT ignore the email. It must be completed. Failure to do the survey would result in the student being removed from the test center roster and forbidden to take the exam that they have registered for.

Please note that this is a random selection process, and students do not need to panic if they do not get an email. We would like to remind students to check their junk inbox in case the College Board emails get delivered there by accident. Any questions, please see your counsellor!

International testing dates for the SAT are in October, December, March, and May. SAT Subject Tests will be available in October, November, December, May, and June. Students cannot sit the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests on the same day. If you have any questions, please see your counsellor.

SAT test dates for 2019-2020 are:

SAT Test Dates:         

  • Oct 5, 2019
  • Dec 7, 2019
  • March 14, 2020
  • May 2, 2020

SAT Subject Test Dates:    

  • Oct 5, 2019
  • Nov 2, 2019
  • Dec 7, 2019
  • March 14, 2020
  • May 2, 2020
  • June 6, 2020

** Please note that language tests with the listening component can only be taken on the November date.

Hard copy SAT information booklets are still available in our office (limited supply). Please note that all information on the SAT is available on the College Board website. (www.collegeboard.org)

ACT Test dates 2019-2020 are:

ACT Test Date:

  • September 14, 2019
  • October 12, 2019
  • December 14, 2019
  • April 4, 2020
  • June 13, 2020

All information required for registration (UNIS Hanoi high school code, UNIS Hanoi Test Center Code) is available on the board outside of  the High School Guidance Office or on Cialfo. If you are having problems registering online, please come to the high school guidance office and we will assist you.

*IMPORTANT: Students will need to have credit card information on hand during the registration process.



A complete and constantly updated list of university visitors can be found on the UNIS Hanoi calendar. Please check this regularly as last-minute changes can occur.

Grade 12 Extended Essay Work Day

Grade 12s who are undertaking the full IB Diploma have been working hard on their Extended Essays. “The extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper” (IBO). The Extended Essay Work Day provides students with focused time, access to supervisors to get targeted feedback and support prior to the draft deadline.

Here are some comments from students:

The EE day provided me with a lot of independent time to think and write which resulted in me almost finishing my evaluation and conclusion. During the day we were given useful resources (for example, a session learning about the format) and chances to ask questions which would have been more difficult to obtain without this day! (Flora Hamilton)

The EE workday helped me a great deal. It forced me to work on my essay which allowed me to polish my work and be happy with it. It was a great stress-free experience which I am sure was useful to all. It was nice having the opportunity to ask for help when needed. (Bohemond Iskandar)

The EE Workday helped me out tremendously as I am at a stage of hammering out the writing. I found the allocated time to be very generous and gave me the opportunity to relieve pressure off of other school work to only work on the EE. Furthermore, not only was I productive and focused, having time to take my own break was very helpful. I find that sometimes it is hard to focus on a fixed schedule so having my own timings were very helpful. Overall, enjoyed the day! (Richard Dang)

UNIS Hanoi’s (and the IB’s) Newest Class: DP Global Politics

18 UNIS Hanoi juniors are part of the first cohort at UNIS Hanoi to take the IB Diploma Programme’s newest class: Global Politics.

Global Politics combines discussion, research, debate, presentation techniques, leadership & collaboration skills towards the development of each students’ personal political paradigm.

Topics include human rights, sovereignty, the United Nations, development, power, peace & international relations.

Global Politics meets in B5-G29. Come join us!

UNIS MUN – An Energetic Start

UNIS MUN starts strong with a new leadership team, new directors & new energetic membership

UNIS MUN welcomed its new members & had its first general interest meeting after school on 22 August with lively & intense debates on genetic cloning & artificial intelligence.

New members were introduced to professional debate structure, rules of decorum & diplomatic communication skills by returning delegates.

If you want to discuss & debate the main issues of the day, join us every Thursday from 15:30 to 16:30 in B8B.

What’s new in High School?

Parents and Nannies Bringing Lunch for Students

Parents and/or their designees (home support staff) are welcome to bring lunch for High School (HS) students prior to daily lunch periods. However, please note that the HS office will no longer be able to store these lunches for students. If parents wish to have lunches brought for students it should be dropped off at the student’s locker. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

HS Student Commons

Our HS students now have a brand new, modern student space to study and relax in. We are looking forward to enlisting students in creating guidelines for its use.

Scott Schaffner
High School Principal

Summer Shopping – Dress for Success in 2019-20

UNIS Hanoi is a diverse international school. As such, there are students and adults on campus representing many different religions and cultures. All members of our learning community must be respectful of cultural and religious customs and comfort levels.

A number of years ago, our students created the dress code which we communicate in our High School Handbook (p.20) and as you prepare for next year, please be sure to include your wardrobe choices.

For your reference, it is copied below:

Students should wear comfortable clothing and footwear. They should also dress neatly and respect the diversity of the UNIS Hanoi community. Clothes should not be torn, dirty or unkempt. Extremes in styles should be avoided. Revealing clothing cannot be worn. No cleavage or underwear can be exposed.

The following represent standards of dress:

    • Shorts should fit properly with a reasonable inseam. Underwear cannot be visible nor can any part of the buttocks.
    • Shirts that expose the stomach or are low cut should not be worn.
    • T-shirt slogans should be respectful. No drug, alcohol, tobacco or slogans containing sexual innuendos.
    • Caps and hats should not be worn inside classrooms.
    • Students and teachers who are unsure about the appropriateness of dress should refer to the Deputy Principal who will make a final determination.
    • During special events, (school socials, dances and special dress days) dress code regulations may be altered.
    • Students who dress inappropriately will be asked to change immediately.
    • Footwear must be worn at all times. No bare feet on campus.

Dress codes in High Schools are historic friction points. Common sense and cultural awareness will guide the UNIS Hanoi standard of dress. Students not willing to attend to common sense dress code standards will be asked to change clothing and parents will be notified. These guidelines will be reiterated with students at the start of the school year.

Please note: Flip flops (thongs) are not allowed in the Design Technology or Science labs.

(High School Handbook 2018-19, p. 20)



Timetable for 2019-20

Next year there will be some slight adjustments to the High School daily timetable to support access to the cafeteria and more appropriate lunch periods for all students. The main changes include High School students having a 35 minute Connections period after Block 1, a longer but earlier lunch period, and an afternoon break before the last period of the day.